Players criticized the choice of the actress for the role of Abby in the series The Last of US

In January 2024, the authors of the series on The Last of Us announced that Caitlin Diver (“Very bad teacher”, “justice”) will play Abby in the second season of the show. The choice of the actress for the role of the heroine caused violent disputes in social networks.

Twitter users (now X) were divided into two camps. Some gladly took the news about the choice of the actress and wished her good luck, while others fell criticized. The fans of the game were not satisfied with the appearance of the saber – the girl seemed to them physically weak and pretty, which does not correspond to the image of a dangerous character in the game Naughty Dog.

“I have a question. Why are they [the authors of the series] choose actors and actresses who are not at all like the characters of the game?” – @xvoltsy.

“It is ironic that Neil Drakmann could not find someone more suitable for the role of Abby in the figure. He also furiously defended the choice of character design <. >” – @Rsnblassurance.

“Good, then the series will not match the game. since Abby is literally huge and fit, true? Google this actress right now. What kind of casting is this?<. >” – @macaiyla.

“I absolutely do not see her in the role of Abby. But I will hold my mind until I see her in this image, ” – @Itzmolucas.

While some gamers advised the saber to pump up to become more like Abby, others wanted her good mental health so that she could cope with the influx of haters in the future. The network users suggested that the actress close social networks and stop going online after the premiere of the second season, as she may face threats because of the community hatred for heroine.

“She should stay away from social networks in the foreseeable future, no matter how sad it may sound.” @thefutxre.

“[The role of Abby] is a good opportunity for her. I pray so that she does not go on the Internet [after the premiere] ” – @Cs11__.

The Last of us film adaptation premiere in January 2023. In May, the authors suspended work on the second season due to strikes by the Actors and Scriptwriters of the United States. Filming will start in February 2024.

Ubisoft has returned the demovement The Crew Motorfest

Ubisoft announced the return of the demo version of the license simulator of racing cars The Crew Motorfest. Now every player will be able to constantly enjoy the game and spend as long as five hours on a picturesque Hawaiian island called Oha. Within the framework of the demo, the possibility of creating a unique garage and participation in exciting races will be available. All the progress achieved in demo can be transferred to the full version of the game.

This decision was made after the successful launch of the second season of the racing simulator, which brought the game many long -awaited updates and corrections. Now players have the opportunity to disable the display of unwanted "Ghosts" during the arrival and also move spare parts between cars of the same class.

The Crew Motorfest, released in September of this year, was highly appreciated by players and became the most popular game in the series. It can be purchased on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

I’ll wait when it will be possible to play without "Dancing with tambourines" – VPN, etc.P.

In the meantime, I will continue to play in the 2nd part.

P.S. I keep in the course. 😉

I want to start playing, but I think that physics will turn out to be shit but also cars like irons, how it is for you?

Normal arcade. This is me as a person who could not drive cars in the second part, I say.

And there are no dancing with tambourines there, you start and play.

In general, everyone has their own taste and for answers to such questions there is a 5 -hour demo.

No. I mastered two hours from the proposed 6 free (a month ago) and removed it fuck.

If the conversation about the 2nd part is just like in the 1st. Fizdvizhok that they "Clutched" To the game, even then sometimes "issued" such "miracles", what at least stand, at least fall (with laughter). If the first part liked, the 2nd can quite "Come in", And so – for an amateur. It can turn out so:

If possible, it is better to download the demo first and try it yourself.

All parts of the game are processor -dependent – if the CPU CPU can be problems as in the game itself (in places with a large number of objects), and when working with a map – in the 2nd part of it "Live", T.e. You can bring the card closer "From space" on the road in real time. But the game will be so "Right -up" percent., that my i5-4460 (with whom I started to play) could not cope with the load (loading up to 100%), and the current i7-4790k sometimes loads more than 90% (at 60 f/s).

P.S. I read somewhere that in this regard the motorfest is even worse – 4790k not always "Exit", Although in the minimumants officially the same 4460 (apparently for the regime 30 f/s.). I haven’t played it yet, I definitely can’t say. But, given that the motrfest was originally done as Free addition to the 2nd part, and then turned into a separate paid game – I do not think that there will be significant differences in the gameplay. Rather, the graphics that "cut" before the release of the 2nd part, returned to its original state and added new transport.

Fans will be continued? The composer Devil May Cry 5 hints at his return to the franchise

The last part of the legendary series of slasers Devil May Cry was published back in 2019. The fans liked the game, stood out with excellent sales and was remembered by many thanks to the exciting soundtrack. Musical accompaniment from Devil May Cry 5 is considered one of the best in the series and still falls into the selection of the best compositions from games. All thanks to the efforts of the composer Casey Edwards, who suddenly gave hope for the continuation of the series.

