According to rumors, the authors of Mass Effect 5 abandoned the elements of the open world

Mass Effect is one of the most beloved names in the Role Games genre, which BioWare introduced millions of people. During the existence of the franchise, more than 20 million were sold. copies, and currently working on a new game is underway.

At The Game Awards 2020, Bioware showed a short teaser of the next Mass Effect game, but the studio also works on the next Dragon Age game. The latter is more priority, so the details of the science fiction franchise are currently rather scarce.

However, the new hearing says that the next Mass Effect will not be elements of the open world.

During the last podcast Xbox Two, the famous insider of the Jez Corden industry said:

I heard that there will be no open world in Mass Effect 5 and the game will return to its classic format.

Although Mass Effect Andromeda was not completely open to the world, the authors experimented with elements of the open world. However, the game did not receive the proper response and became an unsuccessful part of the popular role franchise.

This was probably prompted by the studio to return to the sources of IP, focusing on a more linear and focused gameplay, as in previous games, and putting the narrative at the forefront.

After Bioware in 2017 was not able to create a worthy successor to Mass Effect Andromeda, in other parts of the game, more attention may appear to the elements of the original trilogy.

While Bioware continues to work on the approaching output of Dragon Age Dreadwolf, the developer is also confidently moving in work on Mass Effect. Recently, the studio fired 50 developers, but, according to her statement, the development of both projects goes smoothly and will not suffer from this.

No need to be open, thanks, we saw already))
And please, no procedural generation is needed. Let the content be not enough, but good.

Procedure generation is used in many games, it as a tool is available in Henrila. The only question is whether it actually comes out as it is or is being edited (it was lazy, but this does not make the tool bad)

Randy is evil, ask Oblivion, Skyrim, Folaut and other past collapse games, where you go to the subway not for Luta, but for notes. But Morovind is still played perfectly (with mods on the graphone), because everything is done and laid out there with handles.

As I understand it, they just think that they will get away with a random healing, as in Diablo 1, this will contribute. No, this does not contribute to reiglabiness, it contributes to the drop of the game even on the first passage.

If I do not feel my soul for where I spend my time, I will not spend my time here. For random there is a casino, mmoshka and so on.

By the way, the span is excellent confirmation of this. I’m not interested in exploring randomly generated space. Just not interesting and that’s it. And yes, I don’t care that there is no English, I know English perfectly, so I say absolutely impartially.

If the branches of trees and the number of spots on the mushroom hats are randomly generated, I do not mind.

Random accelerates the work (but you need to know the measure). Now there are many tools to accelerate game development. To use the same neuron or ray trace, it also went out not only as a graphic innovation, but also a relief in the development of games. Or again ready -made models that are made on freelance and exhibited in the Henryla store .. Still, the development of games despite all this only rises in price)

Okay, okay, here I agree, but look: the development of games is getting more expensive, technology is more expensive, but. Why are there fewer developers pay attention to the text. Script text, dialogue text? Why? This is the cheapest development, there is no need a million teraflops. It is only needed here. M? What? Soul. And talent. And this is not.

Better a rail game, but well worked out

In Baldurs, rails are rail, but at the same time the world is open. So one does not exclude the other

Where did the open world come from in Baldurs? These are separate limited locations, somewhere there are more cards, somewhere less.

It would be ideal as in 2 parts, small but high -quality locations. Well, or like in the Age of the Dragon 1. I think this is the standard, and the open worlds are nafig, leave to those who can realize them. Well, or in extreme cases, as in which locations, not big and there is something to do. But these millions of galaxies with thousands of planets leave sessions like elite. In solitary games, this should not be.

It would be ideal to return to the best format in the Mass Effect 1 series, when you have a sea of ​​open planets for pokatuks and a sid of quests, but at the same time the main powerful plot is also given to you and no one forces you to ride on planets if you do not want.

