Modder optimized Starfield for HDD – the game hangs less

Enpinion enthusiast with the nickname created a modification that improves Starfield on ordinary hard drives. You can download it Here.

Due to the fashion of Disk Cache Enabler, the game uses the cache of the system. This allows you to get rid of freezes and problems with the sound effects that have previously paid attention to tests. If Starfield is installed on SSD, the difference in performance after loading the plugin will be minimal.

Modders, as usual, for a doshirak package for the game and fans make much more than the bloated headquarters of Todd Howard with all his programmers.

Close your mouth and buy Skyrim.And if I bought it, then buy. again.

First, upgrade the computer.

I will say more. Fans will release all kinds of patches that are talked, add to the official patch. Paid

Him too, but first Skyrim.

Enough for Skurim of the Old)

Todd does not need to work with such moders at all. One answer to any problem

Yes, Skora Tod will just throw the idea for $ 100, let them do $ 100, and the calibers are cheating and they will say that everything is not so sad and the quests are good there, but the loads and the norm)))

So correctly Todd launched other developers so that those patches would not create and do not optimize

Yeah. For 100 Baku.For a million designer and then . Want to play, finish yourself.

Again, models instead of Todd made a slow disk mode .And the gazebo could not be how so?

on the Consoli of the SSD, any self -respecting gamer of the SSD, in the minimum systemic requirements of SSD, what is the meaning of such optimizations? When I move from one star system to another, there is no actually loading and there is no, while I am completely afraid to imagine what is happening on the troughs with HDD

on the Consoli of the SSD, any self -respecting gamer of the SSD, in the minimum systemic requirements of SSD, what is the meaning of such optimizations?

In order not to create difficult situations for yourself and not to produce entities, given that such a regime is unnecessary in development, and even more so, it allows you to cover a large audience of buyers, there is no?)

And what happens in your game personally – nobody makes nobody.

And the point is that the game eats your SSD for a snack and it will not live for a long time.Unlike SSD, Echididi lives longer.

On "troughs" You play as planned. You see the load, admire the pictures and you have time to read the tips.

In general, I recently launched the current Human Revolution.

Ordinary – everything is perfect.

Direct Cut – Lagor.

Yes, yes, a very interesting story, if you knew how many SSDs have passed through me over the past 10 years and how many of them was discouraged.. The spoiler, if not hundreds of SDDs, used both Riga, and for torrents, and under systems, and for games.. 64, 128, 256, 512, 2TB, except that 1TB did not use, TLS/mls, fierce China/Samsung, Goods/Kingstona/Adates/WD. Now there are 2 NVMA 2TB for the trash/torrents/Games. Draised exactly zero

All you need to know about the high marks of the Starfield on Methacritic and in general about this aggregate trash. I just decided to look at the accounts of users who set 10 points after another, it turned out that such accounts were not even trying to mask and make various. Disgrace, AAA studio reached such a scam.

This once again proves that players in conspiracy with iron manufacturers. Do not be naive, believing that the team did not have enough brains to optimize the game. And the fact that the game starts only on the assembly of Win 10 22H2 (no less) and above this confirms once again. The count stands still, new generations of iron come out, but there is no optimism.

So at 7 and 8 Igor are not made because of the outdated DH and the lack of new libraries
And Windows is updated automatically and only problems arise in the AMD processors on chipset x399 or some kind of something like that

They wanted to do a lot, but decided to refuse, including optimization

Who tested, please tell me what the results?

Buy a piece of code for 70 bucks – and sit down it for developing, NIS entertainment, what can go wrong in the industry

Or buy finally SSD if you play games.

or Hawa shitty tolerated

Brakes almost all disappeared a great mod but SSD still ordered a long time to buy 8000r not so much

Judging by the schedule of the trab, they went whole.

Yes, because the game was not loaded into the RAM, but stream loading was stupid.But it is worth it in the good old days to load the game according to the canon and here the lags are fingering because the game is loaded into the RAM and Vidaha and not in the stream.

I understand it does not work on a gamed?

