Cities Skylines 2 will be a full -fledged change of seasons

The change of seasons in Cits SkyLines 2 is confirmed, which means that in the urban planning game there will be an organic transition from summer to winter, for which many have hoped from the moment the first part was released. Paradox and Colossal Order also confirmed that one of the most unpleasant features of Cits Skylines – a terrible wave of deaths – will be eliminated, and offered some details about the roads of Cits SkyLines 2.

Although in DLC Snowfall for Cits Skylines, players received several beautiful windy cards, as well as dynamic weather in the form of storms, in the original CS there have never been completely organic seasons. In Cits SkyLines 2, the situation will change. As the last shots from Colossal Order showed, the cities in Cits SkyLines 2 will change throughout the game year, in parallel with the requirements for civilian services.

In the summer months, we see cars for maintenance of roads with open roofs and standard equipment. In winter, when roads become more uneven, roads for maintenance of roads are equipped with snowplifier equipment. We already know a lot about the roads of CITies SkyLines 2 – if they are not maintained properly, this can lead to delays and accidents on the roads, which creates a huge load on the common transport stream and the happiness of the townspeople.

The seasons, however, seem to make another additional nuance. In combination with the new economy of Cits SkyLines 2, it seems that the desire for realism is present in all aspects of the game.

So, one of the most unpleasant features of Cits Skylines – a wave of death – was eliminated. Previously, in Cits Skylines, entire areas suddenly and for no reason turned into ghost cities, since your inhabitants were massively passing away.

And although in Cits Skylines 2 you can still encounter a load on the care for the care of disasters, fires and collapse of buildings, a dishonest and unjust wave of deaths seemed to remain in the past. "We no longer have "classic" Death waves that were in Cits Skylines 1", – Says the game designer Henry Haimakainen. "Until the house collapses, carriages do not clutter the streets. But if a disaster occurs, then there is no doubt that there will be a lot of noise on the streets".