Kasei Edwards for the first time in a long time turned to users on his personal page on social networks and immediately remembered the series Devil May Cry. He asked his audience what they think about if he writes even more official music for this legendary franchise. The answer of the fans was not long in coming – users would be happy with any participation of Edwards in the future Devil May Cry.

What will be the role of the composer in the future of the franchise is not yet very clear. It is not ruled out that he was one of the first to hint at the full continuation of Devil May Cry 5, but it is also worth taking into account the upcoming film adaptation. Edwards can take part in writing music for anime based on Devil May Cry, which means that fans will receive more cool tracks in any case.

Give someone to develop a DMC to a normal level designer. Well, again, a hat in the second half of the game on one -color, vigilant intestines run.

I thought the outfits of the fours were embroidered in this regard. But in the fifth they surpassed themselves. Normally, they started with the city. No, because it was something to vulf.

All the same, no matter how much Ninja Theory scolded for DMC, and each level was stylish and different with their chips.

for ninja theory fact, their game looked much more interesting.

It is a pity that the continuation did not work out, I got their game 5 times.

NT had a wonderful levela design and excellent platforming, everything else in their DMC was like that when compared with the original .

yes, up to the complexity of blood pressure and hell)

All the same, no matter how much Ninja Theory scolded for DMC, and each level was stylish and different with their chips.

And that’s all, everything else was a complete hat, while so much that sometimes the gag reflex caused.

January 10, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat for mobile devices is released. that’s all. All on everything.

It seems to be a long time, but the Chinese version is CN: June 11, 2021

Or did you mean the global version? then yes

The sound in the third and fourth part was many times cooler, it would be better if those composers were returned

composer 3 as a part of the unit pulled to throw out Dick peaks with 14 summer fans so that he will not write music soon as soon

Interesting, it’s shitty once so and so in 5k in general for me what the same, not clinging music in the previous ones was good .

Continuation would not be bad, but better a remake of the 1st part and a complete rethinking of the 2nd, 3rd part is better not to touch yet.

1 and 2 parts it makes no sense to do, but the third is just the same

And where are the comments about the brilliant ass?

What!!These ones "poppy" tracks of 5 best in the series?Somewhere in the parallel universe for sure

I agree, in general, all the tracks of garbage were counted, especially the theme of Dante. The best topics are from the 3rd and 4th part (Devils Never Cry+Shall Never Surrender). From 5rka Devil Triger and TOOO not the game, but cover version from Littlevmills You can listen.

Given the trend of huge breaks between the outputs of the last games of the series, the next Devil May Cry will not be seen in the next 5 years. I will be glad if they roll out earlier.

Given the fact that the plot of the game is already logically completed, all the characters are disclosed, and the brothers conflict is closed, we are unlikely to see the next part.

Given that the anime will come out soon, and there will be +- a new look at the plot (if he is), they can come up with a new villain, and so the plot is already logically completed.

P.S. And so, in principle, I do not mind if the time is completely devoted to Vitalik, otherwise it is all the time to be released in the SE with the passage of the same levels, and the rollers at the beginning and at the end.

Well, yes, they resigned to Virgil, although in the same third part it could show precisely his path of passage, because he is alive there, his plot is his plot, and not throw it at Dante’s levels. The fourth and fifth is okay, there he is still dead in the plot, and he was added purely as a fan service there.

And the anime seems to be not even a canonical. They said that some kind of alternative universe (a la, a kind of rebut of 2013). Well, I, in principle, are not against this, after all, the rebot was also not bad to some extent, maybe they will have a good one from anime.

I would generally hope for remakes of the first four parts, with the transfer of them to the ANNIN, but these are already meaningless hopes and dreams, given that Kapkom was scored on the DMC and already consider it their dead project, riveting the remakes of re and the new parts of the strater’s street ( What is worth what they did with the fifth part, which looked like they made her for a couple of months under the barrel of a pistol of some DMC FAG). I am not against the new parts of the SF and remakes, of course, but I would still like to look at the young Dante and Virgil in the New World, namely, in the light of the beautiful re: Endi, which shows an amazing level of graphics and realism.

