Creativity and innovation in Lego Fortnite: On the way to quick movement

In the world of Lego Fortnite, where every day is a new adventure, players face a call: how to effectively move through its vast space without a quick movement system. At this stage in the development of the game, the only official way of moving is a paraglider, but it does not solve the problem of transportation of resources.

Official video of the game.

Wage paths and methods of quick movement

The only official way of moving is a paraglider, but it does not solve the issue of transportation of resources. Players have already found ways to circumvent restrictions, creating vehicles from available materials. YouTube demonstrates working planes, trains and cars. But the illegation of details and the risk of the disappearance of vehicles outside the game remain problems that require solutions.

Burty air ship and train from Elexzo

Burty introduced the idea of ​​a aircraft, which can become an ideal means of movement in Lego Fortnite: the aircraft is equipped with controlled engines on the sides, which required a creative approach to the structure. The balloons automatically raise the ship, and the landing is achieved by the addition of cargo.

At the same time, Elexzo focuses on more practical and compact trains, demonstrating that functionality is more important than form.

Car from Perfect Score

The first cars appeared in the LEGO FORTNITE arena, and one of the most interesting models is a complex design from the Perfect Score YouTube blogger. This model is noteworthy of its control concept, which can be adapted for air vehicles. Thus, the assembly of this car provides a unique opportunity to learn about the nuances and features of Lego Fortnite.

Future movement in Lego Fortnite

Currently, no one has completely disclosed the secrets of creating the perfect vehicle in Lego Fortnite. This is rather a worldwide creative competition, where it is still too early to determine the leaders. Perhaps in the near future a quick movement system will appear in Lego Fortnite, but until this moment, and even after its onset, the players will have a lot of opportunities for inventions and creative experiments with affordable tools.