For Baldur’s Gate III, a mod was designed to make NPC Faerun more authentic

A huge number of gnomes wandering around the city, as if with their presence, they cause great and eternal shame to their ancestors. After installing this mod, most male gnomes that you encounter in the gates of Baldur will now wear large thick beards, as you should expect from the gnomes of Faerun and other fantasy worlds.

Duergars are known that almost everywhere bald, Both men and women! And although the Larian team basically adhered to this vision, there were still many duors with voluminous hair mane. Most of the duoRgars you face will now be bald.

Less pink -haired semi -rings

Although the gates of Baldur are a trading hub, the time interval in the game approximately corresponds to our era of the Renaissance (with a pinch of magic), therefore, there is no question of mass migration from the chalt (southern jungle) and kara-tours (in fact).

Ultred now looks like “Ultred”.

Gierna Druid no longer catches your eye

Figaro now looks like it could be called “Figaro”.

Tadad like a real gnome

According to legend, in male guitanes a rare vegetation on the face. The number of ordinary hairstyles has been reduced

And just a good mod. Really presented more logical.
Cookies from Nexus will probably remove, it is necessary to pour here.

Already deleted, Omerika Country of Liberty) but not for white natural

The games should have a checkbox in the settings, turn on the tolrant content or not

Beautiful mod. We approve.

You read comments and feed. I won’t even get involved in this showdown about telerant and some kind of authenticity there, the galloping is purely about visual, new options from the fashion look just better and are somehow more suitable with the names and origin of classes. Take as an example of the same Figaro, I personally hear this name more inclined to the mustachioed Italian than to black tolstopus. Well, a ghosty man looks stupidly better on a right screenshot. Ultred looks the same as interesting, and his name in his head pulls out the image of some kind of Scandinava. The right orc is the same as it looks more harsh or something, but about the gnomes – well, I personally do not care, they are bald there or not.

GITA did not go beards at all)

Now we need the same mod that makes all the characters – natural.

Unfortunately, not all blacks removes this mod.


Still there was no mass migration, but the small partial could still slip

In general, the mod does not add a drop of authenticity. Regarding the color of the skin, the era of revival and the lack of migration – invented nonsense of the dog. The same ravenards come from Chalt, good morning.

Nonsense again. The gray jangles were bald only in the 3rd, starting with the 4th no one was already bald. And I remind you that the BG3 is made on the fifth edition. Not in the third.

Well, the fact that in the blue is confused by gnomes with dwarfs, this is a straight cring, about which "authenticity" can be discussed at all?

A little more from the book "Faeruna races". The race of people has more than 20 ethnic groups.

Well, about confusion with gnomes and dwarves, we can say that this is a jamb in history. Historically, that Dvorfs (sorry, but the Warcraft version is dearer to me, and it is read literally like "Duof") We translated as gnomes, and the gnomes were disturbed as you like, but not the gnomes. I don’t know how it was with the transfer of the DND, but the courtesy of the courtesy of the courtesy became yangas after the official localization of World of Warcraft has come out, although even now you can find a translation of the stocky dwarfs as gnomes, because it happened so historically, "gnomes" Snow White also has a jaw.)))

Of course, many ordinary people may well confuse some races, drawings and ethnic groups, but for a person who shouts about "authenticity in Faerun" It’s just a shame.

Without going into the subtleties of the concept "Authenticity" or disputes about whether black gnomes lived on a tropical chalt or their mothers simply confused with Chatter wild dwarfs, I want to say that some characters in my subjective taste simply began to look more pleasant. After playing Starfield, you begin to understand how important it is) otherwise what kind of elderly prophate muzzle tatum instead of a textbook bearded gnome? The beard at least covers the second chin. What kind of mummy Don Quixote instead? A face without a beard is much better. And Figaro in this form clearly more corresponds to the character. He is a tailor, dandy, and in the game he looks like a rustic farmer from South Africa. I consider the censorship of mods and indignation about the fact that someone adjusts their personal version of the game to their own tastes and ideas about Laura, I consider it savagery. In the end, Nexusmods has mods for boobs of all sizes and on fat, very fat female bodies, on "rejuvenated" characters, on Shedouhart, Karllae and Lae’zel with members, on "improved" Astarion, turned into a standard hero of the anime, is not even a miracle not a censored preset to the more Caucasian face of Will, and everyone dissatisfied is offered to touch the grass: they say, do not like it – just do not download, but not scandalt because of a pixel pixel. In mass culture, everyone has long been blackened, from Hamlet and Anna Boleyn to Aragorn, and no "As originally drawn in the game or it is written in the book, it should be" In this case, it does not work. But it is worth making a little more beautiful (and at the same time white) some kind of druid, which I do not even remember where it comes. Well, you understand.

I express about commas and culture of speech "my regards". However, not everywhere

Great mod by the way

The best mod is 6 -aver

And the mod is not bad, some characters really better look, atmospheric, or something

And what’s wrong with the dark -skinned druid? This is not according to the ENT? And then just interesting.

"Although the gates of Baldur are a trading hub, the time interval in the game approximately corresponds to our era of the Renaissance (with a pinch of magic), therefore, there is no question of mass migration from the chalt (southern jungle) and kara-tours (in fact)."

It’s just that a person who made a mod, his vision, from a lorne point of view has no contradictions, even if the grove of the druids was half consisted of black druids

Yes, damn it, immediately orcs, elves, druids, magicians, running brains, etc.P. but she is not, immediately the time period of the Renaissance, here there can be no black! Ahahahaha. This is a fictional world, here at least what can be, as the author sees, it is right.

Nothing like a simple logic to the fools of the Pukana undermined that they were flooded with minuses.

It is only incomprehensible which mattress here is our Renaissance to Fantasy to the DNA world.

Moreover, here our Renaissance and how he suddenly suddenly interfered with total emigration in Faerun? From which rulbuk did you take it?

All this, of course, is wonderful, all these holivars, as a result of which everyone will decide for himself, but put it like? Tulsa does nothing, calling like English.Pak throws in mods, and then if it helps her.

Yeah, figured it out. Just handles on date

Honestly, Gierna Druid, I like the black man more, some strange white

About mod from Seri. You give the laws of the Rolny world to fantasy even ate they contradict the prescribed structure of this fentasis.