And what is the perfect? Plot for 3-4 hours. All other additional tasks and endless shooting. I don’t like this format. I want it to be like in Mass Effect 1 plot of 20 hours for 20 hours, and the rest of the pokatushki according to planets.

Andromeda has been made for you, enjoy

Yeah, pokatushki according to excellent desert planets, where one is a copy of the other, and the second is the basis of the third. If they were at least a little worked out, and not left with a couple of broken probes and monkeys tribes – it would be nice.

And so. These are just empty, no need for anyone, in which you spend more time thinking "God, when I get it, I will finish here and will return to the plot".

Andromeda has been created for you. With the same pigs according to planets. With the same plot for 3-4 hours. With the same dopes and endless shooting.

Yeah, I just remember everyone cursed these pokatushki in the first me, especially the means of transportation itself.

It would be great. Zadolbali these stupid Grindilles in Openvorlds.

Yes it is not needed. Large/medium, but well -developed locations that are interesting to investigate will be plenty of and without any "Another outpost needs your help". And most importantly in such games, this is the influence of your choice and the opportunity to play as you like

And I liked the open world in Andromeda. It was in this game that he perfectly corresponded to the spirit of the researcher. And fly to other planets to walk there in the intestines – this is what is.

There was no open world in any form.

there were locations, not an open world, but at least so. Andromeda’s problems were not at all in the constructions of locations, again they are trying to come up with the problem themselves and they themselves heroically solve it themselves, "Forgetting" About the problems indicated by the masses of users.

100% agree. I am wildly delighted with pokatushki on the open locations of Andromeda. And so delighted that it was already completely 2 times the game. Andromeda is somewhat reminiscent of the best in the series, in my opinion, Mass Effect 1 – there were also open worlds on the planets and it was interesting to ride them. The spirit of the discoverer, the spirit of the researcher who first visited the cosmic cobblestone is felt. It is a pity that the spirit of the researcher disappeared into the second and third parts of the trilogy and this turned the game into gatherings behind shelters with endless shooting in the GEARS of War style. This is sad, because the outfits forgot that Mass Effect began with RPG in space. Why was it necessary to go to the corridors with shooting? Unclear.

In general, Andromeda and Mass Effect 1 My Favorite Games of the series due to the presence of the spirit of the discoverer in them – without this mass, the effect is not the mass effect in fact.

What the beaten are you.

It’s just necessary to go out Starfield when suddenly the Mass Effect Andromeda is not a bad game)))

Starfield does not make Andromeda better than a millimeter

And someone is ridiculous that the gaming industry is rolling further and further. Andromeda has long been a corpse that gets only to recall animations. I didn’t remember the game anymore

In terms of animations, facial animations, for which I remember Andromeda very much trolley .

Andromeda is a cut above Starfield with their department of animators, honored cripples who have spoken all the releases of the gazebo.

I would show you a picture of the 5th series, but I will not be indecent. Come on, here she is

Right, if you do not know how to open the world is interesting to do – do not try. Better give us a suitable plot, atmosphere and action, as in the original trilogy.

On the other hand, why did I at all, if in the trilogy the ideas have exhausted themselves?

Andromeda tried to show a new story in the same universe, but the attempt came out.

So in the original trilogy, the normal plot was only in the first part, and there was a sea of ​​open planets for pokatushki. That is, the open world of a priori should be present in the mass effect, if so that it is in the original.

The second part in terms of the plot is very weak, because there is only 3-4 hours there, and the rest of the quest sides. Another thing is Mass Effect 1 First, in which the plot is 20+ hours. In fact, in the first game, the plot is more than in the next two games of the trilogy combined. I’m talking about the plot, and not about the quests sid.

I don’t like the Mass Effect 2 format. I want a new game in Mass Effect 1 format so that there are open pokatuks according to the planets, and so that the main plot also holds in voltage to the final credits. And so that without any wretched traffic lights from the three there.

