Assassin’s Creed Mirage wants you to feel like a Jedi and samurai

Assassin’s Creed Mirage returns a series of stealth games ubisoft to the past. Not only in the historical sense, but also in relation to the old Assassin’s Creed games, which are less role-playing games and are more devoted to stealth-festivities. To this end, Assassin’s Creed Mirage assumes many different ideas related to how she wants to revolution in the series, and Ubisoft wants you to feel more samurai and a Jedi in the new part of the series.

“You can switch between attacks very quickly. As for the style of fighting, the question is quite wide. We obviously used the original Assassin’s Creed games as a guide, but we also took into account other things. We looked at the samurai, we looked at the Jedi, how they treated blades and light swords, ”explains the director of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Benjamin Fox animation.

If you want to see what Fox is talking about in action, the first glance at the Assassin’s Creed Mirage gameplay shows us exactly how the main character Basim will move, sneak and fight. Although this is not like Assassin’s Creed Mirage uses the unity animation style with its parkour and movement, this does not mean that Mirage movements are not designed so that they all smoothly flow into each other.

“We have done a rather great internal work to smooth out the crossings to make sure that the flow between certain maneuvers works clearly and smoothly,” says Fox.

Returning the scale of Assassin’s Creed to where it began, allows the team to delve into animation, peace and how history is told differently. More classic elements of the series are also returned to Mirage, since the castorization of Assassin’s Creed Mirage should return the function of dyeing clothes, and the game process filter also wants to remind you what the game Assassin’s Creed was similar in 2007.

Modder optimized Starfield for HDD – the game hangs less

Enpinion enthusiast with the nickname created a modification that improves Starfield on ordinary hard drives. You can download it Here.

Due to the fashion of Disk Cache Enabler, the game uses the cache of the system. This allows you to get rid of freezes and problems with the sound effects that have previously paid attention to tests. If Starfield is installed on SSD, the difference in performance after loading the plugin will be minimal.

Modders, as usual, for a doshirak package for the game and fans make much more than the bloated headquarters of Todd Howard with all his programmers.

Close your mouth and buy Skyrim.And if I bought it, then buy. again.

First, upgrade the computer.

I will say more. Fans will release all kinds of patches that are talked, add to the official patch. Paid

Him too, but first Skyrim.

Enough for Skurim of the Old)

Todd does not need to work with such moders at all. One answer to any problem

Yes, Skora Tod will just throw the idea for $ 100, let them do $ 100, and the calibers are cheating and they will say that everything is not so sad and the quests are good there, but the loads and the norm)))

So correctly Todd launched other developers so that those patches would not create and do not optimize

Yeah. For 100 Baku.For a million designer and then . Want to play, finish yourself.

Again, models instead of Todd made a slow disk mode .And the gazebo could not be how so?

on the Consoli of the SSD, any self -respecting gamer of the SSD, in the minimum systemic requirements of SSD, what is the meaning of such optimizations? When I move from one star system to another, there is no actually loading and there is no, while I am completely afraid to imagine what is happening on the troughs with HDD

on the Consoli of the SSD, any self -respecting gamer of the SSD, in the minimum systemic requirements of SSD, what is the meaning of such optimizations?

In order not to create difficult situations for yourself and not to produce entities, given that such a regime is unnecessary in development, and even more so, it allows you to cover a large audience of buyers, there is no?)

And what happens in your game personally – nobody makes nobody.

And the point is that the game eats your SSD for a snack and it will not live for a long time.Unlike SSD, Echididi lives longer.

On "troughs" You play as planned. You see the load, admire the pictures and you have time to read the tips.

In general, I recently launched the current Human Revolution.

Ordinary – everything is perfect.

Direct Cut – Lagor.

Yes, yes, a very interesting story, if you knew how many SSDs have passed through me over the past 10 years and how many of them was discouraged.. The spoiler, if not hundreds of SDDs, used both Riga, and for torrents, and under systems, and for games.. 64, 128, 256, 512, 2TB, except that 1TB did not use, TLS/mls, fierce China/Samsung, Goods/Kingstona/Adates/WD. Now there are 2 NVMA 2TB for the trash/torrents/Games. Draised exactly zero

All you need to know about the high marks of the Starfield on Methacritic and in general about this aggregate trash. I just decided to look at the accounts of users who set 10 points after another, it turned out that such accounts were not even trying to mask and make various. Disgrace, AAA studio reached such a scam.

