For the Planet Zoo zoo simulator, a set of Oceania animals and free update has become available

Frontier Developments reported the release of Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack, a completely new extension for the zoo simulator, which is released today in Steam.

Beginning zoo workers can now hit their guests with five new exciting views from the wild coasts of Oceania. They can observe how the curious brown kiwi of the northern island gets food around their habitat, hear the screeching of a frantic Tasman devil, admire the sociable little penguin in his colony, smile at a curious kwuckle and raise his eyes to see a scoundrel of a flying fox. Firing in your exhibition.

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack also contains more than 200 elements of scenery inspired by the beauty of the Pacific region from New Zealand to Fiji and beyond, with which players can turn their zoos into an idyllic paradise island. The scenery used natural building materials, including dried leaves and woven fibers, and woodcarving, personalized ticks and colorful floral jewelry add brightness. New foliage, such as a high royal fern and a slender palm tree, will provide a sufficient shadow for both animals and guests.

In addition, zoo caretakers will reunite with familiar faces in the new captive script of the campaign. Working together with Bernie Goodwin and his daughter Emma, ​​they should work on the construction of a new wildlife from scratch, supporting this family project against the stunning background of the sun -flooded island near New Zealand.

The package will be received with a free update of the base game, including a number of additions and improvements, including glass viewing domes, offering guests new ways of monitoring animals, a new moderate biom, accessible to oceania, and the brachy of orangutanes. As part of the update, players who own Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack will also receive new color morphs of the royal penguin.