At least Andromeda has a rating of positive reviews in Steam is much higher than the third mass effect. This says a lot. And specifically, Andromeda is very good as the masses of the Efext. But the third effect from the trilogy is not very. These are the reviews of Steam players. Smile off!

I perceive the original trilogy and I liked the plot there. Yes, perhaps in the 1st part there was more variability in the dialogs, but in general the whole series is good. And before the reviews of the herd from Steam I do not care, I have my own opinion

Andromeda gives to suck after 8 years)) The podkarsk game was in practice))

It seemed to me excellent on the release. There were no bugs with their faces, I don’t understand where they were looking for them. My Kate was all right with his face in every sense))) The plot was somewhat disappointed: the Ketta is boring, but by gate it was really interesting to explore and terraform the planets, even a little water came, the crogans got it, mercy)

By the way, such a thought came to mind. To be a fan of Andromeda then this is about the same as being a stenchild fan now. Or be a representative of LGBT in UK.
You cannot shout out the crowd, you cannot withstand the ocean Hayit. So why do you need this, sit on the forums and try to argue with the haters that the game is normal, that you like it, but forget it to the crowd.
Live and play what you like. I had it with Andromeda)

There is not a bug with faces but the animation of faces is terrible.

Not struck into the eyes.
In the eyes.

Starfield is not far from Andromeda gone in terms of animations)))

and no, the main thing is to make the locations good

In Mass Effect 2, in essence, there was no open and nothing one of the best parts in the series!

In terms of "in fact"? There was not even within the framework of one location. You can’t even jump, invisible walls and dead ends everywhere))

But this, of course, does not spoil the game!))

You see, in fact, you agree with me))

As well as a game with the shortest plots from the series for 3-4 hours by force. Everything else sidfields are essentially. And in the final the most miserable boss of the entire series is the terminator.

In the best in the series, in my opinion, Mass Effect 1, there was a powerful plot for 20 hours and a lot of open planets with rolls for quests sides. The open world gave freedom, but did not make a game worse, because no one forces us to ride on planets. You can stupidly run through a powerful plot and high. But you can ride on planets and also get high.

Mass Effect 2 drove the player into harsh narrow frames. Planets turned into corridors with endless shooting. Gameplain is the crooked clone of GEARS of WAR and this is the problem of the game. From the masses of the effect there is only the plot. All the rest of the crooked gatherings behind shelters. In general, the absence of open planets greatly hurt the second mass effect, turning the game into an action movie. The breeds forgot that the mass effect was originally RPG in space. It is sad.

In the first part, the open world was essentially a corridor in which there was nothing. It was needed only to get from point A to point B. In addition to empty locations dotted with deposits and unnecessary tooths. But this did not spoil the game. So I don’t understand your speech.

Andromeda suddenly about the cooler of Starfield

These are completely different games, they are united only by what is happening in space. The problem of Starfill is that this is the same Fallut and Skyrim without special improvements, the problem of Andromeda is that it is not just, but that it is many times worse than any part of the adventures of Captain Shepard. Starfield is stagnation. And Andromeda is a degradation. The central plot of both games is complete despondency and self -reproaches, but as for Andromeda’s sidkvests, it’s just a tin, if they offer me a hundred hours to perform generated quests to eliminate pirates, terramorphs and TP, in the Starfield or ten hours of Andromeda slides, I will choose a procedurally generated Starfield quests. From the fact that Tod Howard was crap, Andromeda did not become better and did not move from the bottom.

Shepard’s trilogy is over, Andromedka is another game, another story, in the same universe. Hate began with animations, there is a jamb and cho, this is not impressive, so they reached the plot demonstrating their absolute autism. Here are autists yes, they do not change, regardless of any game. XD)

Yes, shit at the animation generally, in the game a stupid plot, and sides of the Korean MMO level. This is the problem, and yes boring and not expressive companions. It is sick who believes that the game is bad due to animations. For such things, not players have been cheat, but a herd of mimic -crocodiles, and a console community with an automatic game system called Utubeubheiming. Those who really went through the game, note that the game has a dull plot and a dull presentation of the plot, the atmosphere of the discoverer of the veneran. And the series is kept only at the expense of the Laura, the plot and its direction, which sets tons with a sufficiently mediocre gameplay. Remove the plot from the original trilogy that the game will remain? Take off the main plot from for example Fallaut and Skyrim, nothing will change there. Here in Andromeda shooting mechanics is better than in me, but it is not so good that the game holds on it.

