Starfield became the star of the Real Madrid match as part of its advertising campaign

Starfield marketing campaign is in full swing, and this time Microsoft made a large (and expensive) rate. The new big game from Bethesda, which is now part of the Xbox Game Studios, received advertising during the Laga Liga football match between the teams "Celta" And "Real".

During the break, a hologram with the image of art Starfield with a message was shown "Attention to researchers", The release date and logo of the platforms: Game Pass, Xbox Series, PC and Steam, as well as the Bethesda logo. During the show, one of the commentators said:

Pay attention, the countdown begins before the release of Starfield, available from September 6 – you see – on Xbox and PC. Starfield!

Such Starfield television advertising once again indicates that Xbox is confident in the game Bethesda Softworks and completely trusts her, which could be seen already on Gamescom. It seems that soon we will see real personnel from the game on TV or on public roads. First of all, in Europe and the USA, people began to see Starfield advertising quite often. Before September 6, the official release of Starfield will take place, anything can happen.

In any case, it is always nice to see that Microsoft is betting on your games, which can become one of the key factors in this generation of consoles.

Damn, this advertisement cost them a fortune

Given the fact that Microsoft was engaged in the promotion of the game, they could at least buy all the advertising blocks

The Mission of Chandrayan-3 was released twice as for the shooting of the film Interstellar.

Good money is brought not by the quality of the game, but the quality of marketing. These are today’s realities

"In any case, it is always nice to see that Microsoft is betting on your games, which can become one of the key factors in this generation of consoles."

You’ll forgive a person who has grown from three years old on Sega Mega Drive 16-bit and at the age of 6 already had a top-end Pentium 4 and vidyuha that pulled doom 3 BFG. And in 2013, I got a normal and to this day the assembly of the PC on the Intel Core i3-2100 with 4 RAM and NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 1024 MB VRAM. Who then dragged all the new items on the Ultas. Now, from the old, the assembly PC remained only a power supply, DVD – R drive, sata3 cables, a fan on the back panel and the processor itself. The rest was dead from loads and continuous work for half a year probably. But now I have another motherboard ASUS H61M-E and Vidyuha Nvidia GTX 1650 which I took another 61k tenge. It was a year before the shortage of semiconductors. And now most of the new products are going on without problems. The percentage was withdrawn from production in December 2012. And the date of its production is the first of December 2012.

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P.With. I don’t know how parents chose games, but they were all what I like, although they themselves do not play.