Street Fighter 6 has a funny dialogue with Chun Lee about her massive hips

One of the main new additions to Street Fighter 6 is the World Tour mode, a special single -user regime in which you can create your character and interact with the rest of the characters. As expected from Capcom, the game has a lot of Easter ladies, references and funny interactions of characters.

One of the interactions, which seems to have particularly responded in the hearts of Street Fighter fans, is associated with Lee. Chun is the second master that you can open in the game, which gives you access to her combat style and some of her techniques. The use of these techniques increases your relationship with it, which leads to some interesting conversations.

As one user on Sabredite Street Fighter noted, in one of the conversations that players can conduct with Chun Lee, all the famous massive hips are mentioned, which shows that Capcom understands well why some fans love this character so much.

When talking with Chun, she sometimes says: "You looked at my legs, right?", Then he asks what attracted your attention. The player can either answer what they inspire, or be more honest and say: "They are very. Fat". If you answer, whether it will sigh loudly and say: "If you want to know why they "Fat", I will be glad to teach you – until you beg for mercy".

Fortunately, this does not lead to a fight, like some conversations with the masters in the World Tour, since Chun will calm down quickly and tell the player that something needs to be conveyed to him "Fat skull". Chun will tell that he considers his feet a source of power of his blows, the subject of his pride and "An unmistakable brand".

This, by the way, is not the first time when Chuni directly recognizes the size of his legs in the game – at least the second time. If you played for her at Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, whether Chun sometimes spoke as a winning quote: "After a fight with you, I can’t help but think. Are my hips really so thick?". At least in Street Fighter 6, she reconciled and began to be proud of this.