City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #12

Pedestrians have changed most in comparison with the original CCD. In Tizer, with whom everyone is already familiar, we used exported models from Fuse: for the selected setting, pedestrians required other clothing, and the quality of the model was approximately at the level of the original CCD.

In parallel with this, we understood that a similar level of execution of models – perhaps for optimization, is the best option, but does not comply with the minimum standard of modern quality in games. In turn, UE has its own rather convenient tools for creating characters – Metahuman.
For CCD 2.0 In Metahuman we create only the main proportions of the body of pedestrians and their faces. After that, the efforts of artists are conducted by the model of the model, which contributes to our goals to optimize the game.

Hair and clothing are created as separate models in appropriate software and gather with models of people from Metahuman. After that, all pedestrians are loaded into UE and are used in CCD 2.0.

Left – a pedestrian created using Fuse in the early stages of the game development. On the right – already using metahuman

After a short excursion, how the new models are created, we pay attention to the most important thing: gameplay. Pedestrians CCD 2.0 have a number of differences from the original game.
The first main change – now pedestrians have a full physics. With your careless driving, pedestrians will jump from your transport, or you can knock them down. Fortunately, not deadly. For such behavior and damage to pedestrians for players, an appropriate punishment will be provided, which we will definitely talk about in diaries devoted to the general pace of the game and the topic of compliance with traffic rules.

The second change already applies to the general atmosphere and mood of the game – pedestrians are full -fledged residents of the city, and not decoration and obstacle for you as a driver. For example, people in the form of police will be located only near the police station, different workers, respectively, at construction facilities.

All this is also mandatory participates in the game modes of work by a taxi driver and a courier of goods. The final additional stroke is that people will react to the streets to the streets: mostly pedestrians will be dressed in weather.

All CCD 2 cars.0 are completely new models-we decided not to transfer anything from CCD1 due to the fact that there is a strong visual difference between the current mode of transport and the fact that we had. Some objects, for example, tractors, can be periodically found in the world of games.
The main difference between traffic transport and player cars is the interior details. In order to optimize the details of the internal traffic, it is simplified. The cars that you can control are worked out in detail in the cabin, up to individual buttons. In the early access, they will be non -clicobble, but we lay the possibilities in the player’s car in advance.

On the issue of gameplay, the cars are one of the main generators of all events in the game. All cars are full -fledged road users: they fully comply with traffic rules, can call in parking pockets and create dangerous situations on the road. Traffic does not include heavy trucks, construction equipment.

However, you can meet the ambulance and police crews on the roads. In the early access, we do not realize all the conceived functionality associated with this transport, so we separately note their presence, but not the implementation of the entire planned functionality.

  • Will there be economy and sports modes in cars?

No, in early access by cars that we prepare for CCD 2.0., There will be no data modes.

  • There will be electric cars available for the game?

In early access, we focus on standard, still familiar cars, and there will be no electric car in early access. However, we do not exclude the addition of the gaining popularity of transport in the future, especially taking into account the tendency to popularize electric cars.

  • A drunk driver mode will be added?

As we have repeatedly noted, CCD 2.0. Created more according to the patterns of the game than a training manual. Therefore, this idea was not laid in CCD 2.0. Initially. However, we see a request for this rather popular mechanics, so after early access, in future updates, we will consider the opportunity to add such a function to the game.

We have no way to license cars. We try to sell all cars as realistic as possible and bring them closer to the original as much as possible. Everything about the brand, patented objects and other technological features in CCD 2.0. will not even after early access.

  • Planning a release on consoles, not just a PC?

Not at the moment, but if City Car Driving 2.0. will become a popular car system, of course I would like to get to these devices.

  • And how are things with cloud gaming?

And this is also not at the moment. Including, therefore, we try to optimize the game under the old and weak configurations of computers.

The first question is where our "No" It sounds like something good. No, microtransactions are not planned and will not be present in CCD 2.0.

Now – no. Before thinking about DLC, we should release the game in early access, and then successfully bring to the full version, realizing the full potential that we conceived for CCD 2.0.

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