Starfield rating in Microsoft Store – only 2.8 points: the main problem is poor optimization

Some players have already managed to get acquainted with Starfield as part of the early premium put, and yesterday the official release of the space role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios took place, and the game rating in Microsoft Store is at a mark of 2.8 points. As for Steam, here the situation looks exactly the opposite. Starfield has more than 22 thousand in the Steam service. reviews, and 83% of them are positive.

The main negative reviews of players about Starfield, both on Xbox and PC, are mainly related to the optimization of the game. In addition, numerous loading screens adversely affected the feeling of immersion in the game process.

Speaking about how successful the role -playing game from Bethesda is, this morning, the general director of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer said that on the day of the release of Starfield has attracted more than 1 million. players on all platforms on which the novelty came out: PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Todd said that everything is fine with optimization and you just need to update the PC.

Hypocrisy Toda has no limit

My old women 3080, i912900k and 32 GB DDR5 are already outdated and not worthy of the Great Stulfield

The main problem is bad optimization

Yes, who is at all looking and writes about the rating in Microsoft Store ? WTF. You specially wrote the news to choke the game ?

Of course, what did you think?! Poor players like the game, and toxic Cheliki from playgrounds ruin the game of evaluations on all kinds of platforms and forums. The world conspiracy of the Masons.

Yes, the most important problem is bad optimization.And the fact that the plot is iv and the whole game is a dull sheep is not the main thing.

I myself even realized what I wrote? With all my interest in the games about the space and the expectation of this masterpiece, having bought a game in Steam, I mastered only four hours and realized that this is a full hat. Atmosphere zero, plot zero, graphics zero, wooden characters like the whole game. Deleted and so far I forgot about this misunderstanding that I waited for three years for sure. Set the masses effect and was happy. There is an atmosphere and plot and even even looking at her age graphics.

Yeah, for sure these estimates are just 100% consistent with this "Masterpiece" 10/10 5/5 This is straight some mockery over the players. I have no doubt in the comerly success, "Wheels spin – Babobos are getting tormented"

They just need to update your computers

You can instructions on boxing?

It would be for what, I would understand if the revolution is in the schedule, it is how to buy a shabby penny, and it will only demand 98 gasoline, it stalls with the rest, dubious pleasure.

Yes, sell boxing and buy a bakery)

what is 98, rocket fuel is more likely 🙂

And xbox-ss also needs to be updated!

I’ll call the service directly: "And can I on my Xbox Series X Vidyak there some kind of RTX 5090 to fall on 32GB of memory, and the percent of the nuclei is 50 please, well, and 300GB operations add a pl.. And then Tod asshole says that I just have Xbox already old ("

I am wildly outraged by the absence of any patches a week after the release. There are not even hotfixes. Apparently they are not in a hurry at all, they are all satisfied.

So wait for the models to fix everything

I am also in shock that there was no patch of the first day

The release was just yesterday.

Well, in fairness, for the sake of MB, a large patch is prepared

The release was September 1st. No need to engage in the literacy.

Reviews in Steam paid, real reviews are maximum 20 % positive, and then because they bought. Against the background of f4, Starfield is just a bunch of manure.

It’s just that only ardent fanatics of Todd bought in Steam and they are a game of norms, even online shows that there are not so many regarding other high -profile releases. The rest went to Gampass for 3 kopecks because they understand that this is a fair price for such a game, there is real rating there.

Well, not true, they are in one "price" categories, just raise the archives and read what they wrote about F4, and "recommendations" in Steam and in general, the fact of purchase is called "Trust loan", Whether it is justified or not a different question, but you clearly have no right to cause people to call people bots or paid.

For example, what the author of CRP writes:
"OCCLUSION CULLINGS present Handled in Realtime. The Planet Flora System and Biomes IS Insane On How It Works. I Cant Wait for bgs to Release a ck so we can toy with it further."
"The Way This Engine Works is by Procedural Generated Tiles. The Engine is Fed a List of Data Such as Fauna, Biomes, Prefabed Locations, Seasons and Weather, Climate, and Much More and Creates it at Run Time. This Might Be the One True Chance to Finally Create My Original Desire in a bgs Engine."

And this is awaiting not only moderners, who, by the way, are not enough, but everyone who has been playing fashionable foul and Skyrim for years and plans to play Starfield.

I will not argue with whether the Starfield is good or bad, it is certainly bad in the current form, especially with regard to the speed of the engine, I am also familiar with the opinion of the people with whom I communicate in the BGS games, regarding the plot, and again, to it. There are also many questions. But despite this, I bought the Starfield with a gift of the day before yesterday, let it be, maybe the game and updated engine will shoot still, I am happy to hide in the game with available means in anticipation of the release of CreationKit. That’s when other developers will release games with the engine open for modding, then it will make sense to compare, but for now we have what we have, try, for example, to stick a new location and the plot branch in KP77, and not boost the car or pants crossbars.