Baldur’s Gate 3 developers responded to criticism of the third act and promised some corrections

Despite the fact that Baldur’s Gate 3 was generally loved by almost everyone, players are increasingly expressing the opinions that the third act does not comply with the standards established at the previous stages of the game. Larian Studios developers directly responded to these comments and said that some (but not all) of them would be fixed.

Criticism of the third act is mainly expressed in three forms: performance is not on top, there are too many mistakes, and there are signs that part of the content was cut out. As for the first point, in its blog, Larian said that it knows that the performance of the third act "not as good as the first two", But already in the second patch, some noticeable improvements will be made.

During September, we will also work on further improvement in the performance of the third act using the new technology, the release of which took a little more time than we expected.

In the second patch, some of the most egregious mistakes of the third act remaining after the first major update will be eliminated.

As for most of what some players call "Cutten content", then, according to Larian, he was not cut out at all – at least not because of a lack of time. In particular, Larian says about the epilogue:

This is not entirely cut content, but content that we did not want to release because we thought that it did not work. We are quite strict to ourselves and our ideas. If this is not very good – if it is not interesting to play it, it does not fall into the game. We are sure that Baldur’s Gate 3 has enough content in the city to get a game in a few weeks. But this does not mean that Baldur’s Gate 3 was not subject to abbreviations, like any other game. It is simply important to know that what happened in the end was planned for a long time, and first of all, so that it was interesting to play in Baldur’s Gate 3, and not so that we quickly closed the development

For good, it was necessary to post the third act in early access, otherwise the next manipulation turned out: they call the release what actually should have finished in early access.

Depending on what is considered for manipulation, performance in the third act, yes, bad, everything else is already purely subjective opinion and experience of each.

I recently finished my first passage, it took me about 200 hours, for all this time I did not meet a critical bug, I had not a single funny quest and a magazine of tasks before the final battle was actually empty.

And the carved content is just a banal desire of players to get even more content, as we will allow the personal quest of Karllah, in my subjective opinion it has a logical end of history, it either dies that its engine is overheated, or survives in hell where its engine works normally, because we are in one way or another to the fact that it cannot be "fix", Now, if we were told "You know, but there is a way to fix Dviglo and stay on Torila", then OK, then the outrage of the players about the fact that she could not be saved, but this is not

The feeling that you do not play other games that do not correct anything at all

The matter is not only in bugs, but also in improvements. The objective criterion of an unfinished game is huge patches and promises of the same finishing.

Yes, you know, even do not care. The game even in this form is better a lot that has been released over the past years, it is better to let them finish what they didn’t have time to throw. Of course, this can be a strange topic in its own way, but with DOS2 it was so there and even then an updated version of the game came out with many improvements and a processed final act, maybe they will do the same. But the game is even good in this form and I received great pleasure from it and continue to receive it, and if it is also supplemented by it, it will not be superfluous at all.

I do not argue that the game is excellent.
They almost had this with every game, this is the problem. Why play without these improvements and corrections? I better wait until the game is infused.

How funny the crawling out "Cutten content" Haters, especially if you look at the list of cut out from Reddite, where it is obvious that most of the one is removed at an early stage, some are just concepts, ideas. But no, almost every creature will yell that "Before the release" Cut. Disi, by the way, also cut out before the release and the whole plot with the emperor was added in one day, yes?

That is, how this epilogue is not important? I suffered so much, climbed on all holes (played by bard). Naturally, I want to know what my actions led to and how they influenced the inaccuations.

Well, so. Why do you need an ending and the final aftertaste, which, with proper performance, will be delighted with you if "The gameplay is important"?)

Did not live with the worked out ending, so it is not and start.

Of course, when the players have deceived the expectations of the Steam and more than 12 thousand negative reviews (and I’m glad that they are growing), they promised one thing, and they released the unfinished castrate in essence the rest of the particularly gifted do not even understand what the essence of the problem, now these false assholes, which are now, which They just sawed the budget, tell fairy tales for suckers, as for most of what some players call "Cutten content", then, according to Larian, he was not cut out at all – at least not because of a lack of time. <. >This is not entirely cut content, but content that we did not want to release because we thought that it did not work.

That is, we spent and sawed the budget in their opinion on non -working content and therefore it was remarkably removed by Karl, and you asked the opinion of the players, no, now the plot holes in this sinking ship are packed on them. I think it was not worth giving Larian the right to create a game Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, I have a big question for the developers: why the hell was to release the game, while cutting half the originally conceived game. Where is Averno? Where are Rafail quests? Where is the normal plot of Mintars? Where is the normal plot and the normal ending of the Karllah? Where are the consequences of using ilitides? Why is the third act from a nonlinear game turns into direct rails without a fork and congresses? Where is the full -fledged upper city, which was demonstrated shortly before the game?

It would be possible to update early access, transfer the game for a month, damn, and even leave hopes for adding the rest of the content to Dlsi. What did the outfits say? "DLS and new content are not planned". There is no need for a new one, it would be possible to add the initially planned add. As a result, it turned out as with the release of Cyberpan, only about him was immediately said that after a while everything would be repaired and most of the carved content would be added. Immediately, according to my feelings, someone knocked me very offended.

Game good first two acts. The third act and finale of the game are just a huge spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. No epilogue, no completion, empty unnecessary NPS non -optimized locations. The absence of intelligible dialogs with satellites, starting from the third act (some have nothing at all, mercenaries, I am talking about you Minsk, Mintara, Halsin). Not to mention the incomplete chains of tasks. And also this is a misunderstanding by name "Emperor". And the fighter and the player and the hero is generally on the dud, well "You can’t let it go, because because". How? Like after such a good early access, where there were other replicas and another image of "Satellite in dreams", It was born something.

