Role game Broken Roads will decorate the cover of the August magazine PC Gamer. Demo version was well accepted

Developers from Drop Bear Bytes shared the last news on Broken Roads. They are pleased to report that the cover of the August issue of PC Gamer will decorate their upcoming role -playing game.

This is such an honor, and the team, of course, is very proud of this achievement, and we express our gratitude to all Versus Evil, Plan of Attack and PC Gamer, which helped to prepare this publication. You can read more about the print output on the PC Gamer website, as well as another article – also written by Jody McGregor, who wrote an article in the magazine – about the game demo version.

The authors also reported a good use of Broken Roads demo in Steam and "We value all kind words, support and constructive reviews that we heard from the players".

The team worked very hard to correct the demo version since its publication, including such moments as:

  • Holding [TAB] to highlight interacting objects and display npc names
  • Added subtitles to the introductory video
  • Right click for the use of therapeutic objects in the inventory outside the battle
  • Support for the ratio of the parties 16: 9, 16:10 and 21: 9
  • Added pop -ups of textbooks
  • In the window of the description dialogue are highlighted in gray, and the dialogue is now displayed in white
  • Many improvements and additions to animation, VFX and SFX
  • Added localization for launch languages ​​(including English)
  • Fixed a bug due to which the sound level settings were not preserved when changing the scene
  • In the settings menu, the ability to display/hide moral options is added
  • Fixed many errors!

Among other things, the developers talked about one of the characters of the game that is available in the demo: Dead Ringer, described as the most terrible compulsive liar you have ever met, but among its insane and dishonesty there are grains of truth. Excellent Machiavellist, he is ready to connect himself with anyone who understands the true nature of freedom, as he defines it.

If you recognized him, you are mistaken. He just has one of these persons, hence the nickname. He swears that this is why he is so often put in jail, because he is punished for the actions of other people, but at the same time they are silent about many, many crimes that he himself committed. Nowadays, people condemn so quickly.

You can meet with Dead Ringer in demo, as soon as you get to Brookton, and how you do it depends on you.

Another interesting point in the development diary is the screen that shows a fragment from Articy: Draft about how the reactions of your companion and other NPCs, based on their moral and personal qualities (deliberately left without spoilers)

Sometimes only a couple of companions should respond to the event. Sometimes – that’s it. Regardless of this, they will always remember.

Finally, composer Timo Sanderland talked about what he was inspired when writing a recently published soundtrack.

I thought about the inhabitants of Brookton in the game, and how they live neither in luxury or in ruin, but the average person simply shrugs, as if to say: "This existence", contentment, but with hidden melancholy, and this is what I tried to convey in music. This was one of the early works that really helped determine the general sound and feeling of Broken Roads.

Demo version in the framework "Games to be" Still available in Steam and Drop Bear Bytes so far decides whether to leave it or not. The team has already returned to work on the full version of the game.

The authors of Alaskan Road Truckers talked about sales results and named the number of returns

A week has passed since the simulator of the trucker Alaskan Road Truckers on the PC, and the management of Movie Games deigned to summarize the first results. The published report is, in particular, about the sales of the game.

  • Over the first week after the release, the game Alaskan Road Truckers diverged 33,000 copies.
  • Paid DLC Mother Truckers Edition diverged more than 11.5 thousand. copies
  • Movie Games also announced the number of returns – 3 thousand. copies of the game.

Movie Games CEO Mikhal Puchinski said that "The company is close to the payback of Alaskan Road Truckkers". By naming the debut "Correct", It seems that the company’s management has high hopes for the game.

At the same time, the company assured that ART will still have a long development path. The general director of Movie Games, the Mateusk (Mateusz Wczešniak) said that "a lot of DLC is planned, as well as very important console versions".

Alaskan Road Truckers cannot boast of great popularity among gamers. At the time of writing this news, Polish game "Uses" 1190 reviews in Steam, of which only 66% are positive. The reasons for such a poor reception of the simulator lie in its poor technical condition and especially in terrible optimization. The largest number of simultaneously playing people on the Valve platform was 1822 player.

Road Studio Director General Michal Puczynski explained that the reason for a large number of errors in the game is that the developers have not yet worked on such a large project. On the other hand, to the question of why it was not decided to postpone the release of the game, he replied that "Due to the lack of significant errors identified within the company and during game tests, there was no such justification".

