July renewal of the “Club of Romance”: a branch with Eragon, the Tiamat final and what to expect from new episodes

So the May update died, where the players met in many ways a tragic finale "Kali – Call of Darkness" And met with "I am hunting for you 2". The release of new episodes is expected from July 13 to 14, and many authors have already opened the veil of the secrets of love lines and their plans for new series.

So, for example, Ursa is the author "Tiamat fire flower" And "I am hunting for you" (both parts) – told why the finale "Tiamat" was postponed:

This was done exclusively for the good of history and so that you can enjoy the ending in the best quality that we are able to give out. And the point is not only in the text (although it is difficult to write at the same time the start of hunting and the ending of Tiamat), it’s also a matter of giving artists more time to embody all our crazy requests and fantasies.

Alice (screenwriter "The secret of heaven 2") named new love lines: war and astarot. "In case you have not killed the war, you are opening with it a branch, but you may not lead LL with it. All at your discretion". The author added a branch with Astarot solely because of the numerous requests of the players, nevertheless, Eragon and Christopher will remain aside, the first in the opinion of the author is generally not for the branch, and the second will remain with facial.

Departing from the final "Kali" Remi said that from the next update in the story that had begun "Red Nile Song" a branch with Agnia will appear and will be complete. And the tepish ("Love from the stars") warned that the bug and Sarah turned out so insidious that after a patch, with its correction, it would be necessary to restart the second season.

In the 3rd series 2 seasons, you will have the opportunity to close branches. If you want to lead a branch with Zeyn, you need to choose an option that does not contain the name of the other LL. You can interact with Zein in the presence of other branches, but be prepared for the consequences. If in the 1st series take a scene with Said if there are other branches, GG will think that this is wrong.
Unfortunately, there was not always the opportunity to give such thoughts on other branches for technical reasons. However, with closed branches, blame yourself. On the path of the “modest” gg in this update, you can also get a fork. I’ll tell you about them a little later. – Amy ("Rose of the desert")

The theme of history "Dracula: Love Story" It remains unsolved, so the players continue to make memes and wait for new episodes (at least someday).