This once again proves that players in conspiracy with iron manufacturers. Do not be naive, believing that the team did not have enough brains to optimize the game. And the fact that the game starts only on the assembly of Win 10 22H2 (no less) and above this confirms once again. The count stands still, new generations of iron come out, but there is no optimism.

So at 7 and 8 Igor are not made because of the outdated DH and the lack of new libraries
And Windows is updated automatically and only problems arise in the AMD processors on chipset x399 or some kind of something like that

They wanted to do a lot, but decided to refuse, including optimization

Who tested, please tell me what the results?

Buy a piece of code for 70 bucks – and sit down it for developing, NIS entertainment, what can go wrong in the industry

Or buy finally SSD if you play games.

or Hawa shitty tolerated

Brakes almost all disappeared a great mod but SSD still ordered a long time to buy 8000r not so much

Judging by the schedule of the trab, they went whole.

Yes, because the game was not loaded into the RAM, but stream loading was stupid.But it is worth it in the good old days to load the game according to the canon and here the lags are fingering because the game is loaded into the RAM and Vidaha and not in the stream.

I understand it does not work on a gamed?

For the bunch, perhaps it makes no sense about optimization through SSD due to the fact that they are quite different in performance. Peck optimizes through the RAM and the swing file usually.
In general, it is strange that the game is loading something there on the fly. I would suggest that there is an old campaign when the level is loaded completely every time and compiles shaders during loading otherwise it is not clear why then crushing on locations except that it is easier. or the COND of CONSOLE CONSOLE does not really help them and, in principle, it is incapable of immediate loading without any intermediate lazy buffer.
So there will still be open cities in Tes 6, if the engine streams on the move. Although that Anrial 3 loaded pieces on the go and did not hold the entire level

As you say, according to this, special devices for decompression of ascets are added to the PS5, and DH12 is added on the boxes for this very decompression on the GPU.

I didn’t play, do not write your conclusions, the game does not load the entire level at once, you don’t have enough memory for all textures and landfills, it literally strips it on a training ground. The same with cascades of the shadows, the only thing that is not optimized there is work with materials, normals and reflexions, they are loaded without boats for the entire scene what they saw.

. that there is not optimized this work with materials, normal and reflexion, they are loaded without boats for the entire scene what they saw.

Where does such a conclusion come from? In my understanding of normal and reflected, this textures are optimized through MAP MIPs. And even if there is no reason that there is little probably they are still needed so that there was no pixel noise at a distance so to speak. Perhaps the Normal card can still be needed for low -polygonal models to smooth out the landfills at the corners for more proper lighting, where otherwise there would be a lot of extra training grounds but this is also a texture. Another concept of normals is the orientation of the trianglels in the global local or the direction of the camera. All this is calculated on the go each frame in a normal engine. Further reflex is – usually these screen reflections, they are calculated for the entire visible scene in real time, like some kind of embient is an okay. In addition, special probes can also be applied to this, which capture the image in some area and a semblance of reflections due to the boundaries of the camera. but in a modular or world with a loading location with this potentially there are fewer problems. The only thing for procedural locations such probes would have to be placed procedural around the world but without procedural manually and here there are some problems from optimizations. However, in Follaut 4 there were some sort of SSR, however, clear reflections worked through cubic maps and this is the maximum backwater and this does not affect the performance almost in any way.
There is still such a small shortage of the PBR engines. The shine increases at a distance because there are more flat angles, which will happen in nature, but at large distances it does not happen, I don’t know why but this does not affect performance and in the simplest case will be fixed through the buffer so that the roughness falls with the distance.