Yes, there are bugs in the game, but it is not so bad to heat it with bad reviews. This is a very rare genre of games that has been completely idle for many years. I read some popular reviews and they very often relate to poor optimization, although the developer provided a demo and it was already clear there why it was to buy a game and leave a bad review if your computer is not even clear to me.

Let me remind you that ATS was twice as expensive, had only two trucks and the location was the size of a village. Moreover, the locations were created by the simplest designer as in Simity for Skorak. It also had a bug with overcoming steep slopes, which was decided only after a year of existence. But thousands of people continued to buy the game only because it goes to GTX750.

Personally, I would give the game a chance and recommend buying those who want to support the developer, you look, then in a couple of years the game will be brought to mind.

ATS at the start saved. Modding. That’s why they took her. What will happen to a piece of ge from the news is a big question.

Modding in SCS games is an amateur, no one pours strength and fashion into their games either paid or again from Simsity. You put a mod on a truck and what’s next? You will ride on monotonous stripes that are called in ATS "Roads". As for me, even now all SCS games are a half -hour punch before bedtime, and not a fascinating trucker simulator.

Excellent mods from ATS:

Well, now there is no straight for a normal trucker simulator. All that is is so, attempts to simulate. True, SCS can at least in any accuracy (sound, graphics, general perception), unlike others

SCS really do everything carefully, but their games can hardly be called simulators. ETS and ATS are arcades, and very antediluvian and boring. That is, if you want to play a trucker’s simulator or just ride along simple routes using the steering wheel, then SCS can not help, they simply cannot offer such games. But ART is already a full -fledged simulator that offers everything necessary. There is good feedback for the steering wheel and study the interior space of the truck interior, tasks associated with car maintenance and much more.

Yesterday I ran into a stump in the forest (I wanted to cut it out) and after a while the radiator was flowing, I had to deviate from the route to buy an antifreeze, went to the store bought to eat and engine oil with a filter, chainsaw. Added to the level of oil and antifreeze, changed the filter and wanted to sleep, slept there and cooked food. Further food, I look, the tree fell and go around in any way – I sawed it and drove on. If you had not yet funny traffic and a small card, then the price of this game would not be. Then I’m going, and there the place is beautiful, and you can only take a picture if you buy a camera and went further to look for a store that trades with this technique.

Mmm.. And this means we have a straight full -fledged simulator? Where I will grow even laziness on the proportions of transport to work? Okay, buying consumables/sleep – that’s okay.. But everything else is already pulling on some special expirence

Brahlo. The game was unsclhed at the start

Cool game. I hope that they will not score for the game and over time will be expanded at least through DLC. I would like, of course, that the sales are under a million, but – what is, that is,. Still, the genre of the trucker simulator is rare. Since the time of truckers 2 and 3, no one really tried to create a game of truckers.

ETS2 and ATS is not at all right. Antedient gameplay, antediluvian physics, non -working senseless economy. You take the goods aimlessly from point A to point B and no events along the way happens. The feeling that the google of the card in 3D has loaded the google and ride on them. Only instead of arrows at the navigator you were put a truck model. This is so wretched.

Another thing is Alaskan Road Truckers – You feel like a trucker. All buttons in the cab are lugging, the wires need to be disconnected from the trailer, put the brake, pour oil, go to the store, take a fallen tree on a deserted road, otherwise you will not go. This is a straight sip of fresh air in the genre. I really want Alaskan Road Truckers to not bend, but develop. There are not enough such cool games to the world.

They say they say ETS and ATS are cool thanks to mods. But what is in mods of good? New map and new trucks? And it’s all? Well, this is a dubious pleasure to get high from such mods for 10 years. Or how many years ago ETS2 came out there? And nothing has changed. There are no gameplay innovations. It’s unrealistic to go bankrupt in the game. Well, there is no business carriage business. And what is done is done so wretched that it would not be better. It is sad.

Alaskan Road Truckers in this sense is much better made, although not perfect. But for some reason I am interested in rolling it for some reason, but in ETS2 and ATS it is not at all interesting.

Starfield became the star of the Real Madrid match as part of its advertising campaign

Starfield marketing campaign is in full swing, and this time Microsoft made a large (and expensive) rate. The new big game from Bethesda, which is now part of the Xbox Game Studios, received advertising during the Laga Liga football match between the teams "Celta" And "Real".

During the break, a hologram with the image of art Starfield with a message was shown "Attention to researchers", The release date and logo of the platforms: Game Pass, Xbox Series, PC and Steam, as well as the Bethesda logo. During the show, one of the commentators said:

Pay attention, the countdown begins before the release of Starfield, available from September 6 – you see – on Xbox and PC. Starfield!