Leading screenwriter Baldur’s Gate 3 About a romantic relationship: “Sex is not a goal, it’s just sex”

"I know that we made them too thirsty", – Jokes the host of Baldur’s Gate 3 Adam Smith about the Role-player game characters. "We know about it. The Internet told us about this". As part of PC Gamer Chat Log, PC Gamer journalists talked with Smith, where he shared his thoughts about the nuances of the party in the party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

"One of the reasons why I believe that they go forward is that we wanted them to be those who come to you", – He says, describing the Larian approach to romantic relations between players and members of their party. We wanted them to be the initiator in most cases, and not you say: "I bring you things, and that means that I want to sleep with you"".

In role -playing games with romantic relations, they usually do this: give a strip of approval that you fill in, partially speaking everything "Correct" things are in dialogue, and partially – repeatedly giving the item you like. After a sufficient number of correct replicas and offers of trinkets, recognition appears (sometimes a sexual scene). Congratulations, you spun the novel!

In Baldur’s Gate 3 there is something similar: the approval counter and many opportunities to influence it in the dialogue with gradual notifications "Astarion approves" And "Karllae does not approve". But, according to Smith, Larian pays less attention to adhere to the same formula for each character. Definitely, how all relationships begin, there are his nuances: Lae’zel begins by impressive it with his abilities of the warrior, Karllah over the years, spent literally in fire, was hungry for touch, and the gale compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her Frank, tight, and Shadouhart is more careful in its true feelings.

"It always started with history. Who is Astarion? How he became so? You see people who say: "I can fix it. I can fix it!"" Smith says. "And we joke on this topic, and I like to joke and be stupid. But they have injuries, many of them have. And I hope that when we reach the end of their stories, in most cases you will see how it is revealed".

The story of Astarion is especially gloomy. He already hints at his story at the very beginning: he was a slave to the vampire who created it. As a result, he has a difficult relationship with sex and an intimate life, which we also learned from an interview with Nile Newbon, an actor voicing him.

"I hope we have a bunch of different versions of what a good romantic scene is", – Smith tells. "Sometimes you start with sex and crochet. Because in fact you destroy barriers. And sex is not a goal, it’s just sex. For some people, it can be very significant. For some, this is not the most important. For some, the most significant is when you tell him: "I will never leave you"".

Large update 4.0 for Forza Motorsport

Turn10 released update 4.0 For her last Forza Motorsport racing game and shared a complete description of updates. Patch 4 adds new free content to the game.

Update 4.0 Adds the Daytona International Speedway highway and new career events. It also includes two premium cars, four Spotlight cars and four Car Pass cars. Players are also waiting for several new multi -user events.

Speaking about changes in the gameplay, patch 4 contains corrections for several machines and tracks. Turn10 stated that it is still working to solve the main problems of the community. Therefore, we can expect new settings and improvements in future updates.

As always, Microsoft Store and Steam will download this update the next time they launch their customers. You can find a complete list of changes in the link.

It became even more lacing (

How to enrage the norms of rudders and abbot communication, no, we will add maps and cars

Soap remained on the ultras?

Krutani resolution scale by 120-130%

On your 120-130%, it is even worse, the most optimal car, the game was originally made crookedly, both in terms of graphics and in terms of physics, a change in settings solves the problem partially .

Yes, it remains, nothing has changed with this update besides changing the content.

As for me, in this update, besides the content, they did not rule anything, so soap was left, and this is all on the ultra settings, the outgoing video began to lag very much, before this update, the video almost did not lag, also did not fix the conservation of settings (although they promised to fix it in this update), as they flew through and fly off, it is not clear that they rule and focus there. The game is a failure and in the course of her crains, and all the attempts of developing with such "corrections and fixes" what they release, will no longer save this game. And yet, I read that they ruled in this update – but nothing, only the content added and everything. There in their comments people spit. I quote one of them:

This update is a real message to the community ..

After that, we will have to wait another month to correct extremely necessary errors or make any changes to the game ..

We have a track that was supposed to be in the game from the very beginning, and several old cars that are just returning to the composition ..

It was a time of vacation, so they received another chance from me, if the update 5 is the same again, then I say goodbye ..

I sincerely doubt that even a dozen people in T10 are generally motorists in any serious degree.

Cities Skylines 2 will be a full -fledged change of seasons

The change of seasons in Cits SkyLines 2 is confirmed, which means that in the urban planning game there will be an organic transition from summer to winter, for which many have hoped from the moment the first part was released. Paradox and Colossal Order also confirmed that one of the most unpleasant features of Cits Skylines – a terrible wave of deaths – will be eliminated, and offered some details about the roads of Cits SkyLines 2.