And the finale. This is something, it is literally as if you had been patted on the shoulder and said "You are doing great", and then credits to sad music, thanks. After all. After all the tasks passed, decisions made, after all. They absolutely do not affect anything. The whole game did not use the larvae? Well done, but this is not necessary, the squid all the same will want you. The end will be one. And it would seem why so damp? And everything is simple, Datamainers find tons of the promised content and "17000 endings" The game files that take place, but are not used in the game. And not ashamed? Why release an incomplete game? Why it was impossible to wait another year and finish? Yes, literally in screenshots for the game in the Steam store, missing scenes.

The first act of the year is definitely. And the game will become when it comes out completely. Thanks for the tons of noodles on my ears, I ate delicious.

Messir Sven and Co. Although, if it rolled with DOS2, then why not try again?-Hams are not only shocked, but they will also enthusiastically squeak ¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯ The user from Reddit gathered in a single post all the content from BG3 cut out before the release. Pour yourself a cup of something and enjoy reading (carefully spoilers):

1. The upper city is 2 weeks before the release, Sven promised its presence in the game and confirmed the possibility of exploring it

2. Clerik could choose a ball as a deity, receiving unique branches of dialogs with Shedouhart

3. Karllae had a full ending and a bunch of content related to her in the third act

4. Mintara had a deeper personal story that included even her pregnancy O_0

5. Khalsin was supposed to get much more content in the late game, including the Druid circle

6. Rafael was supposed to become an alternative plot branch, he could completely remove the larva near the GG and his Sopartians in exchange for their souls. Behind "Coins of the soul" It was possible to redeem your soul from Raphael, as well as acquire powerful unique artifacts that only he sold

7. Avern-Tslaya area for the game. It was assumed that Avern would be fully available for research and in size will be approximately like a dungeon from the first act. He was not only a source of soul coins, but also especially complex battles, as well as unique content for Karllah

8. Tav, like the dark temptation, was also the outfit of Baal

9. From the second act, the battle in which Orin with the cultists Baal attacks the nursery. The player could join any side or fight against all.

10. Orin had to display the larva of the red dragon of the Kitrak, which led to the battle with "corrupted" Dragon as a mini boss

eleven. In the second and third acts, the story with Ethel received a sequel in the form of interaction with her sisters (sea and night cargo), as well as a certain mysterious "M", who was their leader

12. Epilogue. Lariana said before the release that the game takes into account all the player’s solutions (until 17k!), and at the end you will receive an epilogue with all your elections, which can stretch for 15 minutes

13. Kazador was supposed to play a huge role in the upper city and be a significant political force with which an alliance could be concluded against the Absolute

14. Minsk must be recruited in a party in the first act, but it was cut out

15. Dialogues and events. Even from the first act, thousands of lines of dialogs and many cats were carved. All this was removed immediately before the release of the final version

16. Baal, Mirkul and Bane could be chosen by clericals as their patrons, which gave unique replicas of dialogs

17. Daisy is no secret that Daisy was cut out of the game after the last release of EA and replaced by a guard. Diyzi initially represented the larva in your head, not the emperor, and tried to seduce your character to stay with her in the meadow by the river forever. A happy life with an imaginary dream lover, while your body has been subjected to ceramorphosis and was lost for you forever. Daisy was such an important part of the plot that both musical topics of the game “Down by the River” and “The Power” are completely based on Daisy. Content, extracted from the data, also shows that there was originally the final in which the players began the romance with Daisy and gave up the parasite, forever leaving their individual consciousness “below the river” with Dazy

18. The companions and larvae of Illitid – initially the companions were supposed to accept or refuse to gifts of ilitides regardless of the choice of the player. Of course, you could influence them through a dialogue to decide who took it and who did not take the proposed gifts, but in the end it will be based on the choice of individual characters. This can still be seen in the game as a mistake when the partners wake up after a long rest and claim that they received a gift from their guard, but do not receive real strength

19. Romantic relationship with Jaheira. Were cut at the last moment

20. Larvae and consequences. Initially, it was assumed that the too intense use of the forces of Illitids and too many investments in the strength of the larvae should lead to serious consequences. This seems obvious in the game, but, ultimately, nothing happens in the release version, since the ending is reduced to about 4 selection options made in the last stage of the game. You can use all the larvae or not one and get the same ending

21. Dialogs with companions in the third act. If you notice that the companions have nothing to say at the end of the path, then this is because in the final act thousands of lines of dialogue were cut out in the companions, and all for various reasons. It seems that it seems to be a source of most accompanying errors that appear only in the final act, since they are still trying to call events that simply do not exist

22. Like Rafael. Is it not strange that they say it just runs away from Rafael and says that it was “easy”? It turns out that this is because the Larias cut out what the last stage of this quest was supposed to be. Instead, they allow them to escape on their own

23. Queen of Voronov (another deity). In the second act, a whole storyline dedicated to it was cut

24. Fugu plan (local world of the dead)

25. The epilogue of withered. He was supposed to tell the players an epilogue, to what extent it is unknown, but instead he had one event after the credits, where he reveals himself like a Jergala and mocks the dead trio

26. Full craft. The assembly with early access contained a workbench for craft, and it seems that initially we had to have full access to our own equipment for craft/enchanting. Moreover, in the RD, the Larias promised us a real craft after the release. That is why objects such as bullion, precious stones, wood and other materials appear in the game and are not used, except for garbage for the sale of merchants

27. Helia, another of our potential Sopartian, half-carrier-waswolf

28. Belts. There are slots for them in the inventory, but there is not a single belt in the whole game. It was also with cloaks in early access, but the cloaks added on the release