. The game does not load the entire level at once, you don’t have enough memory for all textures and landfills, it literally strives it on a training ground.

in big open The world – yes. There would not be enough video memory in the first place then, depending on the size of the world, everything else would have broken. But even there, the situation is not the same as permissible in 3 editor, I may have copies of the grid and it may just be a mesh. As in the engine, there are usually copies of the grid and let there be a grid of 50,000 a polygon and such nets at a level (the entire open world = level 1) I have a million, as if each mesh will not weigh the number of landfills for the number of copies of the object but for a certain array where the positions of the node point of object and not every individual landfill in space are stored. But the processor landfills would cause some kind of laborer. However, the big number of the landfills would cause problems and there are boats for this. T.E objects with low polygonal details on which separate textures of the satin type are optionally stretched. And how would they sit in memory and the processor chooses which version of the Lode to show. In the open world, this trick would have not been released in the world with a small location because I have a potentially limited collection of textures and fogs and in the location I need to know what models I have in the world.
There is another problem – this is the problem of processing invisible faces and models that can slam performance especially if there is some other dynamic lighting. And in this case, a selection takes place based on materials because roughly speaking, usually one material is a separate object A for simplicity with a combined remake. Roughly speaking, a pack of juice and a tube if these are different marrians.And it is not normally made such a calculation that there is an orange, but its rear grains are not when you look at it from one side .lol. With large objects, another story can be up to a certain point, but there is little crushing the object is bad and the large crushing of the object is also bad for performance, but in a simple case the absent in memory is always there. The exception of the landscape model is possible, but this is a completely different essence and it is usually a single amount.
NV had akay that stray, she calculates "Unnecessary and unimportant" geometry in monolithic models and reduces the load on the load on the video card by simplifying the display. but firstly, this noticeably reduces the stroke of graphs and secondly in my opinion it was not used in any game yet.
And the old intestinal games and the old open worlds roughly speaking in order to fit in the amount of memory that they were and at ETM show more than they essentially had a bunch of small worlds that were loaded with everything Cho on them and unloaded because the level of a piece of level by the script. However, I do not think that Starfield with his card where one biom in size of about 4×4 km really needs some kind of stream loading in the direction of movement with full discarding pieces and reading them from the ROM. For cities, it can be.

For Baldur’s Gate III, a mod was designed to make NPC Faerun more authentic

A huge number of gnomes wandering around the city, as if with their presence, they cause great and eternal shame to their ancestors. After installing this mod, most male gnomes that you encounter in the gates of Baldur will now wear large thick beards, as you should expect from the gnomes of Faerun and other fantasy worlds.

Duergars are known that almost everywhere bald, Both men and women! And although the Larian team basically adhered to this vision, there were still many duors with voluminous hair mane. Most of the duoRgars you face will now be bald.

Less pink -haired semi -rings

Although the gates of Baldur are a trading hub, the time interval in the game approximately corresponds to our era of the Renaissance (with a pinch of magic), therefore, there is no question of mass migration from the chalt (southern jungle) and kara-tours (in fact).

Ultred now looks like “Ultred”.

Gierna Druid no longer catches your eye

Figaro now looks like it could be called “Figaro”.

Tadad like a real gnome

According to legend, in male guitanes a rare vegetation on the face. The number of ordinary hairstyles has been reduced

And just a good mod. Really presented more logical.
Cookies from Nexus will probably remove, it is necessary to pour here.

Already deleted, Omerika Country of Liberty) but not for white natural

The games should have a checkbox in the settings, turn on the tolrant content or not

Beautiful mod. We approve.

You read comments and feed. I won’t even get involved in this showdown about telerant and some kind of authenticity there, the galloping is purely about visual, new options from the fashion look just better and are somehow more suitable with the names and origin of classes. Take as an example of the same Figaro, I personally hear this name more inclined to the mustachioed Italian than to black tolstopus. Well, a ghosty man looks stupidly better on a right screenshot. Ultred looks the same as interesting, and his name in his head pulls out the image of some kind of Scandinava. The right orc is the same as it looks more harsh or something, but about the gnomes – well, I personally do not care, they are bald there or not.

GITA did not go beards at all)

Now we need the same mod that makes all the characters – natural.

Unfortunately, not all blacks removes this mod.


Still there was no mass migration, but the small partial could still slip

In general, the mod does not add a drop of authenticity. Regarding the color of the skin, the era of revival and the lack of migration – invented nonsense of the dog. The same ravenards come from Chalt, good morning.

