In the early access of Steam, a cooperative horror was released to survive Pranormal Hunter

The Indie-IGR developer company from Tokyo (Japan) Ealogames announced that their cooperative horror for survival “Pranormal Hunter”, inspired by Japanese folklore and horror films, was released for PC in the Early access of Steam with the support of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Valve Index Windows Mixed Reality and Gampads, as well as with the support of English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, English and simplified Chinese languages.

Enter the confusing kingdom of paranormal phenomena, exploring abandoned places obsessed with hidden perfumes. Move for locations with ghosts that have revived thanks to immersive support of virtual reality, alone or with four comrades-hunters in an online cooperative. Explore the stages to start a chilling soul that requires careful observation in order to track down the damned objects, and begin the ritual of exile to cleanse the location – and all this, avoiding the evil spirit pursuing the group.

Use parapsychology tools, such as ghosts and a flashlight sensor that repels spirits that stunes malicious creatures. Be careful and vigilant, since randomized elements guarantee that no two investigations will be held the same. Make a sneak on dark corridors and abandoned buildings, where each creak of floorboards and muffled murmur can indicate the presence of an ominous entity, eager for revenge from the afterlife.

Work quickly to track the necessary objects for exile, since the supernatural pursuers are getting closer. Avoid the deadly gaze of the spirit, since one unsuccessful meeting throws people into a crippling stupor, causing damage to the extinction of sanity. Meet too much horror and take a chance early to get into the grave.

Alone or alone, know that death is not the end, since the Pranormal Hunter format “Take and Play” encourages experiments for several sessions with unlocked objects that are ideal for reverse trips.

Test horror than ever before, thanks to the additional support of virtual reality and a cross game that allows hunters to conduct an investigation together, regardless of the input device. The version of early access is launched with two playable stages and a terrifying third stage planned for the future update.