Sega deleted Denuvo protection from Company of Heroes 3

Today it became known that the company Sega I decided to remove the defense Denuvo from the game Company of Heroes 3 Together with the new patch. The size of the exe file of the game decreased by 281 MB.

Let me remind you that the game was released on February 23 of this year, and until that moment it was never hacked. Thus, Denuvo defense was removed about 10 months after the release of the game.

Company of Heroes 3 – the third part of the popular tactical strategy in real time. This time, players are transferred to the Mediterranean – an exciting theater of hostilities, which makes it possible to participate in battles with the enemy among the picturesque Italian mountain passes, coastal landscapes and endless African deserts.

I was not hacked because no one needs FIG. Elusive Joe, damn it!

Maybe because no one breaks? Already with a dozen games with protection

AK buy for 100r and, as it were, the fuck.

How is there a empress?

Now he is eating from under his stone that it was removed because of her), they were afraid that they would hack).

With such a hack, they lived to the point. they themselves remove Denuvo, but how many self -PR.

EMPRESCE NO BRY, pirates turned out to be ordinary subscribers.And the subscriber in my understanding is a priori sucker.She created a paid chat, there all suckers dug.Grandmas drip every day why should she strain and take risks.

I have a figure for her and her 3-4 hacks a year, well, why pore that it was that "I will break Denuvo" and t.D. Why do everyone to steal their philosophy, how cool it is, finally dispersed in August with Skidrow that they were not, and she was the center of the universe and silently disappeared. I am already silent that this is so to speak "low social responsibility" Among the crackers, only for 500 bucks breaks, here he behaved like this? Of course not.

This is called a hypocrite and threw it, there is nothing proud of it, people who have been given to you from a pure heart, and now you call them for the eyes of suckers.

"Shit does not affect performance" – They said. But the larger the file, the more time it is necessary to download it into the RAM and the registers of the CPU, not to mention other expenses for the execution of all sorts of unnecessary commands of the CALL, JMP processor, and so on!

Когда у тебя 40 серия видюхи, 16 и более оперативы, райзер 5, ты это не почувствуешь, остальным нищим соболезнуем

Yes, I have Core2Duo and what? The fact that Trump began to delete this undeniably good. But in games where it is, I’m not going to run after the new CPU only so that this shit is hung on my processor. All this is only necessary for the marketolukhas, which sagging the naive plankton, their new hot glands. Win10 works calmly for me, and let the games with a ceremonial publishers put them in the fifth point.

The whole Vin10 works? Steep

Well, in this regard, Win10 is really good. It is quite loyal to system resources and even 4 GB of RAM is enough for it, however, like Win7, which I had before it before her.

Cool, and this is interesting to play Windows 10? They say the eleventh part is much more interesting

. that there would be at least some information water and finally learn about it 2.5 people

Oh Nis, just thought to play after Total War Rome Remastered, a cool toy. I hope that Var Farals will be removed from Total to shit

Better Call to Arms – Gates of Hell play

And why, if there is Blitzkrieg Mod for the first koch?

I’m like a fan of a series of games Re, I really want to play finally in Re4 Remake + Separate Ways, But I don’t have a penny of money from the very beginning to buy a game in Steam, even now, when the game has a 50% discount, and the game costs one and a half times cheaper – I can’t buy it anyway.
And I have no acquaintances in Steam so that I can help me with buying a game as a gift.
Therefore, what remains? Just how to wait for PG Similar news that Capcom Removed protection Denuvo from remake RE4. And this will mean that then I can then get a game for free on the torrent with all the released content and patches, which is not there now.
Unfortunately, I am not one, but there are many more fans who cannot buy a game, and who exactly sits and wait for this event with the news, like me. The question is how much to wait?

By autumn I think 2024 will cut out Denuvo. At least from the village a year later cut out exactly.

There are grandmas on the Internet, there is to pay for electricity, but buy an activash for 100 rubles – no))))

Activations are sold for a penny, what is the problem of buying an asset in general then?) or even there is no money at all?