Nonsense again. The gray jangles were bald only in the 3rd, starting with the 4th no one was already bald. And I remind you that the BG3 is made on the fifth edition. Not in the third.

Well, the fact that in the blue is confused by gnomes with dwarfs, this is a straight cring, about which "authenticity" can be discussed at all?

A little more from the book "Faeruna races". The race of people has more than 20 ethnic groups.

Well, about confusion with gnomes and dwarves, we can say that this is a jamb in history. Historically, that Dvorfs (sorry, but the Warcraft version is dearer to me, and it is read literally like "Duof") We translated as gnomes, and the gnomes were disturbed as you like, but not the gnomes. I don’t know how it was with the transfer of the DND, but the courtesy of the courtesy of the courtesy became yangas after the official localization of World of Warcraft has come out, although even now you can find a translation of the stocky dwarfs as gnomes, because it happened so historically, "gnomes" Snow White also has a jaw.)))

Of course, many ordinary people may well confuse some races, drawings and ethnic groups, but for a person who shouts about "authenticity in Faerun" It’s just a shame.

Without going into the subtleties of the concept "Authenticity" or disputes about whether black gnomes lived on a tropical chalt or their mothers simply confused with Chatter wild dwarfs, I want to say that some characters in my subjective taste simply began to look more pleasant. After playing Starfield, you begin to understand how important it is) otherwise what kind of elderly prophate muzzle tatum instead of a textbook bearded gnome? The beard at least covers the second chin. What kind of mummy Don Quixote instead? A face without a beard is much better. And Figaro in this form clearly more corresponds to the character. He is a tailor, dandy, and in the game he looks like a rustic farmer from South Africa. I consider the censorship of mods and indignation about the fact that someone adjusts their personal version of the game to their own tastes and ideas about Laura, I consider it savagery. In the end, Nexusmods has mods for boobs of all sizes and on fat, very fat female bodies, on "rejuvenated" characters, on Shedouhart, Karllae and Lae’zel with members, on "improved" Astarion, turned into a standard hero of the anime, is not even a miracle not a censored preset to the more Caucasian face of Will, and everyone dissatisfied is offered to touch the grass: they say, do not like it – just do not download, but not scandalt because of a pixel pixel. In mass culture, everyone has long been blackened, from Hamlet and Anna Boleyn to Aragorn, and no "As originally drawn in the game or it is written in the book, it should be" In this case, it does not work. But it is worth making a little more beautiful (and at the same time white) some kind of druid, which I do not even remember where it comes. Well, you understand.

I express about commas and culture of speech "my regards". However, not everywhere

Great mod by the way

The best mod is 6 -aver

And the mod is not bad, some characters really better look, atmospheric, or something

And what’s wrong with the dark -skinned druid? This is not according to the ENT? And then just interesting.

"Although the gates of Baldur are a trading hub, the time interval in the game approximately corresponds to our era of the Renaissance (with a pinch of magic), therefore, there is no question of mass migration from the chalt (southern jungle) and kara-tours (in fact)."

It’s just that a person who made a mod, his vision, from a lorne point of view has no contradictions, even if the grove of the druids was half consisted of black druids

Yes, damn it, immediately orcs, elves, druids, magicians, running brains, etc.P. but she is not, immediately the time period of the Renaissance, here there can be no black! Ahahahaha. This is a fictional world, here at least what can be, as the author sees, it is right.

Nothing like a simple logic to the fools of the Pukana undermined that they were flooded with minuses.

It is only incomprehensible which mattress here is our Renaissance to Fantasy to the DNA world.

Moreover, here our Renaissance and how he suddenly suddenly interfered with total emigration in Faerun? From which rulbuk did you take it?

All this, of course, is wonderful, all these holivars, as a result of which everyone will decide for himself, but put it like? Tulsa does nothing, calling like English.Pak throws in mods, and then if it helps her.

Yeah, figured it out. Just handles on date

Honestly, Gierna Druid, I like the black man more, some strange white

About mod from Seri. You give the laws of the Rolny world to fantasy even ate they contradict the prescribed structure of this fentasis.

Voices in the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 “will remain the same as they were in the original game”

Fans of the series were glad to find out that in the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, a voice composition from the original game will be used, but now it begins to seem that the game will simply be used in the old voice replicas.