Such Starfield television advertising once again indicates that Xbox is confident in the game Bethesda Softworks and completely trusts her, which could be seen already on Gamescom. It seems that soon we will see real personnel from the game on TV or on public roads. First of all, in Europe and the USA, people began to see Starfield advertising quite often. Before September 6, the official release of Starfield will take place, anything can happen.

In any case, it is always nice to see that Microsoft is betting on your games, which can become one of the key factors in this generation of consoles.

Damn, this advertisement cost them a fortune

Given the fact that Microsoft was engaged in the promotion of the game, they could at least buy all the advertising blocks

The Mission of Chandrayan-3 was released twice as for the shooting of the film Interstellar.

Good money is brought not by the quality of the game, but the quality of marketing. These are today’s realities

"In any case, it is always nice to see that Microsoft is betting on your games, which can become one of the key factors in this generation of consoles."

You’ll forgive a person who has grown from three years old on Sega Mega Drive 16-bit and at the age of 6 already had a top-end Pentium 4 and vidyuha that pulled doom 3 BFG. And in 2013, I got a normal and to this day the assembly of the PC on the Intel Core i3-2100 with 4 RAM and NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 1024 MB VRAM. Who then dragged all the new items on the Ultas. Now, from the old, the assembly PC remained only a power supply, DVD – R drive, sata3 cables, a fan on the back panel and the processor itself. The rest was dead from loads and continuous work for half a year probably. But now I have another motherboard ASUS H61M-E and Vidyuha Nvidia GTX 1650 which I took another 61k tenge. It was a year before the shortage of semiconductors. And now most of the new products are going on without problems. The percentage was withdrawn from production in December 2012. And the date of its production is the first of December 2012.

This is what a personal computer means. You make it for yourself what you want. He is universal. And what are these your consoles? Games on them are made on PC. Update as a PC will not work. Except playing games is nothing more. There are no reverse compatibility on new consoles. To play the game, you need to buy or dance with a tambourine with a hacked version downloaded on a torrent to which you still need to access. The cost of games as a console itself. Repair as the cost of only a quarter or according to the modern price list of the sheet of only part of the top PC. In short, to put on the console is like bitcoin. Today he shoots, and tomorrow it will die. Forgot Crownge with Xbox One? "Console for housewives" As she was nicknamed among the people. And this is your console in fact Castrated, the same computer, in miniature!

P.With. I don’t know how parents chose games, but they were all what I like, although they themselves do not play.

Sega deleted Denuvo protection from Company of Heroes 3

Today it became known that the company Sega I decided to remove the defense Denuvo from the game Company of Heroes 3 Together with the new patch. The size of the exe file of the game decreased by 281 MB.

Let me remind you that the game was released on February 23 of this year, and until that moment it was never hacked. Thus, Denuvo defense was removed about 10 months after the release of the game.

Company of Heroes 3 – the third part of the popular tactical strategy in real time. This time, players are transferred to the Mediterranean – an exciting theater of hostilities, which makes it possible to participate in battles with the enemy among the picturesque Italian mountain passes, coastal landscapes and endless African deserts.

I was not hacked because no one needs FIG. Elusive Joe, damn it!

Maybe because no one breaks? Already with a dozen games with protection

AK buy for 100r and, as it were, the fuck.

How is there a empress?

Now he is eating from under his stone that it was removed because of her), they were afraid that they would hack).

With such a hack, they lived to the point. they themselves remove Denuvo, but how many self -PR.

EMPRESCE NO BRY, pirates turned out to be ordinary subscribers.And the subscriber in my understanding is a priori sucker.She created a paid chat, there all suckers dug.Grandmas drip every day why should she strain and take risks.

I have a figure for her and her 3-4 hacks a year, well, why pore that it was that "I will break Denuvo" and t.D. Why do everyone to steal their philosophy, how cool it is, finally dispersed in August with Skidrow that they were not, and she was the center of the universe and silently disappeared. I am already silent that this is so to speak "low social responsibility" Among the crackers, only for 500 bucks breaks, here he behaved like this? Of course not.

This is called a hypocrite and threw it, there is nothing proud of it, people who have been given to you from a pure heart, and now you call them for the eyes of suckers.

"Shit does not affect performance" – They said. But the larger the file, the more time it is necessary to download it into the RAM and the registers of the CPU, not to mention other expenses for the execution of all sorts of unnecessary commands of the CALL, JMP processor, and so on!