I am exclusively about my perception of games. I am not a pros, like most here – I just either get pleasure from the game, or do not get

Well, if I wrote it right away, then there would be no questions, t.To. The taste and color is everyone’s business. For example, in general, I liked Starfield, but if you look objectively then in the game of Dofig negative moments and hacks, and I liked it rather against the backdrop of the bezbia in the genre. Given the heap of problems in it, the lack of development, and even some degradation regarding the past games of the studio, I would not recommend it to buy at a price of 70 bucks. The maximum within the framework of the passing pass or torrent, for this will reduce the degree of disappointment, and here is optimization and animation, even the old engine and endless loading of locations, these are not the problems that spoil the game, these problems in mechanics. There is an absolutely all -time and posterity stealth, but at the same time there is a whole fraction with the tasks of stealth. The lack of a variety of biomes, and the normal manually worked out locations for research, all-in-law missions for investigations, in which there are no mechanics, and of course de patterned mission generator for cleaning. I expected from them that at least here they would take at least some step forward, and will wind the generator to at least two or three level missions. No, the pirate lair eliminate the pirate in space, eliminate the pirate at the base, eliminate the terorph on the planet.

I love games with the open world (my loved ones are just like that), but the effect of the effect is not needed, it is a plot cosmo operator and an open world here is extra

We wish them good luck in development

It’s just too lazy to work out worlds, now a lot of all kinds of possibilities, from Henryl to Assets, in a word, someone does not want to leave the comfort zone. just conveyors, at the present time, someone does not want to treat games seriously.

Andromeda Hayt did not catch because of the planets. I liked the format: one planet is a big location.Terraforming. Avvanposts. There were no complaints about this

The open world should be one location and not with loading screens. Here in Odyssey is a great world without loading screens. I saw a mountain on a nearby skeleton you take a boat or ship and calmly sail and then climb on it. Any place you see accessible.

This is actually just a wonderful news!!And this is a chance that the game will be excellent (carefully developed locations without generation. optimization ..Working and Katsets) How am I glad that more and more developers are abandoning the vomiting open world with empty multi -kilometer deserts in fact

Just like in the assassins of new. Yes, big, yes, beautiful. But Osto314 in 20 minutes, because there is nothing to do there. Better to small locations, but filled with content to the eyeballs, as in BG3, for example.

What a chance? Based on what?

Game in space but without an open world and this is in 2024 and not from a poor studio.This is why so?Because it’s very too lazy to do this and very dumbstead.Everything rests first of all on laziness in a hurry to finish everything rather and disrupt the money.In the game where events take place in space that is endless and stuffed with all kinds of beauty and secrets and studied only by a couple of percent make it closed.This is, for example, how to bring a child to Disneyland to outline not a large circle around him so that he does not go for him.This is what a game of space with a closed space is a game.

Their hands are not enough to do normally with procedural generation. In addition, now the departure is from the open world to more worked out locations, and in my opinion it is much better than getting an empty but open world.

The case is in laziness, this is easy to write- "space that is endless and stuffed with all kinds of beauty and secrets and is studied by only a couple of percent", But the chance to realize this for a wide audience is zero, one will not like one, the other another, the third third, as a result, the game will scold everything, the example of Starfield, there were many promises, they seemed to be stuffed with all the dofig, as a result there was no indigenous adventure atmosphere.

Piper with beauty and secrets? And yes, I forgot, the ancient ruins on every planet.

So that’s great. Andromeda strangled her huge locations, like the Inquisition. Better to make small and rich hubs.