In a press release announcing the MGS3 remake – or Metal Gear Solid Delta, if you want, it is noted that the game "Star The Original Voice Characters". You can write off this on a strange translation or choice of words, but it is unusual that the word was not specifically used in the press release "Actors". Last week, Konami reported on her twitter that "The plot and voice of the characters in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater remained the same as in the original game". And again, it seems, this implies the re -use of voice replicas.

Gamesradar directly asked Konami about the situation, and the company representative indicated them to the tweet, the link to which is given above, adding the following: "In fact, this means that the plot and voice of the characters in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will remain the same as they were in the original game".

All these comments do not allow you to directly say: "Yes, we re -use old voice acting", But at the moment it seems that it will be so.

Several original Japanese voice actors who played MGS3 died after the game released in 2004. There is also some mystery in the English composition, where Suzetta Miñet depicts Eve – the pseudonym of the anonymous voice actress, which still remains unknown. Whatever, um, blowjob, she returned to voice the character in Peace Walker, although the senior version of Eve, which we meet in MGS4, voiced whether the Merivezer voiced.

In any case, it seems that you should not expect any noticeable additions to the plot in the remake of MGS3. Early screenshots published by Konami also suggest that at least in some areas the design of levels will be practically identical to the original.

In the early access of Steam, a cooperative horror was released to survive Pranormal Hunter

The Indie-IGR developer company from Tokyo (Japan) Ealogames announced that their cooperative horror for survival “Pranormal Hunter”, inspired by Japanese folklore and horror films, was released for PC in the Early access of Steam with the support of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Valve Index Windows Mixed Reality and Gampads, as well as with the support of English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, English and simplified Chinese languages.

Enter the confusing kingdom of paranormal phenomena, exploring abandoned places obsessed with hidden perfumes. Move for locations with ghosts that have revived thanks to immersive support of virtual reality, alone or with four comrades-hunters in an online cooperative. Explore the stages to start a chilling soul that requires careful observation in order to track down the damned objects, and begin the ritual of exile to cleanse the location – and all this, avoiding the evil spirit pursuing the group.

Use parapsychology tools, such as ghosts and a flashlight sensor that repels spirits that stunes malicious creatures. Be careful and vigilant, since randomized elements guarantee that no two investigations will be held the same. Make a sneak on dark corridors and abandoned buildings, where each creak of floorboards and muffled murmur can indicate the presence of an ominous entity, eager for revenge from the afterlife.

Work quickly to track the necessary objects for exile, since the supernatural pursuers are getting closer. Avoid the deadly gaze of the spirit, since one unsuccessful meeting throws people into a crippling stupor, causing damage to the extinction of sanity. Meet too much horror and take a chance early to get into the grave.

Alone or alone, know that death is not the end, since the Pranormal Hunter format “Take and Play” encourages experiments for several sessions with unlocked objects that are ideal for reverse trips.

Test horror than ever before, thanks to the additional support of virtual reality and a cross game that allows hunters to conduct an investigation together, regardless of the input device. The version of early access is launched with two playable stages and a terrifying third stage planned for the future update.

Horrors underwater: players remained delighted with the horror Stasis: Bone Totem

The players were delighted with the isometric horror Stasis: Bone Totem, on May 31 on Steam. The game has 96% positive reviews. Gamers praise the horror from The Brotherhood for staging scenes, sound and atmosphere.

The events of the game take place on a deep -sea drilling rig, which the main characters – husband and wife discover. Underwater treasure seekers will have to reveal the secret of Cayne Corporation Corporation

Comments are given with the preservation of the spelling and punctuation of users.

“A long -expected game is still expected. The progress of the quality of the game from the time of the first part is obvious that it is very pleasing. The game is required to buy all lovers of an excellent quest with pretty graphics, plot and horror, ”Samum.

“The wildest mixture of classic“ something ”and“ alien ”, seasoned Soma, Man of Medan and Dead Space. Concentrated madness ” – PUPP.