Когда у тебя 40 серия видюхи, 16 и более оперативы, райзер 5, ты это не почувствуешь, остальным нищим соболезнуем

Yes, I have Core2Duo and what? The fact that Trump began to delete this undeniably good. But in games where it is, I’m not going to run after the new CPU only so that this shit is hung on my processor. All this is only necessary for the marketolukhas, which sagging the naive plankton, their new hot glands. Win10 works calmly for me, and let the games with a ceremonial publishers put them in the fifth point.

The whole Vin10 works? Steep

Well, in this regard, Win10 is really good. It is quite loyal to system resources and even 4 GB of RAM is enough for it, however, like Win7, which I had before it before her.

Cool, and this is interesting to play Windows 10? They say the eleventh part is much more interesting

. that there would be at least some information water and finally learn about it 2.5 people

Oh Nis, just thought to play after Total War Rome Remastered, a cool toy. I hope that Var Farals will be removed from Total to shit

Better Call to Arms – Gates of Hell play

And why, if there is Blitzkrieg Mod for the first koch?

I’m like a fan of a series of games Re, I really want to play finally in Re4 Remake + Separate Ways, But I don’t have a penny of money from the very beginning to buy a game in Steam, even now, when the game has a 50% discount, and the game costs one and a half times cheaper – I can’t buy it anyway.
And I have no acquaintances in Steam so that I can help me with buying a game as a gift.
Therefore, what remains? Just how to wait for PG Similar news that Capcom Removed protection Denuvo from remake RE4. And this will mean that then I can then get a game for free on the torrent with all the released content and patches, which is not there now.
Unfortunately, I am not one, but there are many more fans who cannot buy a game, and who exactly sits and wait for this event with the news, like me. The question is how much to wait?

By autumn I think 2024 will cut out Denuvo. At least from the village a year later cut out exactly.

There are grandmas on the Internet, there is to pay for electricity, but buy an activash for 100 rubles – no))))

Activations are sold for a penny, what is the problem of buying an asset in general then?) or even there is no money at all?

Pearl Abyss almost finished developing a spectacular role -playing game Crimson Desert

According to the latest information, the development of the role of Crimson Desert from Pearl Abyss is almost completed.

The publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced in his financial report according to the results of the 4th quarter of 2022, that Crimson Desert is coming to the end of the development cycle, and that marketing, including the demonstration of the gameplay and new trailers, will begin during this year.

Judging by the information voiced at the open conference, the studio had problems updating the game engine for Crimson Desert. In addition, the pandemic also created several obstacles to developing the game. Pearl Abyss was the creation of a graphic window, but the game did not receive the reviews that the developer team counted on in 2020. Therefore, the studio focused on updating the game engine, eliminating errors and shortcomings, as well as on creating a dynamic weather system with the seasons.

The studio mentioned that she was already negotiating with partners to start a marketing campaign, including a demonstration of gameplay and trailers for Crimson Desert. The specific start time was not indicated, but, apparently, the game may appear in the 1st quarter of 2024.

For uninitiated, Crimson Desert is the upcoming role -playing game developed and published by Pearl Abyss. The game takes place in the medieval fantasy world on the continent called Pywel. The main character, McDaff, is a mercenary who is weighed down by the responsibility of the leader and painful memories from the past.

Initially, the game was conceived as a prequel to Black Desert Online, but in the process of development it turned into a single -user game, the action of which takes place in the same universe. In December 2020, Pearl Abyss released videos with comments that tell about the development of the game and the goals of the developer team. Crimson Desert Blackspace Engine its own engine is an updated version of the engine used for Black Desert Online.

Hurry up? Valve accidentally arranged a free distribution of Half-Life in Steam and quickly closed it

Half -Life is Valve’s debut game, released on November 19, 1998 and very soon the game will turn 25 years old.

Yesterday, users noticed that the unexpected free distribution of the cult shooter Half-Life began in the Valve digital store, but it turned out that the action was in a catch. Players faced a problem: when processing a request, an error arose that affected not only UK, but also other countries.

Soon after, the action came to an end. Perhaps Valve hurried to hold this unexpected action and this distribution was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of this Sunday. In addition to potential distribution, a cult shooter, apparently, is waiting for different updates.

And where I was? How I missed "Free distribution of Half-Life". I have been waiting for this for 25 years! Nooo. 🤣🤣🤣

Yesterday I even managed to go to the Magaz, tried to pick up, but I did not give a mistake

You can do it right now, everything works today

the game is 25 years old and they sell her for the price as if she had left yesterday, tint of the shame of shame

259 rubles is a lot?)

