The developers of the Men of War II strategy talked about cards, modes and much more May Open Beta testing

Fulqrum Publinging and Best Way today reported additional details about many multiplayer content available in the upcoming open beta version of Men of War II, including completely new modes and previously unprecedented cards-all will be available in Steam from May 15, on May 15.

Players can count on a large amount of content in the upcoming beta version, including the new PVP and PVE mode, new cards and missions for a single game, in addition to all content available earlier in the March multiplayer technical test.

“Combined arms battle” is a completely new PVP combat regime, which supports up to six players (3 to 3), in which they are not limited in choosing units with specialized battalions, and instead they can configure their regiment from all units of the selected nation. In this mode, the maximum number of command glasses increases from 30 to 50, which allows players to simultaneously control more units on the battlefield. In the “Combined Wrestling Fight” it will be possible to play in the competitive mode “Front Line” using the selection of players or in the “Front Line”, “The Zone of attack” and “Boy” through the lobby.

The “defensive line”, a new dynamic PVE mode, in which players should protect three zones from the opponents of AI who try to capture them, pouring the front line around themselves,. Victory glasses are accrued for the time spent on control over each area.

Two new cards will also appear in open beta testing: “Aerodrome” and “Carpathians”. In the game “Aerodrome”, players fight in the sand dunes of North Africa in the battle for control of a strategically important airport. In the Carpathians, players visit the calm, forested hills and idyllic villages of the bygone era, and the war brings ruins and destruction to a lush rural area.

On both maps, you can play both in the “front line” and in the “battle” mode (standard or combined arms), and the “Carpathians” can also be played in the new mode “Defense Line”.

In addition, all content from the previous multi -user technical test will be available, including the “Front Line”, “Boil”, “Boil Line” and “Intervention” modes in PVP, each of which supports matches up to 5 by 5. The front line is available through the player selection system, and access to all modes can be obtained through the lobby. The cards “Borovaya River”, “Winter March”, “Baserville”, “Coast” and “Farmland” will also return.

In addition to multiplayer matches, players can perform three single missions during beta testing-“Battle of Kuasson”, “On the Way to Freedom” and “An ambush”-in all of which you can also play in a cooperative.

Men of War II will be available for PC in Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores in 2023.