Role game Broken Roads will decorate the cover of the August magazine PC Gamer. Demo version was well accepted

Developers from Drop Bear Bytes shared the last news on Broken Roads. They are pleased to report that the cover of the August issue of PC Gamer will decorate their upcoming role -playing game.

This is such an honor, and the team, of course, is very proud of this achievement, and we express our gratitude to all Versus Evil, Plan of Attack and PC Gamer, which helped to prepare this publication. You can read more about the print output on the PC Gamer website, as well as another article – also written by Jody McGregor, who wrote an article in the magazine – about the game demo version.

The authors also reported a good use of Broken Roads demo in Steam and "We value all kind words, support and constructive reviews that we heard from the players".

The team worked very hard to correct the demo version since its publication, including such moments as:

  • Holding [TAB] to highlight interacting objects and display npc names
  • Added subtitles to the introductory video
  • Right click for the use of therapeutic objects in the inventory outside the battle
  • Support for the ratio of the parties 16: 9, 16:10 and 21: 9
  • Added pop -ups of textbooks
  • In the window of the description dialogue are highlighted in gray, and the dialogue is now displayed in white
  • Many improvements and additions to animation, VFX and SFX
  • Added localization for launch languages ​​(including English)
  • Fixed a bug due to which the sound level settings were not preserved when changing the scene
  • In the settings menu, the ability to display/hide moral options is added
  • Fixed many errors!

Among other things, the developers talked about one of the characters of the game that is available in the demo: Dead Ringer, described as the most terrible compulsive liar you have ever met, but among its insane and dishonesty there are grains of truth. Excellent Machiavellist, he is ready to connect himself with anyone who understands the true nature of freedom, as he defines it.

If you recognized him, you are mistaken. He just has one of these persons, hence the nickname. He swears that this is why he is so often put in jail, because he is punished for the actions of other people, but at the same time they are silent about many, many crimes that he himself committed. Nowadays, people condemn so quickly.

You can meet with Dead Ringer in demo, as soon as you get to Brookton, and how you do it depends on you.

Another interesting point in the development diary is the screen that shows a fragment from Articy: Draft about how the reactions of your companion and other NPCs, based on their moral and personal qualities (deliberately left without spoilers)

Sometimes only a couple of companions should respond to the event. Sometimes – that’s it. Regardless of this, they will always remember.

Finally, composer Timo Sanderland talked about what he was inspired when writing a recently published soundtrack.

I thought about the inhabitants of Brookton in the game, and how they live neither in luxury or in ruin, but the average person simply shrugs, as if to say: "This existence", contentment, but with hidden melancholy, and this is what I tried to convey in music. This was one of the early works that really helped determine the general sound and feeling of Broken Roads.

Demo version in the framework "Games to be" Still available in Steam and Drop Bear Bytes so far decides whether to leave it or not. The team has already returned to work on the full version of the game.