Adventure action movie Unknown 9: AWAKENing received an age rating in Singapore

More than three years ago, at Gamescom in August 2020, Reflector Entertainment announced its debut project Unknown 9: Awakening, an adventure action movie in which the players will be in the place of Haruna, a young girl from Calcutta, India with mysterious abilities. However, since the promising announcement of the game updates has not been at all, although, perhaps, the situation will change soon.

Unknown 9: AWAKENING recently received an assessment of the Singapore Classification Commission, the Office for the Development of Information Technologies. This in itself usually indicates that the launch of the game will take place in the near future, but, in addition, the launch of the Unknown 9: Awakening is scheduled for 2024, which means that we may soon hear about the game more about the game. Perhaps on The Game Awards December 7?

Description of the game that accompanies the rating also reveals some details of the plot and gameplay. It says:

“Playing from a third person, the main character will move between reality and fold, exploring various locations for promotion in the game. The gameplay includes battles and victories over enemies-loves with the help of various techniques. These include hand -to -hand combat, telekinetic shock waves and obsession, shooting, hidden attacks and undermining of explosive materials. The turret gun can also be used for shooting at approaching enemy aircraft during a game event.

Progress can be improved by restoring health and gaining glasses to acquire new skills. During the game you can encounter moderate violence. The scenes depict characters who are shocked or who disappear in puffs of smoke without blood effects when they are attacked or killed. When the main character is injured and she has little health, red flashes appear on the edges of the screen. Stronger images include a cut-scene with a character, who was hit in the chest with a knife, and blood splashes are visible “.

In addition, according to the rating, Unknown 9: AWAKENING will be released on PS5, PS4 and PC. When the game was announced in 2020, it was reported that it will be released on a PC and new generation consoles, therefore, it seems that since then plans could change.

Unknown 9 developer: Awakening Reflector Entertainment was purchased by Bandai Namco in 2020.