The fifth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 adds a new playable epilogue with 3,589 lines of dialogs and much more

Many Western media reported the release of the fifth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, which adds many new content to the large -scale role -playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Ordinary players still have no access to him. Probably, it will be possible to download it over the next hours, but this is just guesses, not official information. Here’s what I managed to find out about the main contents of this patch:

Patch 5 eliminates the problems with the brakes caused by Patch 4, adds a completely new epilogue that finishes the journey of each player, and even new game modes.

A new playable epilogue available to all players occurs before the credits. Players find themselves in the camp, six months after the events of Baldur’s Gate 3, where they "They meet new and old friends, getting as much time as they need to finally say goodbye to the party".

Larian called this epilogue "last farewell". For the scriptwriters Larian it is "Final farewell" has become one of the most difficult scenarios in the game at the moment, since it uses the flexibility of the game throughout the adventure", – The developer says. "The giant rear of the permutation determines the content in which new texts appear (3,589 lines, to be precise), cinematic videos and even characters joining the gathering in the camp organized by the exhausted".

In addition, 5 patch adds two new game modes: the honor mode and user mode. Mode "Honour Mode" It complicates the game in the battle and offers more than 30 new changes to all the battles with the bosses, as well as a new system of legendary actions, designed to find the players by surprise and increase the complexity of the game. According to Larian, now the bosses can perform new actions, adding a highlight to all the main battles of the game.

Inspiration glasses become more valuable in mode "Honor", the authors explained because the loading of previous games – or "Resetting storage" – Disabled, which means that players need to keep an account. Some of the most powerful "unintentional exploits" were deleted for players who went to the adventure in honor mode, but remained open to players at other complexity settings.

When the player dies, he will be shown the statistics of his journey, including the duration and distance on which he lasted. If desired, players can continue their adventure, which will lead to a shutdown of the mode "Honor". Players who will be able to go through the entire game with the mode of honor (not dead) will receive the treasured gold D20.

User mode, on the contrary, allows players to choose the most suitable type of experience for them. Among the options is the ability to hide the throw necessary for successful check of cubes, which makes the game more realistic in style D&D, as well as the ability to hide the enemy HP in battle, which again more accurately corresponds to the desktop style. Other possibilities include short breaks that completely heal the party, the disconnection of the rescuers from death and the hidden of unsuccessful perception checks, which means that you will never know that the throw was at all.

Patch 5 also improves access to the inventory, allowing players to manage the inventory of all companions from one user interface, regardless of whether they are currently in your party or not. Larian also mentioned the improvement of performance, which was created thanks to the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3, which will favorably affect all platforms. Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released on Xbox Series X and S in December, and the release date will be announced at The Game Awards ceremony.

As previously reported, the fifth patch weighs 30 GB, but it is necessary to install 130 GB of free space to install it. Larian offers those who have no place to install the update, remove Baldur’s Gate 3, and then re -load the corrected version. Here you will find a complete list of changes