Ubisoft has returned the demovement The Crew Motorfest

Ubisoft announced the return of the demo version of the license simulator of racing cars The Crew Motorfest. Now every player will be able to constantly enjoy the game and spend as long as five hours on a picturesque Hawaiian island called Oha. Within the framework of the demo, the possibility of creating a unique garage and participation in exciting races will be available. All the progress achieved in demo can be transferred to the full version of the game.

This decision was made after the successful launch of the second season of the racing simulator, which brought the game many long -awaited updates and corrections. Now players have the opportunity to disable the display of unwanted "Ghosts" during the arrival and also move spare parts between cars of the same class.

The Crew Motorfest, released in September of this year, was highly appreciated by players and became the most popular game in the series. It can be purchased on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

I’ll wait when it will be possible to play without "Dancing with tambourines" – VPN, etc.P.

In the meantime, I will continue to play in the 2nd part.

P.S. I keep in the course. 😉

I want to start playing, but I think that physics will turn out to be shit but also cars like irons, how it is for you?

Normal arcade. This is me as a person who could not drive cars in the second part, I say.

And there are no dancing with tambourines there, you start and play.

In general, everyone has their own taste and for answers to such questions there is a 5 -hour demo.

No. I mastered two hours from the proposed 6 free (a month ago) and removed it fuck.

If the conversation about the 2nd part is just like in the 1st. Fizdvizhok that they "Clutched" To the game, even then sometimes "issued" such "miracles", what at least stand, at least fall (with laughter). If the first part liked, the 2nd can quite "Come in", And so – for an amateur. It can turn out so:

If possible, it is better to download the demo first and try it yourself.

All parts of the game are processor -dependent – if the CPU CPU can be problems as in the game itself (in places with a large number of objects), and when working with a map – in the 2nd part of it "Live", T.e. You can bring the card closer "From space" on the road in real time. But the game will be so "Right -up" percent., that my i5-4460 (with whom I started to play) could not cope with the load (loading up to 100%), and the current i7-4790k sometimes loads more than 90% (at 60 f/s).

P.S. I read somewhere that in this regard the motorfest is even worse – 4790k not always "Exit", Although in the minimumants officially the same 4460 (apparently for the regime 30 f/s.). I haven’t played it yet, I definitely can’t say. But, given that the motrfest was originally done as Free addition to the 2nd part, and then turned into a separate paid game – I do not think that there will be significant differences in the gameplay. Rather, the graphics that "cut" before the release of the 2nd part, returned to its original state and added new transport.