Fans will be continued? The composer Devil May Cry 5 hints at his return to the franchise

The last part of the legendary series of slasers Devil May Cry was published back in 2019. The fans liked the game, stood out with excellent sales and was remembered by many thanks to the exciting soundtrack. Musical accompaniment from Devil May Cry 5 is considered one of the best in the series and still falls into the selection of the best compositions from games. All thanks to the efforts of the composer Casey Edwards, who suddenly gave hope for the continuation of the series.

Kasei Edwards for the first time in a long time turned to users on his personal page on social networks and immediately remembered the series Devil May Cry. He asked his audience what they think about if he writes even more official music for this legendary franchise. The answer of the fans was not long in coming – users would be happy with any participation of Edwards in the future Devil May Cry.

What will be the role of the composer in the future of the franchise is not yet very clear. It is not ruled out that he was one of the first to hint at the full continuation of Devil May Cry 5, but it is also worth taking into account the upcoming film adaptation. Edwards can take part in writing music for anime based on Devil May Cry, which means that fans will receive more cool tracks in any case.

Give someone to develop a DMC to a normal level designer. Well, again, a hat in the second half of the game on one -color, vigilant intestines run.

I thought the outfits of the fours were embroidered in this regard. But in the fifth they surpassed themselves. Normally, they started with the city. No, because it was something to vulf.

All the same, no matter how much Ninja Theory scolded for DMC, and each level was stylish and different with their chips.

for ninja theory fact, their game looked much more interesting.

It is a pity that the continuation did not work out, I got their game 5 times.

NT had a wonderful levela design and excellent platforming, everything else in their DMC was like that when compared with the original .

yes, up to the complexity of blood pressure and hell)

All the same, no matter how much Ninja Theory scolded for DMC, and each level was stylish and different with their chips.

And that’s all, everything else was a complete hat, while so much that sometimes the gag reflex caused.

January 10, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat for mobile devices is released. that’s all. All on everything.

It seems to be a long time, but the Chinese version is CN: June 11, 2021

Or did you mean the global version? then yes

The sound in the third and fourth part was many times cooler, it would be better if those composers were returned

composer 3 as a part of the unit pulled to throw out Dick peaks with 14 summer fans so that he will not write music soon as soon

Interesting, it’s shitty once so and so in 5k in general for me what the same, not clinging music in the previous ones was good .

Continuation would not be bad, but better a remake of the 1st part and a complete rethinking of the 2nd, 3rd part is better not to touch yet.

1 and 2 parts it makes no sense to do, but the third is just the same

And where are the comments about the brilliant ass?

What!!These ones "poppy" tracks of 5 best in the series?Somewhere in the parallel universe for sure

I agree, in general, all the tracks of garbage were counted, especially the theme of Dante. The best topics are from the 3rd and 4th part (Devils Never Cry+Shall Never Surrender). From 5rka Devil Triger and TOOO not the game, but cover version from Littlevmills You can listen.

Given the trend of huge breaks between the outputs of the last games of the series, the next Devil May Cry will not be seen in the next 5 years. I will be glad if they roll out earlier.

Given the fact that the plot of the game is already logically completed, all the characters are disclosed, and the brothers conflict is closed, we are unlikely to see the next part.

Given that the anime will come out soon, and there will be +- a new look at the plot (if he is), they can come up with a new villain, and so the plot is already logically completed.

P.S. And so, in principle, I do not mind if the time is completely devoted to Vitalik, otherwise it is all the time to be released in the SE with the passage of the same levels, and the rollers at the beginning and at the end.

Well, yes, they resigned to Virgil, although in the same third part it could show precisely his path of passage, because he is alive there, his plot is his plot, and not throw it at Dante’s levels. The fourth and fifth is okay, there he is still dead in the plot, and he was added purely as a fan service there.

And the anime seems to be not even a canonical. They said that some kind of alternative universe (a la, a kind of rebut of 2013). Well, I, in principle, are not against this, after all, the rebot was also not bad to some extent, maybe they will have a good one from anime.

I would generally hope for remakes of the first four parts, with the transfer of them to the ANNIN, but these are already meaningless hopes and dreams, given that Kapkom was scored on the DMC and already consider it their dead project, riveting the remakes of re and the new parts of the strater’s street ( What is worth what they did with the fifth part, which looked like they made her for a couple of months under the barrel of a pistol of some DMC FAG). I am not against the new parts of the SF and remakes, of course, but I would still like to look at the young Dante and Virgil in the New World, namely, in the light of the beautiful re: Endi, which shows an amazing level of graphics and realism.