Large update 4.0 for Forza Motorsport

Turn10 released update 4.0 For her last Forza Motorsport racing game and shared a complete description of updates. Patch 4 adds new free content to the game.

Update 4.0 Adds the Daytona International Speedway highway and new career events. It also includes two premium cars, four Spotlight cars and four Car Pass cars. Players are also waiting for several new multi -user events.

Speaking about changes in the gameplay, patch 4 contains corrections for several machines and tracks. Turn10 stated that it is still working to solve the main problems of the community. Therefore, we can expect new settings and improvements in future updates.

As always, Microsoft Store and Steam will download this update the next time they launch their customers. You can find a complete list of changes in the link.

It became even more lacing (

How to enrage the norms of rudders and abbot communication, no, we will add maps and cars

Soap remained on the ultras?

Krutani resolution scale by 120-130%

On your 120-130%, it is even worse, the most optimal car, the game was originally made crookedly, both in terms of graphics and in terms of physics, a change in settings solves the problem partially .

Yes, it remains, nothing has changed with this update besides changing the content.

As for me, in this update, besides the content, they did not rule anything, so soap was left, and this is all on the ultra settings, the outgoing video began to lag very much, before this update, the video almost did not lag, also did not fix the conservation of settings (although they promised to fix it in this update), as they flew through and fly off, it is not clear that they rule and focus there. The game is a failure and in the course of her crains, and all the attempts of developing with such "corrections and fixes" what they release, will no longer save this game. And yet, I read that they ruled in this update – but nothing, only the content added and everything. There in their comments people spit. I quote one of them:

This update is a real message to the community ..

After that, we will have to wait another month to correct extremely necessary errors or make any changes to the game ..

We have a track that was supposed to be in the game from the very beginning, and several old cars that are just returning to the composition ..

It was a time of vacation, so they received another chance from me, if the update 5 is the same again, then I say goodbye ..

I sincerely doubt that even a dozen people in T10 are generally motorists in any serious degree.