A large number of pre-orders Starfield outraged PC Gamers

A large group of PC Gamers is furious against those who ordered Starfield. Cause? They do not trust Bethesda and, given the problems with many PC versions of the latest games (remember The Callisto Protocol, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or The Last of US Part 1, and this is only some of them), they believe that no one should else make pre -orders to send a signal to publishers.

The post dedicated to this issue on Reddit is literally exploding comments, which are currently more than 2k. The title is certainly indicative and immediately clarifies the essence: "Why do people make preliminary orders? Didn’t we learn the lesson?".

The comments noted that Starfield has been among the best-selling Steam games since the opening of pre-orders, showing that gamers did not understand how to be heard because of the problems that many games faced in recent months.

Many participants in the discussion, however, noted that we are talking about one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, and also indicated that the discussions on the network often do not represent the whole world of video games. For example, in one of the comments you can read: "I just would like to note that most people simply do not know about most of the contradictions in the world of video games and/or they do not care". Another comment is designed in the same tone: "Not everyone is sitting on Reddit, many do not care, and some of us are hypocrites".

Loch is not a mammoth. The sucker will not die out !

suckers are restrained: D

There is rather a matter not in suckers, but in those who have nowhere to put the money.

Well, like a wallet? Some banks? Places under the pillow? Because money in these places and on pre -order – it is equally easy to put and get it back.

Absolutely agree! Usually only nerds playing dozens, or even hundreds of games, whine that there is no money. If a person works, then he has no time to spray and he devotes his free time to a couple of games. For example, I have been playing for 20 years only in a series of space NF Games: Halo, masses effect and when there was Unreal. I occasionally try something new, but so far I have not liked anything. I hope for Starfield. That’s all! For 3-4 games in several years you can always raise money. Well, if the sport, then there is nothing to whine!

The more pre -orders, the more inconsistent is clogged on quality.

It’s just that not all people think before doing a lot of impulsive, looked at the trailer, wanted and pretended. Many young people who are not aware of the problems of the industry

What, but the number of pre -orders certainly does not affect the quality of games. I categorically cannot agree with your statement.

This is wrong! By the time of pre -orders, the game is mainly ready, so what the quality has to do with it?

Dadada, Jedi, Last of AS, Redfall, RDR at the start. What to talk about the gazebo, their games at the start are one of the most amused, Skyrim could not go through in many places without a console, the script would not work, the door would not open.

Yesterday in Fallout 3 robots from "Big city" He called through the console (they disappeared while the quest was performing this branch) – it looked so stupidly called in the working condition, click them to fix and get up. : D

Literally all the gazebos games were broken or remain broken that fans later patch patchs that have been correcting bugs for decades. Therefore, I do not see any intrigue in the question of whether there will be a broken Starfield

It is terrible that they still hawk, buy a millionth edition of Skyrim with the same mistakes and bugs for all devices that there are. They soon Howard in boxes instead of figurines will sell their shit and will still continue to pre -order and be flattened

I did not put any mods on Skyrim and went to all Achivka, I don’t remember something even of some bugs.

A friend that you have not seen bugs does not mean that they are not in the game. We all know how to go through the walls with the help of plates

if you play the game and basically do not see bugs, then they are mainly there and not. if you try to break any completely stable game in which bugs are not features.
Speaking about bugs, probably, what level of bugs is when you can see them often quite often or you can just get somewhere and not go through the game.

After 5+ years of renovation by developers and 12+ years of repair fan patches there still a lot of bugs. Therefore, you just lie that you have not seen them there-in Skyrim the darkness of bugs, which will notice and blindly deep.

Let the game even great, but it may not go stupidly! Sometimes it happens. Pay money in advance, in order to make a preload and play a couple of hours earlier, then this is of course PPC.

You confused with Star Citizen: D

Yes, and there is no need to climb far for the examples. It is enough to recall the mass psychosis before the release of NMS, and what happened later.

And what happened then ?

They do not learn anything

Well, see how it works-it was an amusing KP2077, for someone he worked norms, someone does not. who did not work for, they whined that you can’t release such games, and they are right. And those who had more or less norms, played themselves and did not understand where so many vidos about bugs and so on.

Someone passed the game, someone was waiting for patches. As a result, 2 camps appeared – eternal optimists and eternal perfectionists. The first belongs "and the fuck*th, and so it will do", the second were waiting. In short, in the end they played everyone and said "well, the norm game is, the current of the nada was at first".

And then the star field comes out. And again 2 camps appear – one does not care, since there is a hope that the story with the KP2077 will not happen again, while others warn – they say, come to your senses, there was a case, there is no case, there is no need to support.

But in the end, these 2 camps will still remain – optimists -half*and perfectionists.

It is clear that I want to attribute myself to the second, but so far all your friends eat sand and throw screenshots from the next planet, involuntarily stretches the hand to pay Todd’s venture, but I don’t want to wait a hundred years of patch.

There is another third party that it is already a month to rage for a month, and maybe more.

As some say – well, I have money, I don’t care, I will do a pre -order and I will play on the release.

But I don’t know anything and I don’t want to know, and I don’t care, you still won’t prove to me the problem of pre -order (and if you prove, I am not going to understand).

What is the meaning of pre -order. Would be the price below – then ok.