OPEN VORLD is a cancer killing RPG and turning them into protracted and empty sandboxes with craft, collection of garbage and a complete absence of individuality.

It’s just not for everyone he is suitable. Some RPGs only live and live, and some seemed to be inserted 5.

I sincerely believe that biovars will be able to create another good game.True, many bastards will not be able to understand her because they are used to eating a second -rate shit from Tod Howard.And it is strange that now if the game of norms is not honored with special attention.

Toda can say thanks for making Andromeda not so bad)))

I don’t understand why everyone is driving on me: Andromeda yes, there is not such a rich plot as in the past parts, maybe less charismatic characters, and indeed Andromeda is not a direct continuation of the previous parts, its plot develops in parallel, but still in our Swami of the beloved universe and does not violate the ENT. I liked the game, in general it is high -quality. That people do not like it in it, your versions?

At the time of the release, it was an unfinished horror. And in fact, it is much weaker than the main trilogy. Plot, characters, main villain, conflict. I went through it in 80 hours and was not going to return. But he put her again after the Fiasco Starfield, and after the hour of playing ME, it feels like in his soul he washed off the ton shit on himself, which was left by Todd Howard.

You have already written above: Andromeda as a whole, the fifth wheel, the fresh plot, especially, especially "the villain", Zero directing is everywhere except the final (although Starfield is now trying to prove the opposite), the absence of any chemistry with characters, and the vast majority of Andromeda’s characters are bullshit. You are not a pioneer, and not even a pioneer, views from the Milky Way have been living in Andromede for some time, so much so that their stories are many times more interesting than your "adventures". UEBISHIC animations, especially facial ones, are bad, almost all sides, open worlds are empty (the open world of the game only harms) and dull (2 deserts, one ice desert, wasteland, meteorite and only one adequate planet, both in structure and in landscapes), Management is straight from the first part, which is why the ass is burning separately, all your gameplay outside the fighting – scanning, Sudoku’s decision, give the quests -bring

Andromeda has bright moments in the form of graphics, very rarely sides (without missions for loyalty would be a misfortune), fights and in general movements, multiplayer, but this is all hidden behind such a layer of gloom that the sheepskin is not worth the cost.

So, I’m going to try to stop the gadfly from science fiction here and still try to play ms. In which part is the open world?

Conditionally, elements of the open world of B1 and in Andromeda, which consists in the fact that you can explore a large area without a fixed path.

And what is there in the second? Corridors?

Yeah, but there is a choice in which corridor is the first to go to which after

Direct open world – Andromeda. At first I passed it, the game seemed not as bad as it was called, Grindilka in the spirit of the Games of Jubisoft and the plot is nothing like that. (Then he went through the main trilogy and realized what Andromeda is licked with his own original trilogy)
In the first trilogy, there is a mediocre open world, in general, classic for the ~ 10s. They are more likely expanded corridors. In the first part, you can only ride on the planets on a typewriter, but in fact, it is still nudity.

So let’s start in order

This is apparently capykhotanchotan. XD)

This has long been obvious, the game has been developed on UE and it has long been known. But they promised the news with the news, and there will be a year soon, but the news. )

So they have never been in this game

I wanted to try in this

Mass Effect Andromeda was not a completely open world, the authors experimented with elements of the open world. However, the game did not receive the proper response and became an unsuccessful part of the popular role franchise.

It is written beautifully, except for the fact that "failure" Mea is in no way connected with locations. In the same Witcher 3 there were also extensive locations, but for some reason there were no problems with this, just as the game did not become unsuccessful.

I still have nightmares at night from these frog jumps in Andromeda). It was necessary to think of this "brilliant" gameplay in mass effect.

Well, good.Let there be just a decent location size

Oh really? Yes, finally, these open worlds are slowly going forest.

Well, if it is not like the first part.Then go and forget it.Nonsense in general.

