The re -release of the classical steronghold: Definitive Edition strategy took place

Today, the Stronghold: Definitive Edition, updated version of the 2001, renewed version, was on sale. The original turned out to be so successful that it gave the beginning of a series that is developing to this day. The authors of the original are responsible for the development of this game, t.e. The Firefly Studios team.

The described product does not make revolutionary changes to the mechanics known for the original. We still deal with RTS, combining the elements of the urban planner and military strategy.

  • During the game, we build impressive medieval fortresses and gain soldiers, as well as care about the economy, managing finances and resources.
  • The strength of the game is battles, during which we have to show a tactical flair, protecting our castle or attacking the enemy fortress.
  • The basis of the game Fortress: Definitive Edition is three story campaigns: in addition to the two classic ones, we are waiting for a new one, in which we must save the stolen niece. In addition, special scenarios of siege are inspired by historical events, and a multiplayer regime that allows you to play with other players via the Internet.
  • Against the background of the original, the project in question is distinguished by updated graphics. The game received improved textures and animation, supervised by artists responsible for the original. The sound row was subjected to remastaring.

The game can be purchased in UK for 495 rubles and there is a complete English localization in it.

Yes? The series is developing? And it seemed to me that after Stronghold 2, she rolled stupidly. The most top was Stronghold Crusader. Stronghold 2 was a cool attempt in 3D, playing it was interesting, and then. The breeds generally forgot that their game is called "Stronghold", T.To. The whole balance was broken, the fortresses were besieged easily and at ease (whatever the makhin would build there, no matter how many siege guns would be broken all the same), and in some of the games there even conversations with the peasants were removed there in general 🤦🏻

The only thing that is not clear – why they sell it, and not released like a patch for the original game. After all, there was already Stronghold HD (2012), they would make Stronghold Ultrahd. They didn’t change the engine – this is the same game, with the same bugs, with exactly the same gameplay as in the original, only the pictures became clearer and more smoothly. Although what am I talking about – they and 10 years ago Upscale sold the version for money.

It feels like all that they did is threw the game files in AI and wrote "Make smooth animations in 60 FPS, permission to increase to 4k, change a couple of screensavers". Everything, more in this reprint, they did not change anything/did not correct. In the editor of cards, a couple of missions were still done and ready – here "reprint".

I have the feeling that the new Firefly games did not find success, the second Stronghold Crusader turned out to be so -so (there the fortresses are crumbled like cookies, however, you try to build a defense – your gingerbread lock is swept away in an instant of the eye, that is, the whole meaning of the Stronghold series (which is translated (which is translated (which is translated as a fortress) to put it mildly merged), and the last part about China somehow passed by (I read the reviews – they also say a passage), so they decided to cut the dough on the classics in the most true way – do not change anything, just make an APSIEL Pictures ( Remember that the game is 2D, not 3D) and add smoothness to animation. Just think about it: they already have a good 3D engine on which they made all their last games, but instead of trying a little and transferring not very first part of the series to new rails with the same rules (so that the locks like cookies do not crumble) , They. We made upscale pictures. Again. Again. Every 10 years they improve the quality of pictures in a two -dimensional game and call it "reprint" 😂