Well, the type of it on the disk for 30 sold in 2007 when Doller 25 was XD such things should be free so that players could familiarize themselves with the classics and not pay 260 for the project 25 years ago

Yes at least 500, the game costs 5 "conditioned bucks". Gabenu Kopechka, in Steam New Fishechka.

She stands at discounts of a penny like all Valve games except Alex. Nobody buys it because there is a remake that was also sold for a penny

Most likely, 99.99% already has it, and even now it makes no sense in it, if there is Black Mesa and fashion for it.

Let’s say everyone who is interested in Half, and who is not interested in P *** th for the distribution of an ancient game

It surprises me that cs 1.6 paid, and modern CS2 free.

Well, by the way, he was always paid, if we talk about the face, even CS: Go (now CS2) only recently became free, and that you need to buy premium in CS: Go/CS2

I am angry at Valve and Gaben, since after HL2 EP2 there is nothing, the plot breaks off in the most interesting place!! Why then it was necessary to do these episodes at all and quit development? 😬

There recently Half -Life Alux came out, play – a cool game.

Focus to TF2, Dota, CS. Steam, after all. They have already explained 100 times that they did not want to release, because it will be banal at the moment. And if you fence pumping, loots, and other modern trends, then this will not be hl and grandfathers will also be bought by it.

Half Life 2 Update for free as I ended up in my library

Each Boyarin’s pitch should have a halva overseas

And if you replay the original is boring, that is, mods with new cards, plots. Well, or rebalass type Brutal Half Life and MMOD

This masterpiece of ancient times should be free, and they are red.

Entrance to the Louvre with masterpieces of ancient times – 17 euros. Grassing?

I bought Black Mesa..

Still would be remaster 2-ku and super.

This is a new marketing move. We pretend that we distribute the game, and then the following: oh, yes this is some kind of mistake! But you can easily buy it, and even at a discount.

But I think that I couldn’t take it. Well, yes do not care, there is Black Mesa.

nothing like this! The distribution is active.

Not the worst event, because there was a time when the orange box was distributed almost free, and you could buy all Valv games at that time

By the way, but like Valve never handed out their single games. Only some online made F2P and then with Premium version

And what, someone has no first Half? She was worth the peres of the sales.

I have nothing from HL1. Once I missed this, like Fallut or Morovind. Now I will not play it anymore even through force. At the same time, I replay the mafia 1, Il-2 I play from the very first launch.

We decided to arrange a podge as an epic with a suicide squad?)

Fortunately, I have long been bought by a full collection of all Valve games with one package, and so far the only part-time game from Valve I have this Half-Life Alym.

For what? I have everything from Valve (except Half-Life Alyx and premium CS: Go/2) bought.

Eh, my first game in Steam, bought 20 years ago)

You can make a refund, gee gee.

How to live now..

nonsense. The game is still free in Steam, the country is Kazakhstan, just "Add to acc"

Today 18.eleven.23 Fire distribution is going on.I downloaded, checked, playable.

What nonsense are you carrying ? I took it and calmly took it, forever you have some problems from the air.

If we take into account what they wrote about what awaits us in KS 2.0, how they sailed the time (many believed in this) and what they gave out as a result, one of the most wretched de facto shooters now, but simply crucified.Where even with ping up to 10 people do not cause damage (there are already a lot of videos, comments, and on forums in the networks).Then this office causes me such skepticism. that I don’t even want to write and read about it.Before that, there was a problematic cs GO, but it turned out to be more stable and better in damage than slag in the form of ks 2.0.Where the mechanics of damage is realized worse than in KS 1.6 in general. 25 years ago.All their equations like the world of tanks simply kill games.I’m xs but they obviously manipulate a balance there by disconnecting damage.Depriving, like in the tanks of the motivation player to study something..improve.Improve.Competitive moment in general. necessary in such games.And so the bots will remain alone.And online they will begin to indicate higher.Despite the fact that fewer players are becoming.Valve has become a cheap office that uses cheap pishar.The authority of the creators of the KS flew away. The worst projects can now be easily expected from them.

Steam fell from the influx of freebies, or something, because of this, the distribution was closed?

Funny. I wonder how it happened? How is Gaben your eternal masterpiece will give for free to pipe?

Funny. It’s even interesting how it happened? Gaben, after all, in no case will give his eternal masterpiece in the hands!

