Players criticized the choice of the actress for the role of Abby in the series The Last of US

In January 2024, the authors of the series on The Last of Us announced that Caitlin Diver (“Very bad teacher”, “justice”) will play Abby in the second season of the show. The choice of the actress for the role of the heroine caused violent disputes in social networks.

Twitter users (now X) were divided into two camps. Some gladly took the news about the choice of the actress and wished her good luck, while others fell criticized. The fans of the game were not satisfied with the appearance of the saber – the girl seemed to them physically weak and pretty, which does not correspond to the image of a dangerous character in the game Naughty Dog.

“I have a question. Why are they [the authors of the series] choose actors and actresses who are not at all like the characters of the game?” – @xvoltsy.

“It is ironic that Neil Drakmann could not find someone more suitable for the role of Abby in the figure. He also furiously defended the choice of character design <. >” – @Rsnblassurance.

“Good, then the series will not match the game. since Abby is literally huge and fit, true? Google this actress right now. What kind of casting is this?<. >” – @macaiyla.

“I absolutely do not see her in the role of Abby. But I will hold my mind until I see her in this image, ” – @Itzmolucas.

While some gamers advised the saber to pump up to become more like Abby, others wanted her good mental health so that she could cope with the influx of haters in the future. The network users suggested that the actress close social networks and stop going online after the premiere of the second season, as she may face threats because of the community hatred for heroine.

“She should stay away from social networks in the foreseeable future, no matter how sad it may sound.” @thefutxre.

“[The role of Abby] is a good opportunity for her. I pray so that she does not go on the Internet [after the premiere] ” – @Cs11__.

The Last of us film adaptation premiere in January 2023. In May, the authors suspended work on the second season due to strikes by the Actors and Scriptwriters of the United States. Filming will start in February 2024.