This is a good sign. Let’s see how much the new one will come out, then it will be possible to judge the possible quality of the role part and interestingness of the plot.

If it comes out. For nine years since the release of the DAI, and the WHO there is there.

And that’s right, the open world is always. Stupid pulling the game, useless, stupid activities such as stripping next bandits

If so, then it would be cool.

The game risks repeating the fate of the Inquisition, when it castrated the content that was imprisoned for MMO. As a result, empty locations left quests with flowers. However it was not here.

Well, it would be nice to immediately reject the open world at the beginning of the development.

Who played in Starfield, does it make sense there in the open world?

there is but you do not believe me, because the game is a failure according to all

Well, let them go to FIG with their parash then

If the game does not have such an open world as in the previous part, then it will fail in the bottom of hell.

We are waiting for the return of Shepard and pray for his health😇

And at least in one, there was an open world?

All this is interesting. But the final product may well differ from the idea if it happens in general.

The open world requires an increase in the state several times to fill it with content, which many studios do not have.

For me, it’s good.

If so, then this is wonderful news, locations will be created wisely, and their design is fully consistent with the scriptwriter’s idea, instead of a soulless open world with clearings of grazing enemies and herbs, which we must collect.

This is the norm, you need to do how the first part should be done.The main thing is that they refuse the rainbow men)

Andromeda became unsuccessful not because of whether there was an open world or not, but because of the homosexual and other tolerance.

Phah, disappear from here the sea.Whoever GG in 5 parts is/it will also have options for a single -sex novel.Not a single major game in which there are novels now it comes out purely with hetero novels, even Indie games are now fully followed by sex trends.

Andromeda became unsuccessful due to the ending of the masses of effect 3 and a high bar with a given trilogy from which there was a yawn plot, not particularly peppy partners and antagonists near the small unsuccessful solutions of the game design and the game also encountered some kind of antihape before the release.

Adromedka is a great game, certainly not a failure. The fat line under this smelly hypocrisy was led by Khoraisen Zero Davn, which is also a biogeevsky project, even with classic gameplayed biogeevskiy jesels, but emerging from the nouns, and how it was licked and still licked licking. And the reason is only, in the column the developer is not written biogea. And the main reason is that they brought envelopes, unlike biogeus. And then these strings themselves groan that the games are hollowing.. Duc what games, such and games. XD)

"Sex trends" – OMG, now I saw everything.

Well, what else to call it?I will not say that I support it with my hands and feet, it’s just a fact, even all sorts of drumber farms are now coming out with the opportunity to romance male characters for male gg, although the game is basically not about romance.

There will be a good old corridor rainbow jumper)

Praise to the creator. Bioles are not allowed to make open worlds, in vain they generally climbed into this matter. From the beginning of SWTOR, then DAI and ME Andromeda. Well, Anthem as an apogee of squalor. Better rivet as it was at the beginning – an interesting corridor with fanastic partners.

Sweater of the game, do not drive, there is a plot of hours for 500 and quite high quality, at the level of which. For the rest from the list .

The mea compared to the original trilogy is over. But if not compared, then a good game. In places in general, excellent. Night Pandora of amazing beauty, incomparable pokatushki on an asteroid, juicy shooters in some incredible dungeon. In contrast, even both deserts are good for something good.

To get a kaka from the game, you need:

1) the lightest level of complexity

2) send all side effects to hell, including partners.

3) Do not talk to anyone, only the plot

4) Hakk to loot, resources and automatic hackles of reboses, add all kinds of

5) clear the mind from negativity

6) enjoy.

2 new races that are practically not spelled out, crooked animations, large empty locations, the main characters are adolescents who always fall out of their humor (the game has lost any seriousness). Naturally, the motivation of the chapters corresponds to the assessment of the game on metacritic

And win in the lottery of 10 thousand green

In Andromeda, the best combat system in the series. Putting a slight difficulty, you deprive yourself of a high -quality interesting gameplay.