Well, look, I liked the game, I am pleased with her to the extent that was shown, that is, in any case, I want to play very much in it, I have an excess money that either will go into an empty grief, or there is always where to put the money, money there is no much, but I really wanted to play this game, I took to start playing on September 1, plus the dollar grows and my currency is getting cheaper at a dollar rate, and therefore it was more profitable for me to take it even now or at the exit, moreover, in the game I am sure to show in detail everything is clear and understandable without Ilyusias, I am waiting for what they showed, plus if the Dunya hacking is to wait for this lottery, you can wait for a very long time, I don’t want to wait, the Internet will be lost and it will be no longer, there is no sense in the mop of it, she rarely breaks And much is not broken, and suddenly Starfield will have an online binding like Fallaut 76 and it will finally be kapets for pirates to never play,He is sitting and not hunting, I took it and is sure that on September 1 to play, plus there is a jsh that they will be with Dunya and they also prefrained that I like, the rest is not very interesting to download from torrent and I will go away and abandon, as they say everyone He lives as he wants and how he can

I once profiled the cheap pre -order The Callisto Protocol for 100 lire. The price of the game 24 hours after the opening was raised 4 times. I decided not to take it.

Consumerism, blind adherence to hype, lack of patience, show off, etc.D.

Nonsense is complete. I can attract any of your purchases under your definitions. Even the same toilet paper. Yeah.

People do not study and take pre -orders, fools.

Yeah, they, gazebo, will not learn. Now you can’t take the game on the release, but they still do pre -orders.

But the lack of pre -orders immediately stimulates the developments to release the game without bugs. L-logic. Clowns are touched, which something interfere with pre-orders- game Hat (GG quality, many bugs, etc.e) refund and all problems. Steam allows you to make a refund even when for more than 2 hours (personally refandal from 3.5 hours), but witnesses "There is no pre -order" continue to spread myths about its harm.

The pre -orders will be removed, they will begin to complain that the people and the news on the games of Laikal, so it turned out that it turned out that it turned out.

You can not pre-orders of PC Izda.

PS5 games do not apply to this. I really liked the spiders – both the first part and mm. I would buy the second part 100%, and the pre -order gives a little buns, in addition, there were cases when the games were valued to the release. Therefore, make a pre -order in PS Store – adequate practice.

I never understood this if there are no significant discounts or any other buns for pre -orders, and there are usually no them on such large projects, then what is the meaning of it then? Well, even in countries with an unstable local currency, you can save something, but the main cash desk is done in the USA and the Eurozone.

Greens grow in price, because the games are more expensive, I immediately pre -ordered, and if you transfer it to the dollar more expensive, which will finally have an avatar from the anniversary, the currency has grown up and it has become more expensive, and it became more expensive by the end of the year. can already buy a weekday is not possible in some

There are games on which people are fan.e. They will buy in any case. So what is the difference for them, buy in advance, immediately after the exit or after some time?? Bought it anyway

And what’s the difference when to buy a game, now or on a release? I’ll take it so and so, so what is the problem to take now?

They will give their Starfields, and then they will whine again. For many years I have learned that pre -orders are a taboo, unless 200% of confidence that the game will be on quality. But, apparently, people just have nowhere to put money + Todd sold.

In vain they are so. I must say many thanks to these beta testers and gnaw sarcastically over their "the desire to possess before everyone else". And already through the quarter, another take (pump) the completed product.

Who should I hut at all, am I doing pre -order or not? Bomi are outraged? Well, not everyone is pumping games from torrent and jerking off to their empress, so. I myself, of course, do not pre -order, simply because there is no goal to play on the release, I always wait for a discount, and so dozens of games in Steam are unlucky.

As you can see, it excites all kinds of daisies on Twitter and on Reddit. Well, also on the domestic dtf

Yes, we also have a full of such pursuers of pre -orders and witnesses of torrent, just look at comments here. Why do people even fue their readiness or unpreparedness to spend money so much? It seems like everyone is obvious that no one will convince anyone, but the srachi still burn.

Yes, you don’t spend money. If you can take them back at any time, this is not a waste of money. It’s how to postpone for the New Year for their gifts, so they lie and wait for a gift. And when the gift will be released, there are two more weeks (a bunch of reviews and opinions or personal two hours) to return the full amount back. You have to be completely brainless, so as not to understand this.

Ultimately, this is a waste of money, compared with a free torrent. Buying a game in advance. It seems to me, it is to this that they cling to – they say that people have not studied the product on the real gameplay of ordinary players, at least on the same YouTube. Although personally, I generally avoid other people’s opinions and prefer to play myself so as not to have any expectations from the game and have fun. Returns made so rarely that I don’t even remember what games I returned.

What then is the meaning of the pre -order, to show off to friends?)

for good, those who make pre -orders should receive additional. buns, early entrance to the game for a day – a week and quality. You are not a beta tester to rake what you have done, and it must correspond to expectations and shows. T.e. you have to play one of the first. But from the last. No one is safe. And then disappointment, I spent part of the salary, and now wait for patches.. As a result, a damaged mood, that that additional. Content "not needed", And you will join the game on equal terms with those who buy it right away or a little later.

Let’s say Remnant 2 will come out, I have not seen 1 part in the release, and a friend claims that it was not to play particularly, problems with a call in the early days, maybe even a week. And this is an occasion not to pre -order Remnant 2 at once. In addition, it is not yet known what will happen in DLC (as in Mortal 1, not all shows heroes, cameo, blows.. There were plums, but the point is that they will soon show it yet). Yes, these are such reasons for excuses, t.To. The most important reason is not money now or Do not want to be disappointed, giving yourself time to correct.

Like in a movie – go to the premiere with chewers, or a little later in a more calm atmosphere watch the movie. Yes, but there the quality will not change, unlike the gaming industry, only the mood.

Whatever schedule is there – this will not stop the purchase of those who know the Mortal series or the first remnant and spent more than one hundred hours in it.

Another question, you want a continuation, but as I said: give it right away, and then burn, while others can give yourself time and start a little later and enjoy the game. Alas, it works.

Later, to start means the loss of online and pumping skill, where it will be small on the release. But I would say that this is not very critical where to buy around the week-month after the release.