“I play a lot of games, but I finish very few of them. The first and second stasis I finished. For such a small team – the game is just great. The second part of two steps is better than the first. They could make her even darker, harder and worse than the first stasis, although where. The graphics also became brighter, the characters are more and more and more. Special attention deserves the sound. Play in headphones, in the dark. At the same time, he did not meet a single bug during the passage, and there are practically no jambs in the translation, it is clear that the game is not for everyone. But if you like good, atmospheric horror films, if you like a good plot and living heroes, if you miss smart puzzles and quests, I recommend it entirely ” – Wisdoom.

“Conflicting emotions causes this work. Yes, yes, it is a work, not a game. On the one hand, not very well -well -developed animation of persons. But on the other hand, a very interesting story, although predictable almost everywhere. Whether I was disappointed? No, in any way. I really liked this story, and I waited, let’s say, this project after I played in the first Stasis. The only thing that is sad is that at some moments history, videos, messages cannot be paused and piles a lot of information. Sometimes there is just a pause to digest the heard and what he saw. Again, the work was hooked, very hooked. ” – Merewolf.

The cost of Stasis: Bone Totem in Steam at a discount of 20% – 568 rubles. The promotion is valid until June 7. The game supports Steam Deck.

Final Fantasy 16 was the 6th of the most quickly sold exclusive game in the history of PlayStation

Last week, the last part of the Final Fantasy series debuted on the market, and the adventure began very well. Square Enix cannot claim the greatest success of the series, but the game has achieved very good results compared to other games available exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

Square Enix confirmed the first result of Final Fantasy XVI: in just a few days, players bought more than 3 million copies of the game released only for PlayStation 5. It is safe to assume that the result would be higher if the game also reached the PlayStation 4, but the developers used the additional features of the platform to give the PS5 owners the necessary impressions.

Zuby_Tech compared the achievements of the Final Fantasy XVI with other games available on the release day exclusively on PlayStation consoles, and the last novelty for PS5 took a very high place in the table.

Final Fantasy XVI became the 6th of the fastest exclusive game in the history of PlayStation, but it is worth noting that the GOD of War and Final Fantasy VII Remake sold a little better.

Final Fantasy XVI – the fastestly sold exclusive PlayStation 5 and the 6th fastest sold exclusive PlayStation!

The fastestly sold exclusive PlayStation games:

  1. God of War Ragnarok: 5.1+ million (11+ million)
  2. The Last of US Part II: 4+ million (10+ million)
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake: 3.5+ million (5+ million shipped games)
  4. Spider-Man: 3.3+ million (20+ million)
  5. God of War: 3.1+ million (23+ million)
  6. Final Fantasy XVI: 3+ million.
  7. Ghost of Tsushima: 2.4+ million (9.73+ million)

At the same time, we must remember that Final Fantasy XVI reached only on PS5. Spider-Man 2 still debuts in 2023, and its release may be very successful.

Hearing: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will be transferred again – the game will be released next year

GSC Game World studio plans to release S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl until the end of 2023. However, the developers of the shooter can transfer the release of games to the first half of next year – February 16, 2024.

Hint of possible transfer s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl was found in the direct broadcast on the YouTube channel Thewolfstalker2. The counter with the return countdown is indicated precisely on February 16, 2024.

Hearing: GSC Game World studio plans to release S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

This is Zhdalker, not surprised

And what, someone doubted?)

I do not know who even doubted the dampness of Bild there was obvious that it was definitely not this year. Cyberbank transfer record is definitely already broken

The transfer is actually not so distant they did not seem to give an exact date, like all 23, so who knows what they did there)

Actually, the summer of the 23rd was cordy)

in the sense of 24? Waiting for no earlier 34!

What a surprise (no)

They could not release the first game on their own, they will not be able to even. But they opened pre -orders in Steam promptly and without transfer

In general, do not care about this game

And there is already up to 2025 not far

It is already so not funny that it is even funny.

Yes it won’t work at all! Here the fool understands!

Never the case was and here again.

Hint of possible transfer s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl was found in the direct broadcast on the YouTube channel Thewolfstalker2. The counter with the return countdown is indicated precisely on February 16, 2024.

Seriously? And who is this Thewolfstalker2, so that the dates for his video mean something?

Yes, one tolerated there. GSK was thrown out of the fraternity, but he was still faithful to them like a little dog, not realizing that they spit on English.