In general, Andromeda and Mass Effect 1 My favorite games in the series, because they have the spirit of the discoverer, the spirit of the researcher. Without this mass, the effect is not the mass effect.

The second and third part of the trilogy are ordinary post -shooters behind shelters in the GEARS of War style. From the mass effect in them one name. And in general, gameplay resemble a third -person shooter. And from the masses of the effect you wait for RPG as in the first part with open planets, but definitely not a shooter with shelters.

Service there the combat system ala mmofps

At least some good news in the game, and in any game with closed locations, the first locations themselves are always more interesting, and secondly, it is better, from moronic, stupid Grindilles ala anniversary, it has long been sick.

I heard that there will be no open world in Mass Effect 5 and the game will return to its classic format.

So the classic format is an open world. We have already forgotten that the sea of ​​open planets in the classical best in the Mass Effect 1 series? Without an open world of masses, the effect is not mass effect.

This is not an open world, these are just locations.

When the open world became classic? For that matter, then classic is a level construction of the game and Sidskroling. The open world began to preach at the beginning of the two thousandth and, in fact, the peak of the glory of the open world has already passed. For this very open world really could not work out and no one could work. To be honest, an attempt to simulate life in games already podzaeba. It is time to return to the fact that the game is storitelling, a narrative, and not being.

So the game is most likely with nonsense. Again, tunnel gameplay with a shooting range of 2 and 3 parts with a completely static hub environment. Maybe only static lighting will allow the graphone on the consoles depending on the engine. Because on Frostbayta, I Igor did not see the couple with completely dynamic lighting, and Anrial specialized in statics, but in the 5th version began to depart from it.

I have not seen? Well, although yes, the hated Andromedka, and even in 4K. XD)

As for the UE, there was no speakers on it, there was no. They try to simulate dynamics on it through graphic buns, and shadows and lighting. The last test sample was not very good, graphic shoals climbed. Although not to say that nothing happened, in general it worked, but there were enough jambs.

I did not see that there was a change of day or weather in real time with a complete recount of lighting and I have a suspicion that the Kako engine is a problem to do this for a big world. The only thing I remember in the Inquisition was the transition to click into night lighting on the main base of the Ion was accompanied by a lag that it hints that the lighting there is not updated each frame.
In anryl 5 there is a lumen for direct and indirect completely dynamic lighting. U4 gradually surrounded all sorts of features and bilds, but he could not cut something there like Light is a wolium and all sorts of things so that by the end of UE4 it was possible to get a relatively sane picture with a total completely seamless speaker in hefty worlds.

It is unlikely that the problem. Screenshots above, complete dynamic lighting, and from each light source in the frame. This is especially clearly visible on the second screenshot, Sarah Ryder, front lighting, lighting from the lamps from the top, and even from the upper blue bulb on her neck from the right side. Rather, Frostbayta did not develop such games, in which there would be a dynamic change of day. It seems to be in Anthem, but this is not for sure, I no longer remember. And the change of day is not an indicator, the same mentioned Lumen changes them through Render. But the fact that from each source of light in the frame there is dynamic lighting and shadows, this is a much larger indicator.

And about UE, I wrote that all this is added by graphic buns. There is no dynamics or physics on it, he does not know how to. Lumen is a graphic render, just like. Vidosik. Particularly visual at 7:40, where the bonfire buries at night. There is no dynamics there, and it cannot be.:

But UE can perfectly in facial animations and forefront. That for plot games is more preferable of course. He was also the scale of the locations decently affected him, the question is only how much it will be implemented in Me. Whatever Frostbeit, but in real time, he does not know how to do it unlike UE. And generally universal engines, so that everything at once, does not exist.

As I understand it, you didn’t even touch UE5?