Funny. It’s even interesting how it happened? Gaben, after all, in no case will give his eternal masterpiece in the hands!

The ingenious muv from Vulva, even such a govno mammoth, the gaybushka squeezed normally, although who needs it at all if there is a fanatsky remaster?

“Sounds just bombic!”: Gameplay demonstration of the Russian voice acting remake Dead Space impressed the players

Voicecon has passed today – a special broadcast with a English slope, organized by a well -known GamesVoice studio for you.

The studio also showed a gameplay demonstration of the English voice acting remake Dead Space. In particular, Gamesvoice demonstrated the atmospheric beginning of Dead Space well -known atmospheric beginning. But the deadlines for the project was not called – judging by the demonstration, the project will not have a text translation or it will have to "Flow" Users themselves. It’s good that it has long been available on our website for downloading.

Dead Space remake was released on January 27. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It is especially pleasing that the studio attracted to the voice acting of those dubbing actors who worked on the original.

So initially it was stated that we would try to return the same voices. As a result of 7 people from the old voice acting are present.

And the release when? Or only the vidosiki will be? And then, as it were, in September, the season of games begins, no one in their right mind to replay against the backdrop of novelties in the junk will no longer be due to voice acting, I keep in the course.

> Against the backdrop of novelties in the junior will no longer be due to voice acting

1) game for half a year in total

2) who wants to play.GV is not developers whether it doesn’t matter to them or not, I keep in the know.

I generally like a series of grandfather under space
The first part and second

And here is the first part with a high -ended picture of a buzz

Like an official dubbing. Probably even better

So they took money to him, both for official lol.

I remind you that they collected money for the voice acting of all these games.

And you thought that professional actors would voice the text for hundreds of hours just like that? For the idea?

I go straight from those people who think that everyone should do something for free if they like to do it.
The streamer should be streamed for free, because he plays in toys, enjoys, and then he asks for donates, fuck.
Reviewers also should not receive money, because they give them out for free and they play, too, on their own pleasure. But it is not necessary to eat him.

And here: professional actors, equipment for hundreds of thousands of rubles, room, craftswoman, installation and much more.

No, I think I answered "Like an official dubbing. Probably even better" and did not understand the surprise that the team, which in fact and so does of. dubbing made a dubbing for money, which is like. Dubbing.

I go straight from those people who think that everyone should do something for free if they like to do it.

The streamer should be streamed for free, because he plays in toys, enjoys, and then he asks for donates, fuck.

Reviewers also should not receive money, because they give them out for free and they play, too, on their own pleasure. But it is not necessary to eat him.

I go straight from those people who themselves will come up with something for me and begin to rub the game. I didn’t write a word about it should be free.

And here: professional actors, equipment for hundreds of thousands of rubles, room, craftswoman, installation and much more.

Exactly. About this and we are talking, I answered the commentary of the person who was surprised that the prof. Actors and studio, who even by order made of. dubbing made for money in quality of of. Dubbing.

I realized what you meant, I apologize.
Simply, I read the phrase with an emphasis on "money", Like, not official dubbing, but "money" demand, as for official, you want what they wanted.

Yes, everything is ok, it happens

Very, very worthy, so far a contender for their best work.

She would have been hacked 😑
In the original by the way, there was also a great dubbing.

I really look forward to the announcement, it sounds amazing!

The voice acting is good at the level of the original, which came out back to 2008.

And there is already a mod replacing this company insurer with a feminine nicole?

I wanted to "Enjoy" voice acting, but as I saw this woman in 50+. So something hands down. : D

This is the whole remake of Dead Space. Baba almost everything here is like 50 year old, they brought back toilets for transgender MMM.

It remains to translate the Starfield, it can be without voice acting

They called the original actors. This is really cool.

They can very much.

As a 30 year old woman can look like an 80 -year -old old woman, or she has an accelerated aging disease ?

Nicole Pancake Milf’s cheeky)

By the way, yes, it very spoils the impression of the game, it would not seem to be a critical trifle, but you can’t associate yourself normally (at least it caused this dissonance) with a hero in love with an old woman, they even redeemed the plot that he saves his mother or grandmother.

P.S. And yes, the voice acting of this young lady with a visual does not coincide at all, the young voice of the old woman.

They promised to release in the summer, but then it remains a little to the end.

They promised August-September.Now August.

As part of the Voicecon online presentation, the Gamesvoice studio showed several new scenes from the duplicated version of the Hogwarts: Legacy game, and at the end of the event presented a second large-scale gameplay demonstration. If you have not noticed this video on our YouTube channel, then it is time to make up for this gap and get acquainted with the material.

