House Flipper will become available for PlayStation VR in early August

Frozen Way developers team reported that the House Flipper VR will be available on the PlayStation VR from August 11. Take the virtual reality headset and get ready to completely plunge into the world of redevelopment and repair of houses.

House Flipper VR is a gaming game that gives you a unique opportunity to experience it on yourself. Put on the virtual reality headset, take controllers and get to work – dozens of real estate are waiting for a complete virtual transformation.

House Flipper VR not only allows you to try your hand at the tasks related to the repair of the house, but also gives free rein to your creativity, furnishing and decorating at home in your favorite style. Select one of the untidy cluttered houses and make it a dream home directly from advertising! Get rid of garbage and remove dirt using a wide range of professional tools. Take care of painting or plastering walls, collect heaters and mount all the necessary accessories. Choose furniture and household appliances, arrange them and create a unique living space. Decorate the house at your discretion, but make sure that it corresponds to the expectations of appraisers so that you can sell it with a decent profit.

In addition to buying and selling real estate, you can also help your customers with a house repair. Take your time and find out their unique stories, and understand their needs and requests. Then do everything possible to provide premium services and justify their expectations.

Thanks to the technology of virtual reality, House Flipper VR provides unique experience. You can completely immerse yourself in the exciting world of home repair and face its problems. House repair requires considerable effort, and you need to perform many tasks. However, this is not only work and not a game! Take a break and read the mini-players that we have prepared to diversify your gameplay. Game of basketball or darts gives as much pleasure as racing on a radio -controlled machine.