Leading screenwriter Baldur’s Gate 3 About a romantic relationship: “Sex is not a goal, it’s just sex”

"I know that we made them too thirsty", – Jokes the host of Baldur’s Gate 3 Adam Smith about the Role-player game characters. "We know about it. The Internet told us about this". As part of PC Gamer Chat Log, PC Gamer journalists talked with Smith, where he shared his thoughts about the nuances of the party in the party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

"One of the reasons why I believe that they go forward is that we wanted them to be those who come to you", – He says, describing the Larian approach to romantic relations between players and members of their party. We wanted them to be the initiator in most cases, and not you say: "I bring you things, and that means that I want to sleep with you"".

In role -playing games with romantic relations, they usually do this: give a strip of approval that you fill in, partially speaking everything "Correct" things are in dialogue, and partially – repeatedly giving the item you like. After a sufficient number of correct replicas and offers of trinkets, recognition appears (sometimes a sexual scene). Congratulations, you spun the novel!

In Baldur’s Gate 3 there is something similar: the approval counter and many opportunities to influence it in the dialogue with gradual notifications "Astarion approves" And "Karllae does not approve". But, according to Smith, Larian pays less attention to adhere to the same formula for each character. Definitely, how all relationships begin, there are his nuances: Lae’zel begins by impressive it with his abilities of the warrior, Karllah over the years, spent literally in fire, was hungry for touch, and the gale compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her – compared to her Frank, tight, and Shadouhart is more careful in its true feelings.

"It always started with history. Who is Astarion? How he became so? You see people who say: "I can fix it. I can fix it!"" Smith says. "And we joke on this topic, and I like to joke and be stupid. But they have injuries, many of them have. And I hope that when we reach the end of their stories, in most cases you will see how it is revealed".

The story of Astarion is especially gloomy. He already hints at his story at the very beginning: he was a slave to the vampire who created it. As a result, he has a difficult relationship with sex and an intimate life, which we also learned from an interview with Nile Newbon, an actor voicing him.

"I hope we have a bunch of different versions of what a good romantic scene is", – Smith tells. "Sometimes you start with sex and crochet. Because in fact you destroy barriers. And sex is not a goal, it’s just sex. For some people, it can be very significant. For some, this is not the most important. For some, the most significant is when you tell him: "I will never leave you"".