At the moment, the records are almost completed, approximately 50% of the replicas are processed, and internal testing has begun. The release of English voicing Hogwarts: Legacy is scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year.

If you like what we are doing, consider the possibility of maintaining a fundraising for dubbing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Any, even the most insignificant contribution helps us to develop and create even more high -quality localizations involving professional actors.

For the Planet Zoo zoo simulator, a set of Oceania animals and free update has become available

Frontier Developments reported the release of Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack, a completely new extension for the zoo simulator, which is released today in Steam.

Beginning zoo workers can now hit their guests with five new exciting views from the wild coasts of Oceania. They can observe how the curious brown kiwi of the northern island gets food around their habitat, hear the screeching of a frantic Tasman devil, admire the sociable little penguin in his colony, smile at a curious kwuckle and raise his eyes to see a scoundrel of a flying fox. Firing in your exhibition.

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack also contains more than 200 elements of scenery inspired by the beauty of the Pacific region from New Zealand to Fiji and beyond, with which players can turn their zoos into an idyllic paradise island. The scenery used natural building materials, including dried leaves and woven fibers, and woodcarving, personalized ticks and colorful floral jewelry add brightness. New foliage, such as a high royal fern and a slender palm tree, will provide a sufficient shadow for both animals and guests.

In addition, zoo caretakers will reunite with familiar faces in the new captive script of the campaign. Working together with Bernie Goodwin and his daughter Emma, ​​they should work on the construction of a new wildlife from scratch, supporting this family project against the stunning background of the sun -flooded island near New Zealand.

The package will be received with a free update of the base game, including a number of additions and improvements, including glass viewing domes, offering guests new ways of monitoring animals, a new moderate biom, accessible to oceania, and the brachy of orangutanes. As part of the update, players who own Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack will also receive new color morphs of the royal penguin.

House Flipper will become available for PlayStation VR in early August

Frozen Way developers team reported that the House Flipper VR will be available on the PlayStation VR from August 11. Take the virtual reality headset and get ready to completely plunge into the world of redevelopment and repair of houses.

House Flipper VR is a gaming game that gives you a unique opportunity to experience it on yourself. Put on the virtual reality headset, take controllers and get to work – dozens of real estate are waiting for a complete virtual transformation.

House Flipper VR not only allows you to try your hand at the tasks related to the repair of the house, but also gives free rein to your creativity, furnishing and decorating at home in your favorite style. Select one of the untidy cluttered houses and make it a dream home directly from advertising! Get rid of garbage and remove dirt using a wide range of professional tools. Take care of painting or plastering walls, collect heaters and mount all the necessary accessories. Choose furniture and household appliances, arrange them and create a unique living space. Decorate the house at your discretion, but make sure that it corresponds to the expectations of appraisers so that you can sell it with a decent profit.

In addition to buying and selling real estate, you can also help your customers with a house repair. Take your time and find out their unique stories, and understand their needs and requests. Then do everything possible to provide premium services and justify their expectations.

Thanks to the technology of virtual reality, House Flipper VR provides unique experience. You can completely immerse yourself in the exciting world of home repair and face its problems. House repair requires considerable effort, and you need to perform many tasks. However, this is not only work and not a game! Take a break and read the mini-players that we have prepared to diversify your gameplay. Game of basketball or darts gives as much pleasure as racing on a radio -controlled machine.

BioWare lost another scriptwriter-veteran of the studio

More recently, it became known about the restructuring in BioWare, during which 50 employees will be dismissed. We know that Mary Kirby, senior scriptwriter Bioware, who worked on the Dragon Age series since Origins, fell under a wave of abbreviations.

Now there was information that Luke Christianson was also dismissed. Christianson worked in the 26th Studio, was the Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights gaming designer, worked on the plot and characters. He worked on the entire MASS Effect trilogy, the spin-feature of Anromeda, as well as the Jade Empire and Dragon Age.

One of the scriptwriters Dragon Age Karin Wix-Weste expressed her regret

Luke Christianson and Mary Kirby taught me a very, very much about all aspects of writing and creativity for video games. You are both such talented authors and such good people. May your future bring you only good things.

Also, several more now former employees have updated their profiles on Linkedin. The studio lost Stefan Lipsius, the animator of the world, Andre Garcia, the director of the gameplay, Corey White, the designer of the gameplay who has worked in the studio for more than 10 years.

