Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition received a new set of HD-textures

Catachrism Moder has released a set of HD-textures for the second part of the Mass Effect in the Legendary Edition trilogy, which contains many errors characteristic of Le, including the elimination of scaling artifacts remaining in vanilla textures of LE2, problems with the UF, uncertainty teeth of the characters, errors in errors in errors Normal map, Azari color correction (removes neo-blue), improved texture of the environment and much more.

Speaking in more detail, Modder scaled all the textures at the first stage manually or using Cupscale to remove DXT artifacts. Then Catachrism manually created and drew textures, using advertising images as standards, his personal libraries of textures and hand retes. Modder tried to preserve the mirror channels and details of the map of the normals of the source textures in addition to diffuse cards. In addition, he added new details and functions, thanks to which new textures work with any lighting scenario.

You can download the HD-texture package for Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition directly from our site where fast download is available via torrent. Its size is about 3.5 GB.

But EA managed to sell this short -term and "good price". But fans, as always, "Dop and will" With love and respect for the original.

"Finish" you can endlessly, so you don’t have to roll a barrel on them. Many people whine that the game is delayed, they are unhappy that not everything is perfectly done. Here you need to choose.

It’s true. Bought for the sake of remaster of the first part. And he is not bad at all! 2 and 3 could not be touched at all, they were well preserved.

Well. to whom, of course, especially if on the console. But for me, the first part on the PC and without a non -core is still good. And I didn’t even touch him, t.To. I am afraid to ruin the impression of the game by the murdered lights, at the expense of which BioWare (the former) at one time made an imitation of live facial expressions (there is infa on this subject). The gameplay himself did not strain me, the usual conventionality of a class stroke for using weapons/skills, well, the discount on the fact that in the first part of the outburst they tried at first more in RPG than in the action. And I liked Mako, it was fun. The elevators did not strain – sometimes the news slipped about your actions in the game, or the partners of the bark released – the depth of immersion in the atmosphere of the game, so to speak.

Moreover, biofires (current BioWare) were remasted at the expense of fan mods, in any way to moderators, it seems without paying for the use of their labor or purely symbolically.))) Somewhere there was news about it, or look on the network. That is, the work of the biofires – the cat cried, and even given the crooked release on the strate.

Well, so as not to steam with the installation of DLC, on well -known sites under the slogan ". Yo-hoo-ho, and a bottle of Roma!" Calm -fledged repacks with volatile variations and even a complement cut from the non -renovation are calmly. So for me, as a sincere lover of this series, to buy/download it "Guards" with weighted unfinite, when the original repack weighs a penny, it costs nothing, and plays perfectly – I have no reason. Retecsters HD, if that, can be pumped out of mods that just try to take into account "Living" chiaroscuro, or you can find repack with them, as with the altered ending. But, of course, all this is not applicable to consolers, where the original version was very much inferior to the PC.

By the way, I generally played the ME in 2018 for the first time., And even for that year he was truly a masterpiece game and was impressive along with DAO, and in the original and without any mods on the same retactions. And since then I haven’t seen anything good from AAA, only Indi and B pleased, but turn them into N-time, like these two series of masterpieces from RPG (without Inquisitions, IMHO), I do not pull. Now all in anticipation of BG3 (if only everything was on the release as stated by Larian).