Of course, I understand that the output of a landfill in the next year is just a laughter. But use for this "start" Stream A peasant who just sits and plays a stalker talking about his modifications – this "Yes, do you yell something, what a psychiatric hospital?"

Hoping for an exit no earlier than 25g.

And since the age of 14 I stopped waiting.

It was very obvious, the work of the noral edge.

Hearing, it turns out that bread was not finished

It’s time to transfer it to the mausoleum!)

Natasha, cancellation, carry the keys.

Such a proof

go alpha build in the following 🙂

Every year the same thing is first transferred to February and then to December and so endless cycle

I remember the first stalker was promised already in 2003, and before they were transferred until 2007

At least by 2025 came out

Having read a lot of comments that are written more on emotions, I would like to make clarity. How much I am aware of this issue, the first "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." They put off not by a simple whim or not because of the lack of professionalism of the developers team, but for the simple reason that the home PC of that time, were not able to pull out the game in the form in which it was originally planned. Therefore, when working on optimization, problems arose, and the release of the game had to be postponed, and the game was cut in every sense. Technologies in the zero 2000s did not develop as rapidly as it is now, and therefore even at the time of the 2007 game, it was not possible to achieve high performance and quality of the picture, but it was impossible to tighten the release further, for a number of reasons. The first is that a lot of time has passed and many money has been spent. There was also an understanding that during the release of the release, the game engine was morally outdated, because it involved only one core of the processor, and in 2007 2 nuclear priests were already on sale. Therefore, there was a dilemma, release a game or redo everything on a new engine supporting multi -flow processors. And again, for a number of reasons, a choice was made towards the release of the 2007 game. There was no means and it makes no sense to start all over again, because the operating systems of that time also worked very poorly in multi -flow mode. When 2 nuclear processors appeared, it was urgent to release the operating system that would work with them, therefore, they went out hastily one after another Vista Windows, one and the second, and both turned out to be raw, the same case as with Windows 8 and 8.1. Because Windows 7, also did not work perfectly with the 4 -nuclear processors that appeared at that time already. It was urgent to solve the problem of high performance in multi -flow mode. So do not make hasty and reckless conclusions, seeing only the top of the iceberg.

With s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, another story. The transfer of the release of the game has two interconnected causes, financial and economic. And this is obvious. In the light of current events, the game developers officially declare that they will not sell the game in the English Federation. They have to say that, otherwise they will be pursued and frozen by existing accounts and assets. In fact, the business has no nationality, the developer team understands, if you do not sell a game in the territory of the English Federation, then they will not be able to repel even those funds that spent on its development. They understand that the refusal of the distribution of their product in the English Federation is deprived of their millions of a buyer of capable citizens, because their "Stalker", Nobody needs to hell in the west, except for immigrated English -speaking citizens, who are not so many in comparison with the population of the English Federation! Therefore, a business to take such a reckless step, going on the lead of crazy politicians, cannot! Briefly, the special operation will end with complete success, and the game s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl will be published around the world! Be patient, developers are also not sweet now, believe me.

And why I’m not surprised?

I had to call the game Zhdalker wait for me 2

The game has already surpassed the deadlines and transfer of the first part, although these balabols promised not to repeat this.

Yes, there has already been a good replacement for the sewer from the English developments called Pioneer))) so that Grigorovich can stomp into the on foot of erotic. Especially after all their twisted with NFT and cutting English voice acting from the game at least.

GSC of course g.Aries. But Pioneer is not close, it’s just online jerking off.

The atmosphere is almost the same as in Zhdalker, the majority will be enough. And despite the fact that the game is definitely coming out. Unlike the same Zhdalker

This is not enough. Someone will come out of course. But for the majority I would not say. The commander of the stalker, for sure, will simply continue to play mods for the original.

But it is not exactly

Why I’m not surprised?

And since when is the usual plug at the beginning of Stream is a reliable source of information? It is rather gossip, not a hearing.

In any case, the second stalker will definitely not work in time. And even if it comes out, he will be a raw piece of build, which fans will then repair for years, trying to recreate "The same stalker 2". Nothing good from the GSC itself is definitely not worth waiting. The limit of confidence in them is exhausted.

