Christopher Jajj refused to voice young Kratos out of respect for the previous actor of the character

Those who played the free DLC Valhalla for God of War Ragnarok were, of course, surprised by many references to the original franchise games, including the appearance of a younger crater. However, this time the older version of Kratos never spoke.

According to actor Christopher Jajj, who began to voice Kratos on the 2018 God of War, he very respects the work of the former performer of the role of Kratos – Terrence to. Karson. At one time, Jajj completely refused to watch scenes from old games so as not to try to imitate the work of Karson.

I never watched scenes from previous games because it was so good, and I thought it would be bad to try to copy it. I was not even asked about it. From the very beginning, I wanted to create my character, but the TC is so unusual. Out of respect for what he did, I would not do this, even if I was asked. I would refuse.

Commenting on his version of Kratos, Christopher Jaji said that "mythology for me did not mean anything". According to him, his approach was to revive Kratos as an independent character, not affected by the environment.

Continuing the topic of respect for the former actors who revived the characters, Jaja even said that he had recently abandoned one project, because the responsible persons asked him to try to copy the voice of the former actor.

Actually, not so long ago they offered me something, and I refused, because they wanted me to simulate a little the voice of this character, and I said that in no case. That is, I love this guy [. ] Often we are not noted as personalities for bringing into what is happening, and this is generally, regardless of what you are doing. I think it’s just wrong to try to take what has already been created by someone else. And for me such actions are not only an insult to them, but also for myself. I would never do that.