Hurry up? Valve accidentally arranged a free distribution of Half-Life in Steam and quickly closed it

Half -Life is Valve’s debut game, released on November 19, 1998 and very soon the game will turn 25 years old.

Yesterday, users noticed that the unexpected free distribution of the cult shooter Half-Life began in the Valve digital store, but it turned out that the action was in a catch. Players faced a problem: when processing a request, an error arose that affected not only UK, but also other countries.

Soon after, the action came to an end. Perhaps Valve hurried to hold this unexpected action and this distribution was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of this Sunday. In addition to potential distribution, a cult shooter, apparently, is waiting for different updates.

And where I was? How I missed "Free distribution of Half-Life". I have been waiting for this for 25 years! Nooo. 🤣🤣🤣

Yesterday I even managed to go to the Magaz, tried to pick up, but I did not give a mistake

You can do it right now, everything works today

the game is 25 years old and they sell her for the price as if she had left yesterday, tint of the shame of shame

259 rubles is a lot?)

Well, the type of it on the disk for 30 sold in 2007 when Doller 25 was XD such things should be free so that players could familiarize themselves with the classics and not pay 260 for the project 25 years ago

Yes at least 500, the game costs 5 "conditioned bucks". Gabenu Kopechka, in Steam New Fishechka.

She stands at discounts of a penny like all Valve games except Alex. Nobody buys it because there is a remake that was also sold for a penny

Most likely, 99.99% already has it, and even now it makes no sense in it, if there is Black Mesa and fashion for it.

Let’s say everyone who is interested in Half, and who is not interested in P *** th for the distribution of an ancient game

It surprises me that cs 1.6 paid, and modern CS2 free.

Well, by the way, he was always paid, if we talk about the face, even CS: Go (now CS2) only recently became free, and that you need to buy premium in CS: Go/CS2

I am angry at Valve and Gaben, since after HL2 EP2 there is nothing, the plot breaks off in the most interesting place!! Why then it was necessary to do these episodes at all and quit development? 😬

There recently Half -Life Alux came out, play – a cool game.

Focus to TF2, Dota, CS. Steam, after all. They have already explained 100 times that they did not want to release, because it will be banal at the moment. And if you fence pumping, loots, and other modern trends, then this will not be hl and grandfathers will also be bought by it.

Half Life 2 Update for free as I ended up in my library

Each Boyarin’s pitch should have a halva overseas

And if you replay the original is boring, that is, mods with new cards, plots. Well, or rebalass type Brutal Half Life and MMOD

This masterpiece of ancient times should be free, and they are red.

Entrance to the Louvre with masterpieces of ancient times – 17 euros. Grassing?

I bought Black Mesa..

Still would be remaster 2-ku and super.

This is a new marketing move. We pretend that we distribute the game, and then the following: oh, yes this is some kind of mistake! But you can easily buy it, and even at a discount.

But I think that I couldn’t take it. Well, yes do not care, there is Black Mesa.

nothing like this! The distribution is active.

Not the worst event, because there was a time when the orange box was distributed almost free, and you could buy all Valv games at that time

By the way, but like Valve never handed out their single games. Only some online made F2P and then with Premium version

And what, someone has no first Half? She was worth the peres of the sales.

I have nothing from HL1. Once I missed this, like Fallut or Morovind. Now I will not play it anymore even through force. At the same time, I replay the mafia 1, Il-2 I play from the very first launch.

We decided to arrange a podge as an epic with a suicide squad?)

Fortunately, I have long been bought by a full collection of all Valve games with one package, and so far the only part-time game from Valve I have this Half-Life Alym.

For what? I have everything from Valve (except Half-Life Alyx and premium CS: Go/2) bought.

Eh, my first game in Steam, bought 20 years ago)

You can make a refund, gee gee.

How to live now..

nonsense. The game is still free in Steam, the country is Kazakhstan, just "Add to acc"

Today 18.eleven.23 Fire distribution is going on.I downloaded, checked, playable.

What nonsense are you carrying ? I took it and calmly took it, forever you have some problems from the air.

If we take into account what they wrote about what awaits us in KS 2.0, how they sailed the time (many believed in this) and what they gave out as a result, one of the most wretched de facto shooters now, but simply crucified.Where even with ping up to 10 people do not cause damage (there are already a lot of videos, comments, and on forums in the networks).Then this office causes me such skepticism. that I don’t even want to write and read about it.Before that, there was a problematic cs GO, but it turned out to be more stable and better in damage than slag in the form of ks 2.0.Where the mechanics of damage is realized worse than in KS 1.6 in general. 25 years ago.All their equations like the world of tanks simply kill games.I’m xs but they obviously manipulate a balance there by disconnecting damage.Depriving, like in the tanks of the motivation player to study something..improve.Improve.Competitive moment in general. necessary in such games.And so the bots will remain alone.And online they will begin to indicate higher.Despite the fact that fewer players are becoming.Valve has become a cheap office that uses cheap pishar.The authority of the creators of the KS flew away. The worst projects can now be easily expected from them.

Steam fell from the influx of freebies, or something, because of this, the distribution was closed?

Funny. I wonder how it happened? How is Gaben your eternal masterpiece will give for free to pipe?

Funny. It’s even interesting how it happened? Gaben, after all, in no case will give his eternal masterpiece in the hands!

Funny. It’s even interesting how it happened? Gaben, after all, in no case will give his eternal masterpiece in the hands!

The ingenious muv from Vulva, even such a govno mammoth, the gaybushka squeezed normally, although who needs it at all if there is a fanatsky remaster?