You can wait for a masterpiece, no one is in a hurry, even better, it will be possible to improve the hardware part of the computer in anticipation.

Who will believe in this nonsense? I am sure that if the transfer is, then only on an earlier date!

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According to the players, the sudden take -off of Diablo 4 in Steam is the work of the bots

Such a phenomenon as user reviews that bots write is not something new, it often happens on many e-commerce platforms, and it is obvious that someone managed to do this for Diablo 4 on Steam. However, Diablo 4 is one of those video games, the opinion of which can change from month to month, or even from week to week, so tracking the dynamics of players’ assessments is extremely important and not easy. Especially if, according to VG247, there are suspicions that user reviews in Steam about Diablo 4 were " Wound" A whole pile of bots.

Indeed, now on the page of the Blizzard game on Steam there is a great discrepancy between the general opinion, t.e. from the moment of launch to this day, and the last, t.e. According to reviews published over the past 30 days. If the general rating is Diablo 4 – "average" with 67% positive reviews, then fresh rating – "Mostly positive" with 76% positive reviews. This in itself is strange, taking into account the absence of any serious updates or innovations, so that the community is unlikely to suddenly changed its opinion about Diablo 4 without any real reason.

Such an unexpected turn of events attracted the attention of the public, which decided to understand this issue on Reddit and found a number of serious discrepancies. As can be seen from the above screenshot, all the latest user reviews are almost identical, despite the fact that they were published by different Steam users. At the same time, all reviews were left exclusively on November 23, which coincides with the last free weekend of the Steam game, and were written exactly after 19.1 hours of the game, which is suspicious for a series of people. At the same time, the reviews are signed "-Blizzard" – The wording, which was replaced by "+xxxx", As soon as the story appeared on Reddit.

Even more strange is the fact that in the vast majority of these accounts there are only a few games in the Steam library, most of which are Free-to-Play, and the number of game hours in each of the top games is calculated by thousands (an example can be seen here), which can become a serious alarm.

So what is happening here? It is unlikely that Blizzard will stand behind this as a way to raise the Diablo 4 rating in Steam. Firstly, Steam is not the main Blizzard platform; Diablo 4 has already earned most of the money in Battle.NET and other services, therefore it is not a fact that Blizzard seeks to change the situation from the point of view of the rating in Steam.

A more logical explanation, if accounts still turn out to be bots, there may be the fact that someone or several people manage several of them as a commercial structure. Analyzing many games, spending time on this and t.D., They can subsequently sell their services to unscrupulous publishers who want to increase the popularity of their games – in the form of reviews in Steam.

This can be a trick that allows you to simply get free copies of games, thereby creating the authority of the account, no matter how dubious it is. Be that as it may, we are talking about a very interesting event in the field of reviews in Steam, which is really worth paying attention to.

The authors of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League talked about available content in a closed beta

At the beginning of next year, on consoles and PCs, the release of the promising shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady Studios will be held. The project looks quite ambitious, offering players to take control of the villains of DC and oppose the justice League, but there are still many questions around it. At least some of them will help answer the upcoming closed testing of the game. What awaits players in a closed beta, representatives of Warner Brother Games and Rocksteady said in a special session of questions and answers.

The most pleasant news for the players will be that the developers plan to conduct a fairly large -scale testing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It will be possible to get into beta testing only by invitation, but the elected lucky ones will be able to invite up to three friends.

According to representatives of Warner Brother Games and Rocksteady, a closed beta test will begin on Thursday, November 30, and end on Sunday, December 3, which will give players three full days for a careful study of the game. Invitations to the ZBT will begin to send out today elected users who will have to sign a non -disclosure agreement. Unfortunately, the closed beta version of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is prohibited, but this will probably not stop players, and after starting the test on the network, materials with gameplay may appear.

According to information, a closed beta test will include a small part of the game campaign, the initial level of the game. The game will have access to the crossplaces on PC and consoles, but players will have to work with an incomplete version of the game, so various mistakes are possible during the game.

We will remind, earlier the authors presented a fresh trailer for the game with the participation of Captain Boomerang.

The release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is scheduled for February 2, 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.