Horrors underwater: players remained delighted with the horror Stasis: Bone Totem

The players were delighted with the isometric horror Stasis: Bone Totem, on May 31 on Steam. The game has 96% positive reviews. Gamers praise the horror from The Brotherhood for staging scenes, sound and atmosphere.

The events of the game take place on a deep -sea drilling rig, which the main characters – husband and wife discover. Underwater treasure seekers will have to reveal the secret of Cayne Corporation Corporation

Comments are given with the preservation of the spelling and punctuation of users.

“A long -expected game is still expected. The progress of the quality of the game from the time of the first part is obvious that it is very pleasing. The game is required to buy all lovers of an excellent quest with pretty graphics, plot and horror, ”Samum.

“The wildest mixture of classic“ something ”and“ alien ”, seasoned Soma, Man of Medan and Dead Space. Concentrated madness ” – PUPP.

“I play a lot of games, but I finish very few of them. The first and second stasis I finished. For such a small team – the game is just great. The second part of two steps is better than the first. They could make her even darker, harder and worse than the first stasis, although where. The graphics also became brighter, the characters are more and more and more. Special attention deserves the sound. Play in headphones, in the dark. At the same time, he did not meet a single bug during the passage, and there are practically no jambs in the translation, it is clear that the game is not for everyone. But if you like good, atmospheric horror films, if you like a good plot and living heroes, if you miss smart puzzles and quests, I recommend it entirely ” – Wisdoom.

“Conflicting emotions causes this work. Yes, yes, it is a work, not a game. On the one hand, not very well -well -developed animation of persons. But on the other hand, a very interesting story, although predictable almost everywhere. Whether I was disappointed? No, in any way. I really liked this story, and I waited, let’s say, this project after I played in the first Stasis. The only thing that is sad is that at some moments history, videos, messages cannot be paused and piles a lot of information. Sometimes there is just a pause to digest the heard and what he saw. Again, the work was hooked, very hooked. ” – Merewolf.

The cost of Stasis: Bone Totem in Steam at a discount of 20% – 568 rubles. The promotion is valid until June 7. The game supports Steam Deck.