Although in DLC Snowfall for Cits Skylines, players received several beautiful windy cards, as well as dynamic weather in the form of storms, in the original CS there have never been completely organic seasons. In Cits SkyLines 2, the situation will change. As the last shots from Colossal Order showed, the cities in Cits SkyLines 2 will change throughout the game year, in parallel with the requirements for civilian services.

In the summer months, we see cars for maintenance of roads with open roofs and standard equipment. In winter, when roads become more uneven, roads for maintenance of roads are equipped with snowplifier equipment. We already know a lot about the roads of CITies SkyLines 2 – if they are not maintained properly, this can lead to delays and accidents on the roads, which creates a huge load on the common transport stream and the happiness of the townspeople.

The seasons, however, seem to make another additional nuance. In combination with the new economy of Cits SkyLines 2, it seems that the desire for realism is present in all aspects of the game.

So, one of the most unpleasant features of Cits Skylines – a wave of death – was eliminated. Previously, in Cits Skylines, entire areas suddenly and for no reason turned into ghost cities, since your inhabitants were massively passing away.

And although in Cits Skylines 2 you can still encounter a load on the care for the care of disasters, fires and collapse of buildings, a dishonest and unjust wave of deaths seemed to remain in the past. "We no longer have "classic" Death waves that were in Cits Skylines 1", – Says the game designer Henry Haimakainen. "Until the house collapses, carriages do not clutter the streets. But if a disaster occurs, then there is no doubt that there will be a lot of noise on the streets".

The re -release of the classical steronghold: Definitive Edition strategy took place

Today, the Stronghold: Definitive Edition, updated version of the 2001, renewed version, was on sale. The original turned out to be so successful that it gave the beginning of a series that is developing to this day. The authors of the original are responsible for the development of this game, t.e. The Firefly Studios team.

The described product does not make revolutionary changes to the mechanics known for the original. We still deal with RTS, combining the elements of the urban planner and military strategy.

  • During the game, we build impressive medieval fortresses and gain soldiers, as well as care about the economy, managing finances and resources.
  • The strength of the game is battles, during which we have to show a tactical flair, protecting our castle or attacking the enemy fortress.
  • The basis of the game Fortress: Definitive Edition is three story campaigns: in addition to the two classic ones, we are waiting for a new one, in which we must save the stolen niece. In addition, special scenarios of siege are inspired by historical events, and a multiplayer regime that allows you to play with other players via the Internet.
  • Against the background of the original, the project in question is distinguished by updated graphics. The game received improved textures and animation, supervised by artists responsible for the original. The sound row was subjected to remastaring.

The game can be purchased in UK for 495 rubles and there is a complete English localization in it.

Yes? The series is developing? And it seemed to me that after Stronghold 2, she rolled stupidly. The most top was Stronghold Crusader. Stronghold 2 was a cool attempt in 3D, playing it was interesting, and then. The breeds generally forgot that their game is called "Stronghold", T.To. The whole balance was broken, the fortresses were besieged easily and at ease (whatever the makhin would build there, no matter how many siege guns would be broken all the same), and in some of the games there even conversations with the peasants were removed there in general &#129318;&#127995;

The only thing that is not clear – why they sell it, and not released like a patch for the original game. After all, there was already Stronghold HD (2012), they would make Stronghold Ultrahd. They didn’t change the engine – this is the same game, with the same bugs, with exactly the same gameplay as in the original, only the pictures became clearer and more smoothly. Although what am I talking about – they and 10 years ago Upscale sold the version for money.

It feels like all that they did is threw the game files in AI and wrote "Make smooth animations in 60 FPS, permission to increase to 4k, change a couple of screensavers". Everything, more in this reprint, they did not change anything/did not correct. In the editor of cards, a couple of missions were still done and ready – here "reprint".

I have the feeling that the new Firefly games did not find success, the second Stronghold Crusader turned out to be so -so (there the fortresses are crumbled like cookies, however, you try to build a defense – your gingerbread lock is swept away in an instant of the eye, that is, the whole meaning of the Stronghold series (which is translated (which is translated (which is translated as a fortress) to put it mildly merged), and the last part about China somehow passed by (I read the reviews – they also say a passage), so they decided to cut the dough on the classics in the most true way – do not change anything, just make an APSIEL Pictures ( Remember that the game is 2D, not 3D) and add smoothness to animation. Just think about it: they already have a good 3D engine on which they made all their last games, but instead of trying a little and transferring not very first part of the series to new rails with the same rules (so that the locks like cookies do not crumble) , They. We made upscale pictures. Again. Again. Every 10 years they improve the quality of pictures in a two -dimensional game and call it "reprint" &#128514;

The creator of Baldur’s Gate 3 always wanted to tell the story of a serial killer

Will, Gale and Shadouhart can have their own secrets, but the last "The origin of the character" takes first place – and this is a story that its creator has long wanted to tell.