So, in just a couple of days, Bioware lost not only two of its main screenwriters, studio veterans, but also many other talented and experienced employees.

26 years.. There are those who still seriously believe that this is a struggle with tolerance, and not stripping from an objectionable old team?

Mmm. Yes. This type was the main screenwriter of Jade Empire, where a fan of plaster clay appeared even earlier than in the Tao.

Or maybe just the studio bosses took up their heads and decided to see who promotes the games what the players spit and the ratings and sales are falling?

In fact, the topic. Here is someone who has not been marked by something super-class, iconic and what came in the namesakes. Well, if you do not remember Sir from DA: I. XD

This is not an old team, but "Shell" old team. T.e. there is a core that creates ideas, moves them. And there are those who follow the fairway. Well, all these employees were left without a nucleus and showed what they are capable of in the Inquisition, and Ardromede. Perhaps they are really good work horses, but certainly without self-esteem and God sparks, otherwise they would have quit and move to other studios a long time ago.

Biovar has long been dead. Some kind of flukes with RPG levels Vitcher 3 and BG3 do not shine. The maximum of light bibs are pounding locations like the Inquisition and Andromeda, and therefore accelerate experienced. Why is it difficult to do if the modern audience haws everything in a row with millionth copies, the main thing is beautiful graphics and pay advertising to streamers.

Yes, everyone is just waiting for at least some remains of biowers to close Gestalt along DA and ME, and stop throwing intrigues, setting fire to fans.
Everyone is waiting for the cherished "Here you have me, she will close all the plot holes that we have frowned with three parts, Andromeda and slurred teaser, and she will be the last", They also expect the same from the dragonags, already scoring the bolt on how much tolerance there will be, I just wait for the damn finals, hoping to see it before they fall into insanity.

Yes, this technology is such. Sensory flogging is called. Just the old people crossed the line of what was permitted in the gaming industry – such adult plots veiled for games are unscrupulous for games.

There, the founders were given a wolf ticket, read their biographies after leaving – you will see this. Analogue – Spielberg quit and went to work in McDonald’s .

Luke Christyanson is another Bioware veteran. He was the Baldur’s Gate series and all additions to her, as well as Neverwinter Night. He also worked on the characters and the plot of the first part.

Starting with Jade Empire, the hatch was re -qualified – on this project he took the position of the leading screenwriter. As an author of dialogs and texts, he worked on all subsequent BioWare games, including the Mass Effect and Dragon Age trilogy, as well as Andromeda. After Jade Empire, Christyanson has never occupied a leading position.

Peru Christianson belongs to such characters as Avelin Wallen and Carver Hawk (Dragon Age II), Sir (Dragon Age: Inqusing), Keidan Alenko (co -authorship) and Joker (Mass Effect), Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect 2) and Masst Effect: Andromeda).

Well-ou. Such. Gamdesign is developed not by one person and it is difficult to judge by this point, the script in JE is good, but without much delight, and the characters of this creator. Well, someone liked them. Someone and the dominance of the agenda of the norms.

Oh yes – this type is the first in the history of biovarovs made a Glinomes satellite.

This is how you work for the studio for 26 years, and then you are simply fired, and the crowd with others "Lucky". Yes, he could no longer be so effective and possibly even lazy, we do not know it, but for so many years to just be dismissed.

I wish the same dismissals had happened to the Zoofilarians! There, urgently, you need to fire at least half of the developments, or even more. All those gomens, zoophiles, shemales, black monkeys and femo are adding all this rainbow to Balda Gaia 3.

All because he is white

BioWare changes people. He was black before.

Dismissal, dismissal, some continuous dismissal. There is no one of the main developments left there. It would be fucked if all the old people who were fired over the years, gathered in one indie studio and created something like an Orijing. Would raise more money than a new game from biovar.

Old men gather in heaps and open heaps of indie studios. But no one has yet done anything really suitable.

Liquidation of fragments of old BioWare.

No words. They just take people that they have already done their job and throw them overboard. Roughly speaking, buying a game, even if it may be good, these people will not get a penny. We will pay exclusively to the publisher who.

All pro will leave, who will stay? Those who did Andromeda?

Or young specialists with fresh promising ideas have already been selected in their place, or vice versa, and they are planned to be completely closed.

First, there will be talk about the distant prospects of the release of the games, then the transfusion from the empty to empty, then the announcement of the termination of work on projects.

But what will be created instead of them ?

It seems to me that they just decided to terminate this swamp and therefore let bloody.

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