“Incredible fighting from Capcom”: Journalists publish enthusiastic reviews and put on fighting sides

Capcom continues to delight players with excellent releases. This time, Japanese developers released a qualitative continuation of the cult series of fighting stream Fighter. Apparently, the press backwards are completely delighted with the combat system, graphics and various modes of new items. Street Fighter 6 receives extremely positive estimates from critics and reviews, where they practically do not find minuses in the game.

After removing the embargo in the publication of reviews, Street Fighter 6 received a very high average score on Metacritic. Based on more than 40 reviews from various publications, Fiting received 93 points with recommendations for a mandatory game for fans of the genre. The situation on another assessment aggregator – Opencritic, also develops well. There Street Fighter 6 earned 91 points. Journalists describe the game as "incredible" Fighting with a lot of capabilities. They praise the mechanics convenient and understandable to beginners, as well as highlight the correction of the main mistakes of Street Fighter 5.

Here are some excerpts from reviews:

Street Fighter 6 corrects the mistakes of his predecessor, dragging the famous franchise of fatings in the modern era.

The flagship series Capcom returned to the form with complex, but affordable combat mechanics and diverse content at the start.

Street Fighter 6, no doubt, the best fighting game that I have ever played and he will keep you in the game much longer than just the battle of one. Real classics.

In addition to the competitive orientation, Street Fighter 6 offers many modes filled with content for all types of players. A variety of characters, their improvements in network modes and a new control system – these are some of the reasons why Street Fighter 6 is the strongest contender for the title of best fighting of this generation.

Street Fighter 6 will be available for playing PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S already June 2.