While the other main characters of Baldur’s Gate 3 have predetermined appearance, classes and characters, The Dark Urge differs from them. It doesn’t matter who you will play – a gnome magician or a dragon -rosary barbarian, their story will remain unchanged – and this is a very terrible story. In the past, Dark Urge hides a serial killer, but you do not remember him. All you know is that you have been preserved in your craving for murders, and you will have to learn to cope with this.

In an interview with Play Magazine magazine, the director of the game Sven Vinka said that he had long wanted to tell this story: "I always wanted to make a story about a serial killer who does not remember how he was a serial killer". However, only after the BG3 scriptwriters picked up the idea of ​​Dark Urge, it began to come true; Vinka says that "The scriptwriters accepted her, making her much, much, much more original history".

The Dark Urge remains an enveloped secret, and what we heard about the character with this "history of origin" He still says that in order to deal with darkness in his heart, you will have to collect many details together. Wink assumes that we will get the final answer to this question only after we get to the title city underlying the game, noting that the trip to Baldur’s Gate, the city that the god Baal, the murderer, certainly creates, creates the city "An interesting combination".

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

Digital Foundry experts tested the optimization of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty on consoles

Together with the release of a large -scale addition to Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077, the developers expanded the game world, added a new plot and opportunities for players, and also improved optimization on consoles. Technical experts from Digital Foundry decided to analyze how the game version for PS5 and Xbox Series X now works and shared their results with the community. It looks like the most "Powerful" The Xbox Series X console is again experiencing performance, while PS5 shows a stable frame rate and a high -quality picture.

Technical analysis of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty shows a noticeable improvement in the performance of the game on all consoles. The authors clearly worked on additional optimization, increasing the stability and frequency of personnel in all modes. The most questions from journalists arose to the version on the Xbox Series X, which, although it has become better, is still inferior in the performance of the version on PS5.

Reportedly after the release of update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 in the game reduced resolution on all consoles and modes. Now the following values ​​are observed on PS5 and Xbox Series X:

  • PS5 – from 1008p to 1440p, which increases to 1800p due to Apskail
  • Xbox Series X – from 1152p to 1440p, which increases to 1800p due to Apskail
  • Xbox Series S – from 648p to 900p, Apskail increases resolution to 1080p
  • PS5 – 1440p, which increases to 2160p due
  • Xbox Series X – 1440p, which increases to 2160p due to Apskail
  • Xbox Series S – 1080p, Apskail increases resolution to 1440p

According to experts from Digital Foundry, a decrease in resolution visually did not affect the quality of the picture. In some scenes you can notice a fuzzy image, but an ordinary user is unlikely to notice during the game. But now Cyberpunk 2077 in performance mode is working stably with 60 fps. In quality mode on all consoles, the average frame rate is always stable 30 frames per second. In both cases, only Xbox Series X stands out in both cases.

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin strategy will receive several changes after open beta test

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, RTS, developed by Frontier Development studio, promises to become a real holiday for fans of this gloomy universe. Last weekend, an open beta version of the game was organized. Just on the official website of the game, an article has been published in which the authors reported the planned changes in the gaming process based on the wishes of players following the testing results.

  • Firstly, two different keys activate the ability of units and give them an order to retreat. In beta versions, both of these actions were assigned to the same button, which was very annoyed.
  • Other improvements in management are also waiting for us. Moving the camera will be standardly controlled by WASD keys, although, of course, they can be changed in the menu. Troops will also respond faster to orders. Work with the tablet will also be improved.
  • The interface will be improved. Players will be able to change the size of the icons and windows (which is especially useful on large monitors), and the click outside the window will lead to its closure. We will also get access to additional tips and information about units. In addition, click on a certain place on a mini-card will lead to the movement of the camera there.
  • You can also expect a number of improvements in the balance of the gameplay.
  • Players complained about a bad balance of complexity levels, but the authors assure that future versions of the game will be much better in this regard, especially in terms of enemy troops from AI.

The first open beta version was more fruitful than expected. Therefore, plans for organizing the second testing in August were canceled, as the authors need more time to make all the necessary changes. Therefore, the next beta version will be held later.

Recall that Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin is released for PC and consoles Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The game will implement the possibility of cross-games, which will allow owners of different hardware platforms to play together. The premiere is scheduled for the next year.