For the bunch, perhaps it makes no sense about optimization through SSD due to the fact that they are quite different in performance. Peck optimizes through the RAM and the swing file usually.
In general, it is strange that the game is loading something there on the fly. I would suggest that there is an old campaign when the level is loaded completely every time and compiles shaders during loading otherwise it is not clear why then crushing on locations except that it is easier. or the COND of CONSOLE CONSOLE does not really help them and, in principle, it is incapable of immediate loading without any intermediate lazy buffer.
So there will still be open cities in Tes 6, if the engine streams on the move. Although that Anrial 3 loaded pieces on the go and did not hold the entire level

As you say, according to this, special devices for decompression of ascets are added to the PS5, and DH12 is added on the boxes for this very decompression on the GPU.

I didn’t play, do not write your conclusions, the game does not load the entire level at once, you don’t have enough memory for all textures and landfills, it literally strips it on a training ground. The same with cascades of the shadows, the only thing that is not optimized there is work with materials, normals and reflexions, they are loaded without boats for the entire scene what they saw.

. that there is not optimized this work with materials, normal and reflexion, they are loaded without boats for the entire scene what they saw.

Where does such a conclusion come from? In my understanding of normal and reflected, this textures are optimized through MAP MIPs. And even if there is no reason that there is little probably they are still needed so that there was no pixel noise at a distance so to speak. Perhaps the Normal card can still be needed for low -polygonal models to smooth out the landfills at the corners for more proper lighting, where otherwise there would be a lot of extra training grounds but this is also a texture. Another concept of normals is the orientation of the trianglels in the global local or the direction of the camera. All this is calculated on the go each frame in a normal engine. Further reflex is – usually these screen reflections, they are calculated for the entire visible scene in real time, like some kind of embient is an okay. In addition, special probes can also be applied to this, which capture the image in some area and a semblance of reflections due to the boundaries of the camera. but in a modular or world with a loading location with this potentially there are fewer problems. The only thing for procedural locations such probes would have to be placed procedural around the world but without procedural manually and here there are some problems from optimizations. However, in Follaut 4 there were some sort of SSR, however, clear reflections worked through cubic maps and this is the maximum backwater and this does not affect the performance almost in any way.
There is still such a small shortage of the PBR engines. The shine increases at a distance because there are more flat angles, which will happen in nature, but at large distances it does not happen, I don’t know why but this does not affect performance and in the simplest case will be fixed through the buffer so that the roughness falls with the distance.

. The game does not load the entire level at once, you don’t have enough memory for all textures and landfills, it literally strives it on a training ground.

in big open The world – yes. There would not be enough video memory in the first place then, depending on the size of the world, everything else would have broken. But even there, the situation is not the same as permissible in 3 editor, I may have copies of the grid and it may just be a mesh. As in the engine, there are usually copies of the grid and let there be a grid of 50,000 a polygon and such nets at a level (the entire open world = level 1) I have a million, as if each mesh will not weigh the number of landfills for the number of copies of the object but for a certain array where the positions of the node point of object and not every individual landfill in space are stored. But the processor landfills would cause some kind of laborer. However, the big number of the landfills would cause problems and there are boats for this. T.E objects with low polygonal details on which separate textures of the satin type are optionally stretched. And how would they sit in memory and the processor chooses which version of the Lode to show. In the open world, this trick would have not been released in the world with a small location because I have a potentially limited collection of textures and fogs and in the location I need to know what models I have in the world.
There is another problem – this is the problem of processing invisible faces and models that can slam performance especially if there is some other dynamic lighting. And in this case, a selection takes place based on materials because roughly speaking, usually one material is a separate object A for simplicity with a combined remake. Roughly speaking, a pack of juice and a tube if these are different marrians.And it is not normally made such a calculation that there is an orange, but its rear grains are not when you look at it from one side .lol. With large objects, another story can be up to a certain point, but there is little crushing the object is bad and the large crushing of the object is also bad for performance, but in a simple case the absent in memory is always there. The exception of the landscape model is possible, but this is a completely different essence and it is usually a single amount.
NV had akay that stray, she calculates "Unnecessary and unimportant" geometry in monolithic models and reduces the load on the load on the video card by simplifying the display. but firstly, this noticeably reduces the stroke of graphs and secondly in my opinion it was not used in any game yet.
And the old intestinal games and the old open worlds roughly speaking in order to fit in the amount of memory that they were and at ETM show more than they essentially had a bunch of small worlds that were loaded with everything Cho on them and unloaded because the level of a piece of level by the script. However, I do not think that Starfield with his card where one biom in size of about 4×4 km really needs some kind of stream loading in the direction of movement with full discarding pieces and reading them from the ROM. For cities, it can be.