The authors of Alaskan Road Truckers talked about sales results and named the number of returns

A week has passed since the simulator of the trucker Alaskan Road Truckers on the PC, and the management of Movie Games deigned to summarize the first results. The published report is, in particular, about the sales of the game.

  • Over the first week after the release, the game Alaskan Road Truckers diverged 33,000 copies.
  • Paid DLC Mother Truckers Edition diverged more than 11.5 thousand. copies
  • Movie Games also announced the number of returns – 3 thousand. copies of the game.

Movie Games CEO Mikhal Puchinski said that "The company is close to the payback of Alaskan Road Truckkers". By naming the debut "Correct", It seems that the company’s management has high hopes for the game.

At the same time, the company assured that ART will still have a long development path. The general director of Movie Games, the Mateusk (Mateusz Wczešniak) said that "a lot of DLC is planned, as well as very important console versions".

Alaskan Road Truckers cannot boast of great popularity among gamers. At the time of writing this news, Polish game "Uses" 1190 reviews in Steam, of which only 66% are positive. The reasons for such a poor reception of the simulator lie in its poor technical condition and especially in terrible optimization. The largest number of simultaneously playing people on the Valve platform was 1822 player.

Road Studio Director General Michal Puczynski explained that the reason for a large number of errors in the game is that the developers have not yet worked on such a large project. On the other hand, to the question of why it was not decided to postpone the release of the game, he replied that "Due to the lack of significant errors identified within the company and during game tests, there was no such justification".

Yes, there are bugs in the game, but it is not so bad to heat it with bad reviews. This is a very rare genre of games that has been completely idle for many years. I read some popular reviews and they very often relate to poor optimization, although the developer provided a demo and it was already clear there why it was to buy a game and leave a bad review if your computer is not even clear to me.

Let me remind you that ATS was twice as expensive, had only two trucks and the location was the size of a village. Moreover, the locations were created by the simplest designer as in Simity for Skorak. It also had a bug with overcoming steep slopes, which was decided only after a year of existence. But thousands of people continued to buy the game only because it goes to GTX750.

Personally, I would give the game a chance and recommend buying those who want to support the developer, you look, then in a couple of years the game will be brought to mind.

ATS at the start saved. Modding. That’s why they took her. What will happen to a piece of ge from the news is a big question.

Modding in SCS games is an amateur, no one pours strength and fashion into their games either paid or again from Simsity. You put a mod on a truck and what’s next? You will ride on monotonous stripes that are called in ATS "Roads". As for me, even now all SCS games are a half -hour punch before bedtime, and not a fascinating trucker simulator.

Excellent mods from ATS:

Well, now there is no straight for a normal trucker simulator. All that is is so, attempts to simulate. True, SCS can at least in any accuracy (sound, graphics, general perception), unlike others

SCS really do everything carefully, but their games can hardly be called simulators. ETS and ATS are arcades, and very antediluvian and boring. That is, if you want to play a trucker’s simulator or just ride along simple routes using the steering wheel, then SCS can not help, they simply cannot offer such games. But ART is already a full -fledged simulator that offers everything necessary. There is good feedback for the steering wheel and study the interior space of the truck interior, tasks associated with car maintenance and much more.

Yesterday I ran into a stump in the forest (I wanted to cut it out) and after a while the radiator was flowing, I had to deviate from the route to buy an antifreeze, went to the store bought to eat and engine oil with a filter, chainsaw. Added to the level of oil and antifreeze, changed the filter and wanted to sleep, slept there and cooked food. Further food, I look, the tree fell and go around in any way – I sawed it and drove on. If you had not yet funny traffic and a small card, then the price of this game would not be. Then I’m going, and there the place is beautiful, and you can only take a picture if you buy a camera and went further to look for a store that trades with this technique.

Mmm.. And this means we have a straight full -fledged simulator? Where I will grow even laziness on the proportions of transport to work? Okay, buying consumables/sleep – that’s okay.. But everything else is already pulling on some special expirence

Brahlo. The game was unsclhed at the start

Cool game. I hope that they will not score for the game and over time will be expanded at least through DLC. I would like, of course, that the sales are under a million, but – what is, that is,. Still, the genre of the trucker simulator is rare. Since the time of truckers 2 and 3, no one really tried to create a game of truckers.

ETS2 and ATS is not at all right. Antedient gameplay, antediluvian physics, non -working senseless economy. You take the goods aimlessly from point A to point B and no events along the way happens. The feeling that the google of the card in 3D has loaded the google and ride on them. Only instead of arrows at the navigator you were put a truck model. This is so wretched.

Another thing is Alaskan Road Truckers – You feel like a trucker. All buttons in the cab are lugging, the wires need to be disconnected from the trailer, put the brake, pour oil, go to the store, take a fallen tree on a deserted road, otherwise you will not go. This is a straight sip of fresh air in the genre. I really want Alaskan Road Truckers to not bend, but develop. There are not enough such cool games to the world.

They say they say ETS and ATS are cool thanks to mods. But what is in mods of good? New map and new trucks? And it’s all? Well, this is a dubious pleasure to get high from such mods for 10 years. Or how many years ago ETS2 came out there? And nothing has changed. There are no gameplay innovations. It’s unrealistic to go bankrupt in the game. Well, there is no business carriage business. And what is done is done so wretched that it would not be better. It is sad.

Alaskan Road Truckers in this sense is much better made, although not perfect. But for some reason I am interested in rolling it for some reason, but in ETS2 and ATS it is not at all interesting.