On fingers, lighting in games works like this
There is a source of the sun. It shines in a simple way with a certain vector to normal and optionally draws shadows that have a direct projection. And there is a type of heavenly light is a similar source of light that has no time has no shadows and often directions, but that all objects are needed at the level of which the light does not fall have some additional simple lighting, otherwise they will be black. Optionally, they can mark the card like the CDR and how to invert it in the space of all objects so that if somewhere yellow sunset, it contributed and not simple, it was the only gray in blue. These colors (from any source of Saet) can change in time. And there are point light sources that also have some color and optional texture of the same color for what such as a flashlight or fake shadows, which were in that Wolver 2.
And here is shorter the difference between the engines since the time of the dinosaurs is about this. In static lighting, they decided to count shadows and indirect lighting for all objects expensive for performance and therefore all objects that do not move at the level will be through aunt or some kind of station texture will have a shadow, lighting or + indirect lighting. but since there are dynamic objects that run, only for them the lighting is calculated in real time. And how it right it looks very all -owe and approximately the games of the PS3 era Hbox 360 All Bivar Games and most giant on the u4 era.
The number of spot light sources in this regard is not an indicator. Of course, every engine has some restrictions on this and this can ruin everything, but often it is artificially artificially for optimization. In old open games, these are usually many light sources that give lighting by normal and only 3 sources of light that give a shadow of often in the games of the time of soap kinz at all there were no light sources with shadows. And cunning shader Vasyans could completely do without leaves of light as such.
For example, on UE4 there were all sorts of Temki at the beginning and there was a manual static light in large quantities, therefore, they looked cool and gave out 60 FPS in all sorts of 660ZhTX and there was a techno or just a video where the time was roughly replaced through the post -process. I have never been interested in static lighting and if you take the demo and transfer it to the full dynamic. then it looked as sad as much as possible like a 2007 hut and some depth could give a post the process of the type Embipant Office and a cunning shader Vasyan could do the same as in the MGS5 where in Afghanistan like from an indirect land from the sand to the bottom of the object. And there was an experimental LPV that were made for Faybel 4 Yes. But gradually the engine was overgrown with all sorts of pluses and jokes that allowed to make some kind of seamless lighting. Heavenly Light learned to be blocked from specially baked geometry. At the same time, it is baked not in the global space, but in its own so that it was dynamic, as it were. The house can go by level only bending cannot. LPV+ plus a rebound in a real trash for indirect lighting. all sorts of indirect rebound light for static geometry and capsule shadows and it will be that the Starfield level is approximately probably how much I examined it on a vidosik, but seamless. You go into the basement there relatively dark, regardless of the time of day A n street in the shade lighter than this in this basement, ITP plus windows and mines will give some kind of halo. And in the forest it will be a little darker and the most important thing is that all this can be moved and turned on, turn off any accurate light everywhere and walk with it. large level elements can be moved. but look not very impressive. It would only look like the full lighting on the RTX O 2060C so that it is beautiful 3 FPS and the annoying restrictions there (it was possible on UE4 and remained) so this is definitely not for consoles.
In UE5, everything is better than PLS there brought elongated shadows (which is true not in real time) but they can probably accelerate them, otherwise I think something like Gothic 4. very wretched everything that is far -handed once in the frame. and Lumen essentially solves mainly the problem with indirect lighting in real time.
and that before Frostbeit I got the feeling that there is a type of lighting clusters. Those are dynamic but only within the cluster each frame and so when you look at the detailed landscape with hills and grams and all kinds of bushes, the fact that it counts the lighting of each frame and therefore starting a quick unlimited sunny cycle while preserving the soft graphone is possible. and therefore it works quickly enough. At the same time, Fori and point sources can. Or maybe these are my concessions, maybe the designers of biovar tika as designers of the gazebo love loading these lies of lighting from the era of soap kinz because I remember the advertising video Dragon Aga Inquisitor like the rain ended on the location. However, the rain could be the result of the post of process and not direct total lighting. And open worlds without changing the daily cycle and shoulder straps in my opinion. Even in the Starfidry, he is even to close that it is always on neon rain and night, somewhere always the evening of ITP.

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