Roots of Pacha developers revealed the upcoming updates

The developers of the player of the Farming of Roots of Pacha expressed their admiration for the reaction of the game community and gave an idea of ​​what players could expect in future updates. These details appeared after recent proceedings with the publisher of Crytivo, who, fortunately, were settled.

Developers plan to make a number of improvements and extensions aimed at further improvement of the gameplay and maintaining the interest of players. Their plan includes two large updates, each of which is preceded by a small patch to improve the quality of life.

The first of small updates, the output of which is expected in the coming weeks, will be aimed at improving the user experience of the game. It will include general improvements in the quality of life, fixing localization and some player reviews.

A larger update that will follow this will expand existing game systems, presenting such opportunities as the development of children before "children’s stage", The evolution of plant species and animals, as well as the expansion of the content of the final game. Among the additional functions that will appear in the game are new locations of the Union, new options for romantic relations, expanded possibilities of interaction with pets and the opportunity to dissolve unions. In response to communities, developers also plan to add smaller details, for example, the opportunity to sit in various places of the game world.

Although Roots of Pacha developers strive to improve the game, they also seek to maintain the quality of updates. In this regard, they set only the total exit time of the updates to avoid rush and ensure thorough testing.

The developers intend to confuse the release of this significant update to the debut of the game on console platforms. Such synchronization is possible, since both processes go simultaneously and, as expected, will be completed at the end of this year.

The second major update, the exit of which is scheduled for the next year, will raise the game to a completely new level. Update will allow children in the game to develop into adolescents, and will also enter the game "Sport with the ball", which was announced on Kickstarter. The main attention in the update will be given the possibility of visiting the settlements of Morogor and Yakuan. Players will have the opportunity to explore the tundra and turtle of the island, discover a new fauna and flora, interact with new characters, some of which will be romantic and explore new caves.